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Ucadia Communities Part (4): The 5 Stages of forming a Ucadia Campus

Published: [ Thu 30th Oct, 2014 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Thursday 30th October, 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog this week entitled “The 5 Stages of forming a valid Ucadia Campus” as an outline of the practical and real steps that need to be taken in order to create a valid local Ucadia Community. In other words – what specific items need to be done? And what elements need to be in place in order to say without question that a valid Ucadia Campus is established? The blog and recording tonight then is part 4 of the series we have been doing over the past few months on Ucadia Communities (see: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Because it has been a few months, here is a quick recap of the first three parts of the series:

Part 1 of this series on Ucadia Communities was entitled “Ucadia Communities Part (1): An introduction and why we need to change from the failed models of society”. The blog and audio then outlined the various ancient models of community beginning with the Family, then the Tribe, then the development of the Village and then larger Communities up to ultimately the idea of a Ucadia Campus being a sanctuary. In terms of the development of roles and activities, you can actually track this by going to Article 30 on “Sacred Offices” and have a look at Clause 30.4 and the 432 Great Offices of Heaven beginning with the Divine Office of Existence and flowing through to Clan or Family and then Tribe, Village, City and Community as well as the specific Ucadia Offices.

Part 2 of this series on Ucadia Communities was entitled “Ucadia Communities Part (2): A Different Perspective on Life and What does it mean to be a Ucadia Member?”. The blog and audio covered a review through “four perspectives” of some of the essential knowledge as to what it means to be a Ucadia Member and our own power and authority as opposed to believing somehow we need approval or acknowledgment from some Roman institution in order for everything we discuss to be validated. It is why we explained again our significance in respect to the Earth, the Sun and the Universe; and why we are already Divine Immortal Beings. We also covered the practical tips to a more joyful and abundant existence beyond looking for others to save us, or to blame others, or thinking our life is over or wasted. We then covered again the perspective on the foundation and benchmarks of law as well as the fact that it is our energy that underwrites any form of true credit and that we have all the credit through our Natural Rights that we will ever need. The major conclusion of this Part 2 blog and audio was that change and abundance is within our own grasp and that if we could just shake off those mind viruses and fears that hold us back, we do not need to keep making excuses that we are waiting for something to happen, or the permission of others. We do not need the Ucadia Model to be completely finished to move ahead or for Frank O’Collins to say or do or not say or not do something. We have the power – and it is us and it is you who is choosing to give up that power when you look for excuses or someone else to blame or for a reason not to try or change.

Part 3 then of this series on Ucadia Communities was entitled “Ucadia Communities Part (3): The Ucadia Campus and restoring the Golden Rule of Law, the Sacred Trust and Value of Effort within the local community” where we described and defined three very specific goals and objects of forming a valid Ucadia Campus being (1) to restore the Golden Rule of Law; and (2) to restore Sacred Trust between people and in the institutions and offices at a local community level; and (3) to restore Value and the Value of Effort and the Value of People at a local community in what they choose to do and how they choose to contribute and work together. So I hope and trust that those of you who have listened to all three audios and in particular this audio as the 3rd part of the series on Ucadia Communities found such goals and objectives both sensible and necessary.  Now tonight, in part 4 of the series it is all about how we do it.

Ucadia Communities and the Parable of the Three Brothers

Now something that might come to mind when we are speaking of the practical steps in forming a valid Ucadia Campus or even a preliminary administration for other elements of Ucadia is the notion that we will be speaking about: forms, documents, checking and vetting and so forth; as well as how many people you need to have as part of forming a properly registered and valid Ucadia Campus.

Certainly, this is how various other groups that have sprung up consider forming a valid community– the filling in of forms, or payment of fees; and the creation of some internet Facebook page, or website or presence and then recruiting people. It is why there are literally hundreds of thousands of different communities and micro nations on the Internet all competing for your attention and for members.

Yes, the correct completion of paperwork and validation that the people who are petitioning to be recognized as a valid registered Ucadia Campus are real people and not sock puppets is a necessary step. However, it is actually the least important step and the most superficial of steps.

Sure the Internet enables you to whack up an Internet site and proclaim yourself to be a country or nation or church– and there is no shortage of websites claiming such things. But does that make it equal to an existing country of hundreds of millions of members? I assure you, I am not disputing the moral and legal principles of equality, I am simply reminding us that there is obviously a difference between a nation of three hundred million members and an internet based nation of one or two members.

For example, I have made no secret that the number of people who have actively redeemed their Ucadia membership is only in the thousands compared to some movements who have been around for only a few years or months that have gathered the names and addresses and details of hundreds of thousands of people. In the case of Ucadia, it has been much slower and much harder – in part because of the masses of information and how it is presented; and also in part because there have been a fair number of people creating confusion and fear by deliberately false and misleading claims in order to keep people away from Ucadia.

Let me use another example as to what I am trying to say in the form of the Parable from the sacred text known as Tara about the Three Brothers – from which a more well known and corrupted parable was created.  Please let me read the parable to you and then I will explain the moral I am trying to make before we continue on the practical steps of creating a valid Ucadia Campus.

The Three Brothers

1 The goddess Ana did wish to test the character of man, 
2 That they be worthy of her continued favor and protection. 
3 But as her husband did so love mankind, she called upon the lesser gods to petition him instead. 
4 Upon the plaint of Shu and Danu and Kel, Lord Bel did say thus: 
5 If be not unfair thee gods, I grant such test. That by the volition of equal men ye shall decide. 
6 Whereupon Ana selected three orphaned brothers and commanded Luki, 
7 That he bring the fortune of land near the sea to the brothers. 
8 The goddess Bris did bathe lands in spring with life, 
9 And the first brother said to the others: I care not for effort, 
10 For these days surely are enough and life is without worry. 
11 My home shall be spun from these fine tall grasses, 
12 And not a moment shall be wasted on hard labor. 
13 The second brother said to the others: I be not as care free as thee, 
14 For times will change and the cold winds shall come. 
15 So I shall make my house of wood, 
16 And my efforts shall be rewarded with peace. 
17 The third brother said to the others: My foolish brothers, 
18 This land be near the sea and surely upon Autumn Lug and in winter Mene shall test us. 
19 I shall begin building my home deeper into the earth of thick stones, 
20 That neither storms, nor winter shall destroy me. 
21 Thus when Autumn came and the god Lug did bring fierce storms, 
22 And when Shu the god of wind and air did blow, the house of straw of the first brother was destroyed. 
23 Then when Winter came, the goddess Mene did bring great snows and cold, 
24 And Danu the goddess of rain and moisture did splinter and crush the house of wood of the second brother. 
25 Only the house of the brother who made his home of stone survived. 
26 Then Ana called upon Kel the goddess of the earth to rumble, 
27 Yet as hard as she tried, the home of stone of the third brother stood. 
28 Finally upon spring, the great Lord Bel called out to Ana and the lesser gods to cease. 
29 And spoke thus:Though man is tested and many fail, 
30 Enough remember the lessons of previous lives, 
31 And choose by their own volition to be more than beasts. 
32 For if but one chooses to be free, all are free, 
33 And thus no god nor man may claim another to be slave or beast.

Like I said, you are probably familiar with the 3 little pigs version of this parable. The reason I chose to recount this parable from the sacred text Tara is because in a sense Life is about making choices and the depth of preparation and work we are prepared to make, versus treating life superficially.

Sure, Ucadia could have been and still could be like so many other movements and rush toward growing numbers of people by making grandiose promises, or offers or claims; or even simply encouraging those willing to step up to be registered and proclaim themselves to be holding some office or body. But instead, for better or for worse, Ucadia has been slowly and steadily building one block of stone; putting in place one block of knowledge at a time – even though this has placed huge strain on me personally and others, and of course, has allowed wave after wave of people to come and go.

In fact, since the time that I first started doing Talkshoe broadcasts and then later these blogs, there have been no fewer than twelve global movements of straw and sticks that have variously stolen parts of Ucadia and proclaimed themselves to be the answer to the problems of those willing to subscribe and pay. Twelve movements that have created tens of thousands of internet posts, millions of hits, hundreds of thousands of subscribers and donations and ultimately hundreds of people who have lost even more or been sent to prison when the seasons change.

No matter how hard I have tried, it has been impossible to stop people from being stupid and lazy in their thinking in terms of ideas of sticks and straw. No matter how earnestly I have exposed the sheer lunacy and inconsistencies and flaws in each disinformation scam movement and crazy guru moneymaking system, it has often fallen on deaf ears. For example, I have warned and I warn people again against the utter insanity and stupidity in the latest scam movement falsely claiming relief and remedy via the technical concept of “reversionary interest” and then lodging UCC filings; and then the complete insanity of surrendering birth certificates and other instruments.  People would have to be completely bat-shit crazy to follow such a scam – but because it is promoted by an overly confident, angry sounding man who seems to have an answer for everything, onward people follow to their doom.

Anyway, the point of the parable is not about stopping people throwing money and their lives away at such scams, but the fact that neither Ucadia or the creation of Ucadia communities is about superficial acts – that by simply filling in a piece of paper you magically become almighty and all powerful, or that by gathering a list of names you suddenly have a community – you do not. You only have a community when you can demonstrate you have a common respect for the Golden Rule of Law and Natural Rights of Justice and Fair Process; and you only have a community when people trust one another and are prepared to spend time and do things together; and you only have a community when people have integrated their places of living and lives together toward common goals and purposes of real actions – not text on a computer or yet another website.

So tonight, as we go through the 5 stages of developing a valid Ucadia Campus, be prepared to see steps and points that have nothing to do with filling out pieces of paper, or any other superficial act and instead relate to whether we are ready; and whether we are ready to work with others who are ready to change the way we think and live and act, regardless of whether that is known as a Ucadia Campus or not. Let us start then with the most obvious and the first Stage of forming a valid Ucadia Campus that is whether or not you are actually ready?

Ucadia Campus Development Stage #1 – You are Ready

There is an old maxim that “You cannot help anyone (your family, your community) until you can help yourself”. You have probably heard this maxim many times, yet it remains true to the point we are discussing here as the first in a series of four basic Laws of Self, that if not in action mean you are not ready to have anything to do with forming a valid Ucadia Campus. This maxim is the first law called the Law of Perspective.

Over the years, I have received literally hundreds of emails from people who told me how difficult they were finding their own survival, or that they were facing major court issues, or financial issues yet wanted to form a Ucadia community or make some major change in their own existing communities.

So let’s think about this for a moment – how can anyone help others in such a situation where they face losing their home, or their freedom or their family and expect them to then go out and build a sustainable and secure community? It is just not real. Instead it is more about denial, or emotional displacement than it is about real and effective contribution.

If you cannot or will not get your own house in order then anything you do with others – particularly with communities is only going to make matters worse for yourself and all those you let down. That is why no one can hold an office of a Ucadia Community or found a Ucadia Community while they have some major impending court case in the Western-Roman system over their heads – not because of any prejudice but because it is impossible for someone in that position to be an effective and functioning member.

Nor can anyone be effective in helping their own community if they cannot get their priorities in order; and if they have no perspective. People who are unable to get things into perspective and into priority are like a loose wheel – they risk spinning off and out of control at precisely the time you need them to be stable – that is why anyone who fails the Law of Perspective of Self is not ready to form a Ucadia Campus.

This leads us to the second Law of Self for this discussion being the maxim, “You cannot think and act clearly until you stop addiction to substances that negatively affect your ability to think and act”. I call this the Law of Reason and it is essential for learning for discernment in times of challenge and for functioning.

I am not passing a moral judgment on narcotics or hallucinogens. If you have read any of the material on Ucadia or listening to my previous blogs and audios then you will know that I think that the prohibition against naturally grown pain killers to promote and protect the pharmaceutical industry and their patented synthetic pain killers is one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history. The very fact it is continuing shows just how much money and greed and corruption continues.

Instead, I am talking about the fact – and it is a fact – that you cannot expect your brain to perform at an optimal level and for sustaining reasoning necessary for actions whilst you continue to partake in substances that by their nature alter your conscious being and health. Now, here is where it gets tricky for many and why we also need to be honest where the use of substances can be proven to be an addiction. For when that voice inside your head says, “what is he talking about?” – “I perform better when I take this or that”; or “I actually learn better when I consume this substance” – then you are potentially stepping into the realm of addiction – because you are experiencing the argument of internal denial.

Sugar and oxidized table salt and fluoride and bromide in bread and other products are incredibly dangerous. I am talking about those substances as a top priority first, before I am speaking about people who smoke cannabis or drink lots of alcohol. The point I am trying to make is simply this – you live in a society that wants you to be addicted to substances that negatively alter the chemistry of your brain so you cannot perform up to your optimum, so you are distracted, so you cannot learn to your full potential. That alone should be the warning sign to reconsider for whom that inner voice is saying, “Everything is fine”, is really working! [I do not know how to properly correct this]

If people are so drugged out, zoned out and phased out by chemicals, food additives, electro-magnetic radiation that they effectively act like lazy zombies, then how on earth do you think that you can effect any positive change while also choosing to be a physical zombie as well?

This leads us to the third law of self, being the Law of Empathy namely “Unless you can feel your own heart, you cannot feel the emotions of others or any sense of true love”. Love is not a mental thought, or some simple expression – it is an emotion that begins with absolutely feeling a deep connection from your heart and then the rest of your body. If you cannot feel your heart, then it is not love – no matter how much you lie to yourself and to others.

And if you cannot feel true love, then anything you do will be as an agent for this existing slave model of a world – no matter what you say to the contrary. For if you want to be truly free of this world of madness and slavery – then free your heart first. If you want to see the end of the Mundi Mind virus then forgive yourself, feel your heart and feel the emotions of others and forgive them as well.

Why do you think they promote snuff videos of executions now on the nightly news, or keep us addicted to food that is killing us? Because they do not want any of us to feel anything. So if you cannot feel your heart, you are definitely not ready at all to form a Ucadia Campus.

The final Law is the Law of Simplicity that is, “If you do not make space in your heart and mind for what really matters, how can you ever find true balance and happiness?” 

Why then do you think we live in a world where we are affronted with the call to consume and buy more crap?  Because the more cluttered our lives, the less chance we will address addictions; and the less chance we will free our hearts and feel others; and the less chance we will free ourselves of the curses of this world.

So unless you are prepared to simplify your life and consume less stuff and seek less stuff and actually focus your energy on positive change – like those who trust in the Ucadia Financial Model and have contributed some of their debt notes for Ucadia Moneta to help this change – then you are not ready to form a Ucadia Campus.

Why do you think the phrase “money is a curse” keeps proving itself? In one sense the fiat and debt money in their system is an absolute curse that can only be released when balanced against Ucadia Moneta underwritten from a system of pure credit. It is why I have started providing to everyone who has contributed debt money notes with an accounting in Ucadia Moneta as a balance and a curse [or cure or remedy?] to these curses.

Yet those who are drowning in debt notes are also cursed by the fact that having so much of these notes means potentially owning and purchasing more stuff in their system until it is hard for people we call “wealthy” to feel, or to think about the absurdity of a life collecting tokens at the expense of their soul and the world around them.

So simplifying your life is about reducing your dependence on debt and not being addicted to constant shopping and the latest gadgets as well as giving yourself time to think by turning off your mobile phone and going for walks instead of being chained to a computer. It is about spending time with those you love and the simple pleasures of walking along a beach, or feeling the sun on your face or going to the zoo, or even just enjoying the serenity of a park or space.

So in a nutshell, if we do not have the Law of Perspective, the Law of Reason, the Law of Empathy and the Law of Simplicity in our lives, then we are not ready to form a Ucadia Campus.  If we do – then we are ready to move to the second stage that is to form a Ucadia Family.

Ucadia Campus Development Stage #2 – Forming a Ucadia Family

Now by family, I am not referring to the original Latin meaning of the familia, but the way that most people know it today. A group of people, often connected by blood relation, who share close bonds of trust and unity. That is why I did not choose to use the word Clan.

As we discussed earlier in this series, and on numerous previous occasions within these blogs and audios, if you do not have trust between one another – you have nothing. As we have also explained, this breakdown of trust and absence of trust is no mystery – it is a deliberate and calculated strategy promoted by centralist forces through programs designed to breakdown and prevent connections of trust, forming at a local community.

So how do you build a family of like-minded people as the second stage of forming a Ucadia Campus?  Well, even this is no mystery as there is nothing secret about forming close bonds. It begins about finding common interests. It begins with you as the leader and catalyst of forming a campus caring about the people you meet and remembering their names and being an active listener.

In fact, we could do well to remember what Dale Carnegie and others explained when they wrote about the same challenges almost a century ago. I won’t recite word for word what was said but there are some pertinent points updated minus the fake sales pitch:

#1 – Find people who share a common interest, values, morals and desire to know more; and

#2 – Be genuinely interested in what these other people as your equal have to say; and

#3 – Make a point at remembering names and key information offered to you but always keep confidence; and

#4 – Make suggestions for common activities in such a way that everyone can agree; and

#5- Close the loop on communication and be punctual; and

#6 – Whatever you say you will do – do it. But do not give your word so easily; and

#7 – Be honest, kind and sincere but never weak. No one has the right to impose or dump on you; and

#8 – Only do things and say things because it comes from the heart and is true, never because you want to be liked or feel self-important.

There are of course many other helpful suggestions. The point here being that if you are not doing these things and not engaging with people with whom you share a common positive interest and you are not acting in such a manner, then of course you are not going to form close bonds no matter what the common positive interests.

Now as to items that you can share together, I have listed three categories below with some suggestions and by no means are these an exhaustive lists:

1. Family Spiritual and Legal Development
+ Common Creed of Golden Rule of Law
+ Proclamation of Creed under Oath before Family (forming proof of Trust)
+ Register of Important Documents and Registrar of Records

2. Family Social Development
+Study Group
+Singing, Music Groups
+Picnics, Barbeques, Lunches, Breakfasts, Dinners
+Hikes, Bike Tours, Horse Tours, Hunting Trips
+Movie Nights, Exhibitions
+Child Care and Babysitting
+Car Pooling

3. Family Economic Development
+ Cost cutting strategies
+Market Gardens
+Combined Budgets for essentials
+ Care packages, sharing essentials
+ Clothes swaps
+ Combined Tools Swap (mowers, saws, drills etc)
+Combined Essential Replacements – make it yourself (toilet paper, tissue, clothes, soap)
+Energy Replacement – solar, wind, insulation improvements

Ucadia Campus Development Stage #3 – Forming a Tribe

So the point about Stage #3 and forming a Ucadia family is simply this – unless you can find at least two other people in your community with whom you share common interests and unless you really want to spend time with these people and work together genuinely, then you do not have the basis of any community, much less a Ucadia community.

But it does not end there. Because, once you have a core group of people who have formed such close bonds of friendship they are literally family, then it is a matter of growing out from those bonds to create a tribe – or a close knit community sharing a deep cultural connection.

Again, the lists of action are not exhaustive, but illustrative to show you what can be done:

1. Tribal Spiritual and Legal Development
+ Print out first 10 books of Ucadia Canons as laws
+ Oath of and to Canons/Covenant of One Heaven
+ Elect leadership
+ Common accounts and account records

2. Tribe Social Development
+ Dedicated meeting place, sanctuary
+ Attendance and participation in formal events, matrimony, coming of age, death and funerals, newborn children, etc.
+ Secure Habitat
+ Physical education and fitness, self-defense and non aggression strategies
+ Survival and extreme emergency/disaster survival strategies

3. Tribe Economic Development- shelter
+ Collective Pooling of fiat Roman currencies
+ Skills training and specialized craft development
+ Craft and accessory sales for income
+ Internal cost replacement through skills exchange (barter)
+ Collective home building/renovation weekends/weeks
+ Auctions/Collective Garage Sales
+ Stands, stalls and tables at fairs and local markets
+ Micro loans
+ Pool loans

A Tribe therefore accomplishes – social security, economic security, and essential quality of life. So if there is no family, there can be no tribe; and if there is no tribe there can be no Ucadia community.

Ucadia Campus Development Stage #4 – Forming a Village

Once you have the strength of a dozen or more people sharing strong cultural connections as a tribe around an unbreakable close-knit family of friends, then the 4th stage of forming a Ucadia campus is the formation of a village.

Whereas a family is about ensuring our physical, mental and spiritual survival and a tribe is about raising our standard of living, a village is about the economic well being and prosperity of working together.

Again, here is a summary of the key points, without making it an exhaustive list:

1. Village Spiritual and Legal Development
+ Formal Ucadia policies and procedures
+ Dedicated facilities, office, positions
+ Formal window/legal structure

2. Village Social Development
+ Proximity living arrangements
+ Work-Life Balance
+ Community Homeless Assistance
+ Help for victims of abuse/shelter
+ Cleaning up rubbish/neighborhood
+ Neighborhood watch
+ Formal Education Facilities and System
+ Formal skills development and training systems
+ Job creation
+ Talent and recruitment placement agency
+ Economic security

3. Village Economic Development
+ Supply-Chain Independence
+ Food and energy independence
+ Common market
+ Combined accounts and account management
+ Enterprises with capital and economy of scale

Ucadia Campus Development Stage #5 – Forming a Ucadia Community

Only when you have established a village have you truly achieved the basis for a Ucadia Community. Of course, you can seek to register a Ucadia Campus once you have three members as a strong group of friends like a family. But it is only when you have a village and the demonstration of a level of economic independence does the power of the Ucadia model come into greatest effect.

The point I am making in all of this is no one – absolutely no one – can rightly use the excuse that they are waiting for Ucadia to provide forms, or instruction before they attempt to start building a group of friends like a family or a tribe bound by deep culture or a village empowered by their economic and social connections.

So what is next?

So yes, you need to see the roles and descriptions of the functions of a Ucadia Campus; and yes you need to see the forms and instructions to apply to form a Campus; and yes you need to see the planning documents for campus operation.  You need to see all of these things.

So those who have shown faith and trust in Ucadia in helping support through the deposit and donation of debt notes for recognition in Ucadia Moneta have been some of greatest helpers as Founding members in making this happen. Maybe you are one of these people and so I thank you. Maybe you are not. Maybe your ability will come in the forming of trustworthy communities that honor the rule of law. If this is so- then don’t wait for me. Like this blog and audio says tonight. You can start now. There is no excuse –absolutely no excuse to say you cannot start today if you are ready.

So until we speak next week, please be safe be well and thank you and good night.


The Supernatural Revolution vs. the Dying World of the Illuminati and the Elite: A Progress Report for 2014

Published: [ Sun 19th Oct, 2014 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (62 min 21 Mb)

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia Blog for Monday 20th October 2014 entitled “The Supernatural Revolution versus the Dying World of the Illuminati and the Elite: A Progress Report for 2014”.

By the words “Supernatural Revolution”, I mean the unprecedented and beyond the normal spiritual awakening happening across the full physical and conscious living spectrum of the Universe; and in particular our galaxy, the Milky Way (Galaxy); and as well as our specific star system the Solar System and our planet called Earth. Yet, when I speak of the Supernatural Revolution, I am also referring to the dramatic changes - beyond the natural - that have been happening within the purely spiritual dimensions that we sometimes refer to as Heaven, or the Spirit World, or the Afterlife, or by the term Paradise and even the terms Hell and Purgatory. 

By the term “Illuminati”, I mean specifically those members of religious, military and fraternal bodies connected and allied through the Sovereign Knights of Malta, the other Orders of Knights and Nobles, as well as the Masonic lodges and other affiliated bodies. I also mean those non-affiliated groups who may share similar philosophies and fascinations with occult power and therefore the “Illuminati ideal” (to some degree) of acquiring transcendence.

By the term “Elite”, I refer to those groups such as corporate networks, political networks and even pseudo-religious networks that care less about the concepts of transcendence and self actualization and more about the raw mechanics of power and maintaining or increasing power – hence many of the Elite are at their core ego driven nihilists that care not for the treasure of knowledge but the short sighted and destructive obsession of power at any cost.

By the term “Dying World”, I am expressing an undeniable fact that the artificial world of lies, fabrications, distortions, belies, frauds, and distractions from fake scriptures, fake laws, fake rituals and fake commerce is coming to an end.

And by the phrase “A Progress Report for 2014” I mean exactly where do we stand at this moment in time on this planet in this context of sacred space time? Can we get our bearings? Can we get a sense of what is happening and what is not happening? Especially with the never-ending conga line of terrorist organizations, mass endemic fear campaigns and threats of global financial destruction.

So let me be absolutely clear – the blog tonight is about addressing some massive and controversial subjects which may cause some readers and listeners to question the source of such material, or the presumptions we discuss because of differences in cultural context and upbringing. So this is going to be one of the biggest challenges of the discussion tonight – because anyone who has spent enough time asking some of the big questions of life, or searching for answers is going to come to this blog with pre-existing ideas and models of thought which may or may not resonate with the subject matter we are about to discuss.

For example –it is irrefutable that the King James Bible was revised no less than forty times within the 1st Century of its publication alone; and that the text today contains pseudo legal and pirate commercial concepts that were not invented until as late as the 17th Century and in some cases even the 18th Centuries that completely contradict the Golden Rule of Law; and the fact that Strong’s Concordance of the 19th Century proves the Latin and Greek translations do not match up for most of these modern English legal and pirate commercial concepts – because there were no equivalent words in ancient Greek or Latin for such perverse and morally repugnant corruptions in the ancient world; and the fact that the genealogies listed within the Bible not only do not make sense but many of the names can be proven as purely anagrams and word plays from conjoining Latin words, Greek words and even Persian words. Yet despite all the evidence, people refuse – blatantly refuse to open their ears or their eyes, much less their minds to the truth. So how can you help or even reason with such people?

Another example is when the founders of the Protestant movement considered work and commerce not only a normal part of every day life, but an obligation of every good Christian. Luther and Calvin appeared to have no problem with the notion of fair commerce and trade, consistent with every civilization prior to the arrival of the grotesquely mad Hanover Princes to the throne of England from the early 18th Century.

In fact the word Usury comes directly from the Latin word Usurae and Usus meaning “Benefit of Use, Enjoyment, Rent, Wage, Salary, Simus (Interest), Income, Estate, Commerce” and had absolutely nothing to do with charging unreasonable amounts of interest. Instead, Usury or Use simply meant the “product from effort” – there was nothing negative about it at all.  Then suddenly, by the time the Hanover Kings of England secured a mutual alliance with the Vatican as the Jus Patronatus or “sole patron”, Protestantism completely flipped and commerce became a sin and a crime. People then needed licenses and other forms of ecclesiastical dispensations to do what they had ordinarily done for countless centuries and the ecclesiastical fees then owed as payment for such ecclesiastical dispensations is the origin of the modern word for tax. Yet despite this clearly blatant and corrupt history of stealing the rights of men and women and converting them into privileges, franchises and liberties – there are people who steadfastly defend the pirates and the corrupt priests by proclaiming Commerce to be a grave sin against Heaven. What utter insanity!

Let me take yet another example from just this week about oaths and vows and the desperate need of bankers and their commercial religious allies to destroy the notion of sacred trust. If you have spent even a few minutes reading anything about Ucadia and these blogs then hopefully you will see that a core purpose of the Ucadia Model is the restoration of the Golden Rule of Law that “all are equal before the law and none may be above it” and that “any claimed law that is against such truth cannot be law”. So, I received an email from a group in Ireland promoting Common Law as a source of relief –there is no possible relief or remedy in Common Law as we discussed in June 2014.

Anyway, as we have also explained within the canons and maxims of law, oaths and vows are absolutely fundamental to the fabric of law since the beginning of civilization itself.  Countless priests from the very first temples were expected to give solemn vows to their respective deities and in turn to be above the behavior of ordinary day-to-day people. This is irrefutable fact and history. That the only way a proper trust can be formed is via an oath or a vow and that if oaths or vows are abrogated, diminished and corrupted then you attack the very fabric of trust and honesty of a society and make it vulnerable to pirates such as bankers and private bar guild members.

So in the email I received once again we see people quoting from Matthew 5:33 to 37 on not swearing oaths and James 5:12 about not swearing oaths or vows. So even though it has been thoroughly proven that a proper Affidavit sworn under oath and certified as such, forms a superior and sacred trust beyond any corporate malfeasance of a prosecutor or any other pirate, here is a group of people telling tens of thousands of people that not only is common law a source of relief and remedy but to never make an oath or a vow because the Bible says it is evil and a sin. So what can you do when people refuse to read and refuse to listen and refuse to think and refuse to reason?

How much harder then is a topic that seeks to address not only the controversial subject of the Supernatural but an account of events and actions beyond the physical? 

Then there might be some who come to the blogs and rub their hands with glee at the prospect of trying to point to this blog and audio as some “proof” that Frank O’Collins views himself as some kind of prophet or messiah. Apart from such unfounded and deliberately false claims, I urge everyone who cares to discern truth from lies to read Article 30 on Sacred Offices and in particular clause 30.4 and the four hundred and thirty two Sacred Offices. Do you see the list of forbidden offices for any Member or Official of Ucadia? It is further emphasized in clause 30.10. In the list of forbidden Offices, not only is Messiah forbidden as a title or Christ or even Anti-Christ, or Lord or even Prophet but the title Cuilliaéan – even though millions born into these bloodlines are by default a member of the Holly.

So not only does Frank O’Collins repudiate any and all false claims that he considers himself some Messiah or Prophet or Christ or Anti-Christ but even repudiates the notion of the Holly having any special privilege or circumstance beyond others.

In contrast, there are many on the planet alive today who believe themselves to be literally God – or a member of a collective God – hence the forbiddance of such abusive terms and notions of Office.  For example, the people who falsely claim themselves to be the Diaspora via the fake religious texts of fake sects within Judaism is completely without historic validity. Similarly, the use by the Crown of England of the motto Dieu et mon droit is completely false and an insult to all Heaven and all Earth and all spirits. Nor is the President of the United States some kind of God, or the head of the Jesuits some kind of God, or even the senior Rabbi of London and Rome gods in anyway. Yet they continue to claim allodium title and ownership as if gods – which is partly why their world is dying because of such insane hubris.

The series on Ucadia Communities will continue next week

Now, before we get further into the blog this week on The Supernatural Revolution versus the Dying World of the Illuminati and the Elite, I owe an explanation to those of you who have been reading and listening to the three part series on Ucadia Communities (See: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) as to why we are discussing this subject matter tonight, rather than continuing the series.

Actually, there is a strong connection to Ucadia Communities and the material we will be covering tonight – most importantly that Life is a Dream, subject to certain Rules and that everyone of you is vital to the existence of the Universe and that no one listening or reading this blog can ever really die – as your Mind is already Immortal. This is why we are building Ucadia Communities – to restore the Golden Rule of Law, to restore Trust and to restore the sacredness of Value – especially the value of our time and our effort and our very lives.

So speaking about the continuing decay of power of the existing Mundi Model of the Illuminati and the Elite can certainly be argued as relevant to the foundation of Ucadia Communities. Yet there is a deeper reason for the blog tonight. It is because what is happening needs to be voiced. It needs to be put on the record. 

I am not speaking about the Halliburton and CIA sponsored false flag operations of creating a fake competitor to al-Qaeda, which they disrespectfully called “ISIS” in eastern Syria and Western and northern Iraq to steal oil under the tacit consent of the Joint Chiefs and the Pentagon. Nor am I speaking about the CDC, big pharmaceuticals and CIA sponsored false flag operation of spreading a patented and weaponized Ebola virus in western Africa to steal oil from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria; and now to sell the vaccine for tens of billions of dollars.

Yes, the fake leader of the fake ISIS movement (Aby Bakr al-Baghdadi) was killed by his CIA handlers months ago. Yes, ISIS could not be operating across such a large geographic area unless it had sophisticated command and control and communications systems only available to established governments and the shadowy arms of the US Military. To put it into perspective – not even al-Qaeda at its height in Afghanistan could coordinate its fighters even over a territory larger than the state of Delaware – because it simply did not have access to the command and control equipment – equipment you can’t just go and purchase down at your local Home Depot with a hundred million dollars. So who is really running the command and control systems of the most sophisticated example of terrorist militia incursion yet seen in history? I’ll give you one guess.  So yes, all these willingly stupid, self indulgent and gullible kids from western countries are going off to become cannon fodder for Halliburton and the CIA operation. I suspect even if these kids knew they were ultimately being recruited by The Republican Party of America and its allies, they would still happily fly off to join the fake jihad because of the free drugs, free sex and violence being marketed through the slick internet campaigns of ISIS. None of it has anything to do with what is actually written in any holy scriptures of Islam.

In a sense, this blog and audio is not about revealing such irrefutable facts about fake news or fake terrorism for commercial gain. Nor is it about revealing the fake beliefs of members of the Illuminati and the Elite who are true believers in their own fake genealogies and fake scriptures that they are somehow related to Charlemagne and the line of Jacob and ultimately to the Holly Family.

I mean, these people have no idea what Holly means, or the history of the Great Prophets of Yeb, or the ancient power of the Cuilliaéan – the direct flesh descendants of Homo Prometheus and through blood since the time of Jesus and Mary and the Franks and the Antonine Emperors such as Marcus Aurelius known collectively as the Diaspora.

The Ashkenazi families are not the Diaspora – they never were. It seems no matter how much I try to explain to such people through the sacred revelations of Yapa, or Lebor Clann Glas – the Book of the Green Race, or Al Sufian or De Dea Magisterium – these people have no idea of deep history as they remain wallowing in their contradicting, absurd and insane fake illusions.

Instead, this blog is really directed to the spiritual world who through these vibrations of words and keystrokes of text are able to absorb these elements. I am referring to the many minds and spirits of Heaven including the Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids) and Serpens Sophos (Smooth Skinned Reptoids) banished to this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago, who we now call Arch-Angels and Arch-Demons and who are the progenitors of the Homo Prometheus or Lucifers – plural.

The reason I am dedicating and directing the intention and effort of this blog to the spirit members of One Heaven and Ucadia and not those currently carnated in flesh and blood is because this is the central focus of the Supernatural Revolution, well beyond the clutches of the bat-shit crazy elite and Illuminati who steadfastly refuse to grow up and start learning what is and what is not true knowledge and wisdom.

I have never said that Heaven was united in consent of individual minds as one. That would be an absurd exaggeration. Indeed, even the Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids) and Serpens Sophos (Smooth Skinned Reptoids) have been divided among their ranks for tens upon tens of thousands of years until now.

Nor do those spirits and minds that continue to observe the fulfilment of prophecy through Ucadia all collectively agree or subscribe to its success – even though they possess some insight into both the future timeline of possibility and the past timeline of probability. Some may be distracted by the faults of the man speaking this blog tonight. Others may be disappointed with the errors and unfinished elements of Ucadia and the priorities still to be finished like the last chapters of Lebor Clan Glas.  So tonight, I want to provide a Report on exactly where we are, what is happening and why – so that proper acknowledgment is made and proper respect is given.

So here we go. Hold on because in the time left, I am not going to mince my words or fluff and puff around.

If Life is a Dream – What really is supernatural?

What really is Supernatural or Paranormal? Is it not simply events that cannot reasonably be scientifically explained by the knowledge and laws of the time? 

For example, the introduction of gunpowder weapons into Europe via Pisan and Venetian merchants was also accompanied with its use for magic tricks that helped the Roman Cult overwhelm the true Catholic Church through “shock and awe” of the masses who believed it to be true “supernatural” power.  The same occurred at the end of the 19th century in the promotion of esoteric and Luciferian occult philosophies and the invention of electricity with all kinds of magic tricks designed to promote “supernatural” powers.

No doubt to the indigenous tribes of New Guinea first witnessing the planes and guns of World War II would have initially viewed such machines and weapons as forms of “paranormal”. Thus, as our knowledge of science has improved, so has the discernment of more and more people at distinguishing what is a “magic trick” versus “supernatural events”.

If you’ve had a look at the Ucadia Model and the seven patents then you will know that the Ucadia Model makes it clear that no event can technically be Supernatural or “beyond the laws of nature” – but that every event can be explained, even apparitions or floating objects or other manifestations. 

Ucadia makes clear that the Universe is a Dream in motion. Everything around you is a dream in motion according to certain rules – rules we call most often science. If this does not make sense, then go to the Summary of Ucadia and have a read of the 7 Patents and the Journey of UCA and then come back to this audio and blog.

If you do get this concept – a concept that the most advanced thinkers of the Illuminati understood when they were creating the Mundi Model of Hell on Earth, then consider the sensible question of why we perceive somehow that the world of spirit is vastly simpler than the complexity of consciousness of carnated flesh and blood beings?

Do you really think people somehow die and instantly become geniuses that can see all and know all?  It’s a nice sounding idea but where is the reasoned argument and logic in such claims? It is hard enough to get people to agree on a common theme when they are carnated in flesh, so why would it be any easier when they are in spirit and no longer possess bodies?

Let us sort out this lazy excuse that so many people put up as the reason they can’t be bothered learning or waking up in this life time – simply this: if you choose to live stupid, you will die stupid and you will be stupid in the afterlife until you learn the lessons one day maybe after a hundred carnations and thousands of years of pain and anguish caused by you because of your stupidity. What I mean by this – is that willing stupidity is the literal definition of evil and such evil has a consequence. Who is to say if you waste the opportunity of learning from Ucadia in this lifetime that in the next life time or maybe in fifty life times of being stupid you will finally make the right choice? If you don’t choose to wake up now and stop feeding the Mundi Mind Virus, why should anyone believe you will do it in the next life? 

But don’t worry - because these kinds of overly simplistic notions of Heaven and the world of the afterlife are not confined to one group. In fact, the Illuminati suffer from a huge number of over simplifications in its notion of consciousness and the levels and dimensions of spirit – even when claiming they hold secret rituals and keys to commanding spiritual presence such as the stream of hocus pocus fake texts such as Grimoires.

Yes you can trick people into believing a whole lot of rubbish and they may think they are condemned and even tricked into the afterlife or that they are condemned. But as it is a trick and fake and has no bearing on the truth – such tricks and fakery ultimately comes undone as it is today.

Consciousness and the dimensions of consciousness are far more complex than anyone can possibly imagine.

John Milton and others, even Billy Graham have claimed to have seen and known the dimensions of Heaven when they knew nothing of the sort.  For example, have a look at Pactum De Singularis Caelum which is the Covenant of One Heaven and the re-constitution of Heaven and the various groups and layers and levels. The sacred covenant doesn’t say there is only one level or two groups or ten trillion groups. How could it? Consciousness is constantly evolving and changing.

Take the interaction of Divine Mind and Higher Mind in the carnation of Lower Mind made flesh. A new carnation might be purely a reinspiration of a Higher Mind that has lived in the same family or location – or it could be a completely new carnation by the direction of a Divine Mind creating both a new Lower Mind and Higher Mind.  Yet a new carnation or what people may call a soul might also be formed by the union of two or more Higher Minds to form a collective Lower Mind. But just to make matters even more complex, once in a while a Lower Mind is formed and a flesh and blood body animated that is the result of a Singularity – a soul born from the collective consciousness of all members of the Homo Sapien species that have ever lived or will live.

You might think you know the history of these rare occurrences and individuals. Their telltale hallmark is unmistakable –for when they manifest they bring into this dimension and realm a flood of knowledge and wisdom the likes of which is not seen for thousands of years.

Again, I am not speaking to the army of fakes, copy cats, imposters and deliberate false flag gurus in the world today – or even to the hundreds of millions or even billions that follow and worship such fake and superficial delusions. I am speaking of the unmistakable knowledge and imprimatur of the real deal – the genuine article that the Illuminati are supposed to be able to spot from the fakes as the claimed “experts” of “all things supernatural”. 

The complexities of consciousness

But just before you think you grasp what we have been discussing, consider the complexities of not just lower mind but the fact that there are different types of minds as products of our dominant characteristics and indeed even our blood heritage.

I am not referring to the perverse and horrendous notion of the blood right to rule, but the detailed research I shared with all of you two years ago in a three part series on the origin of the species namely Origin of the Species Part #1 - Proof of our Creation, Origin of the Species Part#2 - Proof of creation in the Blood, and Origin of the Species Part#3 - The Alien Mind and Finding Gold.

In the three part series, I explained the history of the first upright hominids artificially created by that alien pirate and parasite race called the Griseo Morbidus (Standard Grey) that had created the Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids) and Serpens Sophos (Smooth Skinned Reptoids) millennia before the first hominids and had banished some of them to this planet as slaves. If you want to make sense of this, then go and have a look at the earliest sacred stories and knowledge of the last remaining Mesolithic culture on planet Earth being Yapa as the One Law of the indigenous nations and first people of Australia. The first hominids were the Homo Robustus who unbeknown to the Greys carried the wisdom of the Light Beings within them as a gift and a direct challenge against the hubris and arrogance of the Greys. This is the origin of the B type blood group. So the Greys created a violent and soulless replacement called the Homo Habilis – completely dependent upon society and absolutely obsessed in material posses
sion and violent autocracy and this is the origin of the A type blood group.

Yet the reptilians themselves countered the arrogance of the Greys and created an androgynous hybrid with reddish skin and horns, of over fifteen feet tall from the Homo Robustus and their own DNA called Prometheus – as the origin of the true Lucifer and Satan Race and the O blood type. In response, the Greys created a highly intelligent and self-destructive race known as Homo Sapien but cursed them with a three part mind that mimics the Divine Mind, Higher Mind and Lower Mind of a Prometheus as the original A+ type blood – that is a modified Homo Habilis, infused with synthetic DNA created by the Greys but offset with the Rhesus monkey genes added.

So in response - and before the reptilians eventually died out and became the arch-demon and arch angel spirits of deep occult mystery, they formed a hybrid of Homo Prometheus and Homo Sapien and the origin of the priest class variously known as the Foundation Stone, also mistakenly known as Jacob’s Pillow as well as the Divine Healers and the Holly and the Cuilliaéan and the Cumae and the Hyksos and the Yahudi and the Diaspora of some tens of millions alive today. 

I do hope you will take the time to read the connected articles and links to previous blogs, because even if this all sounds strange, don’t worry you are not alone – even the oldest spirits trapped in a ghost-like state have forgotten who and what they are. 

In truth the reptoid spirits have been in a state of periodic war against the human race for most of its existence and there have been few leaders not influenced by such powerful forces. In fact, it remains an essential wish of many illuminati organizations to beseech such forces that they do not fully comprehend, to possess their leadership and thus gain greater wisdom and insight and power. This only works for non-Cuilliaéan people and hence the Cuilliaéan have been present in influencing and supporting events since the beginning of civilization even if they have not always been the ones appearing in power.

This brings us to one of the most important watersheds of the Supernatural Revolution being the clear and unmistakable withdrawal of supernatural possession and power from the hands of the Illuminati and Elite.

The tell-tale signs of madness revealing an absence of the supernatural

Why do you think that all of a sudden political leaders and spiritual leaders appear so incompetent?  Why has this happened now and not before? Do you honestly think that social media alone is responsible?

I am not talking about exposing corruption. I am speaking about the overwhelming signs of complete bat-shit stupidity of the leadership of most of the world. So what might explain this sudden happening?

To put this in context – since the very first civilizations, demonic possession has been a stable supernatural feature witnessed and worshipped by selected members of elite fraternities as a touch stone as to the claimed credibility of their movements and cults. Even the most powerful institutions in the Western World – such as the Vatican – worship the ideal of demonic possession as technically the real identity of the Holy Spirit and the power behind Ex Cathedra doctrine of infallibility from the 19th Century.

There are plenty of eye witness accounts and even photos and images of non Cuilliaéan people clearly possessed in positions of power. The whole idea as far as Luciferian and Satanists are concerned being that such possession is not only a great honor but a means of accessing vast history of knowledge. So why suddenly this absence of genuine arch-demonic possession?

Because, contrary to the false beliefs of Satanists, Luciferians and lesser fraternities across the planet, the spirits of dead aliens had themselves long forgotten who and what they were and where they really came from and how the universe is put together. Yet not any more. Now you are witnessing a complete change in the structure of consciousness around the immeasurably powerful ideas printed in plain sight within Ucadia.

Sure there continues to be lesser human ghost possession or fake possessions by spirits who reveal their own ignorance by behaving in stereotypical and absurd manners – often reciting clichés and absurdities.

Just to give you yet another example of how out of touch the Illuminati and Elite who refuse to read Ucadia and refuse to read such texts as Lebor Clann Glas are: Many believe as the general population do – that power is about physical numbers when this is a complete illusion. In a dream the only thing that is real is the power of thought. Therefore it is the power of an idea that is overwhelmingly more influential than how many people do or do not subscribe.

That is why I have constructed this blog the way I have tonight and why it really doesn’t matter how few people carnated in flesh and blood actually get to hear the blog. Because it is directed to a different audience.

The Vatican and the Illuminati have been repeatedly warned to step into line with what has been presented to them – yet they continue to willingly ignore the warnings. Thus, they do not worship or honor Satan or Lucifer or Heaven or Earth and this is why they are cut off from all forms of genuine supernatural.

Judging by the latest round of infighting amongst the Conservative Pedophile Nihilist Cardinals vs. the reformers trying to break up the pedophile rings within the Vatican, I’d say the church itself appears to be heading towards its own complete self destruction – unable or unwilling to enact any form of genuine reform.

The War in Heaven is over. The change is inevitable

The War in Heaven is over. The effect upon the physical world is inevitable. It has already started and no matter how much stupidity still is perpetrated by pirate bankers and big oil and arms dealers, their impending doom is only a matter of time. 

Physical death is part of life and there is no question I will die. It might be tomorrow or the next day or next month or in ten years from now. When and how is beyond my present knowledge.

Yet my mind is already immortal and Ucadia is part of my mind and the mind of many.

So even if this generation or the next fails to witness the physical change on this planet then eventually it will happen.

Which leads us to making sense of yet another major question of why?  Why has so much destruction and madness been permitted to reign for so long under the Roman Cult and its allies?  The answer as a bigger picture may rest with the mysteries surrounding the complexity of the Hominid mind and in particular the self-destructive tendencies of the Homo Sapien mind – deliberately designed to enslave ourselves with fail safes to ensure our ultimate destruction.

No Grey or any other being associated with our physical and mental development could have imagined that the three part mind of Homo Sapien would have been able to survive the past one thousand years of utter insanity and brutality, much less see ourselves re-programming ourselves by allowing the utter madness of ego to reach an end point.

The vast number of people that have ever lived have largely been bystanders and passive observers to history over the millennia until now.  Now, we are in the extraordinary position where change is being driven by ordinary people, while the leadership of the world has become irrelevant.  That has never happened before – ever.

So maybe we had to go through this madness to cure ourselves of the curses of those that made us. In any event, we are still here. We are still alive and enough people are waking up to make a difference. To those of you who continue to support Ucadia, I say thank you for your help and support and until we speak next week in returning to the series on Ucadia Communities, please be safe, be well and thank you and good night.


Ucadia Communities Part (3): The Ucadia Campus and restoring the Golden Rule of Law, the Sacred Trust and Value of Effort within the local community

Published: [ Thu 9th Oct, 2014 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (56 min 19 Mb)

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Thursday 9th October 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week entitled Ucadia Communities “Part (3): The Ucadia Campus and restoring the Golden Rule of Law, the Sacred Trust and Value of Effort within the local community”.

This blog follows the first Part of this series I did back on Thursday, September 18, 2014 entitled “Ucadia Communities Part (1): An introduction and why we need to change from the failed models of society” which looked at the most fundamental of building blocks of society over the ages; and the second part of this series entitled “Ucadia Communities Part (2): A Different Perspective on Life and What does it mean to be a Ucadia Member?” addressing those key questions about life, the Ucadia Model and the whole idea of Ucadia Members and Communities.

Tonight, by the words “Golden Rule of Law” I mean the fundamental maxim that “no-one is above the law and everyone is subject to it equally” as clearly expressed throughout the Ucadia Model and in particular under Article 7 of each of the Constitutions for collections of Ucadia Communities such as the Americas-Union.Org or the Oceanic-Union.Org or the Globe-Union.Org; and that any system claiming to be law that does not match the maxims expressed under Article 7 regarding the Golden Rule of Law, or True Justice or Fair Process cannot possibly be law.

I know for some of you who have listened to previous Ucadia blogs and audios, I probably sound like a broken record by continuing to harp on about the absolute fundamental importance of the Golden Rule of Law – yet its significance cannot be understated.  For example, most people alive today live under highly complex corporate systems of society operating literally hundreds of millions of rules, exclusions, procedures and obligations and for the most part none of these systems – none of these societies – operate according to the Rule of Law, much less the Golden Rule of Law.

If you live in a system where certain people have immunity for committing unlawful acts while others do not, then you live in a society without any true Rule of Law; and if you live in a society where people can be considered culpable and guilty before the accusation is proven, then you live in a society without any true Rule of Law; and if you live in a society with Birth Certificates which represents you as commercial property and a slave on one hand, yet you are told on the other hand you are free - then you live in a society without any true Rule of Law.

That is why I keep speaking about the Golden Rule of Law over and over and over again. It is why I implore people to take it seriously as the single most important fact about the law they must learn; and why if anyone you speak with, dismisses the Golden Rule of Law, or refuses to discuss it is a clear warning sign to treat anything they say or claim with great care.

Tonight by the words “Sacred Trust” and “restoring Sacred Trust” I mean restoring the idea of true oaths, vows and promises and that “my word is my bond” and that “what people say is what they mean”.  I also mean by the words “restoring Sacred Trust” the notion of restoring Sacred Office – the ancient principle and maxim of any true system of law that all authority and rights are ultimately derived from the Divine and that the only real authority is through a valid Oath, Promise or Vow creating a valid Sacred Trust and therefore Sacred Office.

We will speak more about this as we go through this blog and audio, but if you want to, you can go and have a look at Article 30 of the sacred covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum and have a look at the concept of Sacred Office and the listed four hundred and thirty two foundation Sacred Offices recognized as the base of all valid offices across the planet.

On the subject of valid Oaths, Promises or Vows and in particular the idea of Trustee and Trustor, you might like to go and have a read of Article 5 (Trustee) and Article 4 (Trustor) of Fiduciary Law which explains some of the key concepts around forming valid Trusts through Oaths, Promises and Vows and the principles of a valid Office.

If people have no trust between one another; and if people do not have confidence with one another, then such a community will be in decline and open to control and manipulation by outside forces such as banks, the professional network of media prostitutes and government agents.  In fact, why do you think banks continue to be obsessed in stripping any form of trust from local communities?  Why do you think government and banking agents are desperate to undermine and cause people to doubt and trust ideas at a grass roots level?  Because you see trust is the enemy of central bankers and slave traders.  As soon as people overcome their zombie like state of perpetual fear and addiction to substances that are killing them, then they begin to develop trust again and can overcome even the worst of tyrants.

So tonight by the words “Value of Effort” and “restoring Value of Effort” I mean the way in that we value our time and our skills and what we do with our time and skills and energy.  Simply how we account for the value of our efforts each day – or as some people might put it “how we get paid?”.

Incredibly, despite the fact that we have discussed over and over and over again that what we call money in modern Western-Roman countries is nothing more than IOU’s or debt notes issued against fictional debts created without any legitimacy or proper authority; and despite the fact that each and every one of us has access to unlimited credit in terms of the divine rights or “divinity” granted to each and everyone by virtue of the absolute ownership of our mind, spirit and body- people still think themselves to be worthless, or a failure by the standards of bankers.  And despite the fact that collectively a country, as a community of people possessing unlimited credit, possesses the full faith and credit to be debt free without obligation – people still think they are cursed living in a bankrupt community that cannot afford to pay its way to the bankers.

Whether we admit it or not, being employed or “having a career” or possessing an account with value in it does massively impact our own self-esteem.  Many people are their job or career or profession, so when they find themselves without work – it is as if their heart and sometimes even their will to live is taken from them.  The same goes for measuring our time in terms of the corrupt and fictional debt measures of Western-Roman money. 

In a sense, this is one of the most important issues facing people around the world and why maybe some have overlooked Ucadia until now – because people seek a way to restore value in their lives, apart from addressing any issues and problems they may face.  It is fine to have all these resources such as the canons of law and community models, but if it does not specifically and tangibly improve our lives, then why bother?

So I apologize to all those who may have lost faith with Ucadia over the years and stopped reading and listening because they felt it did not address their own personal needs.  I apologize to all those who may have felt in the past in reading or listening or even participating with Ucadia in the hope and expectation that it might deliver some restoration of tangible reward and value for effort, only to find this journey has taken a lot longer. 

Truly I can empathize.  For more than twenty-one years, I have sacrificed all I have and ever had and donated it to Ucadia.  I have given tens of thousands of hours to this journey and there is probably not a week that goes by when I do not ask the question myself- when will I see some break in the clouds?

Unfortunately, without a foundation – no matter how strong the ideas behind Ucadia – it would have been just another movement making huge claims with nothing to back up such claims – like the endless cycle of gurus and promises and movements that continue rise up and disappear every year, every season.

Without a foundation, the formation of communities and social networks and movements – even with the very best of intentions – would be no better than making our home out of sticks in the face of a bloody history of piracy, cultural genocide and season upon season of violent enslavement. 

Tonight, it is time to address this when we speak of the Ucadia Campus and restoring the Golden Rule of Law and restoring Sacred Trust and Value of Effort – before we get into the mechanics of what forms need to be filled in, or the duty fees associated with such forms or the process of vetting such forms.

What is a Ucadia Campus?

Lets start then by answering the question what do we mean by the words “Ucadia Campus”?  You can find the answer by going to any of the Ucadia Union sites and downloading the Constitution or Charter or having a look at Article 79.

I am going to quote some words from some of the clauses that give us some clarity as to nature and meaning of a Ucadia Campus, beginning with 79.2:

A Campus is the smallest administrative division of government and administration of the Union. A Campus is an ecclesiastically, legally and lawfully constituted administrative subdivision of a Province and is equivalent to the term “local government area” (“LGA”) and the traditional terms including but not limited to “council”, “city”, “municipality”, “borough”, “shire” and “county”.

A Campus shall be named and defined according to the pre-existing legislative and geographic subdivision of a state or region or province into individual districts, postcodes or boroughs.

A valid Ucadia Campus is a Superior Civil Trust and Ecclesiastical Capital Company having a mortal life not exceeding one complete standard Age of one thousand and seventy (1,070) years or approximately one third the life expectancy of the Union. 

An Ordinary Member may only belong to one (1) Campus according to the location of their current primary living location also known as domicile address.

And if we look at 79.2 on the same page you can see the reason the word Campus has been used to define the smallest administrative unit of a Ucadia community, namely:

The word Campus originates from the Latin word campus meaning “plain, field or surface; theatre or arena of action and debate”. The word was chosen to describe the smallest operational division of government of the Union in recognition of a Ucadia Campus being a focus of learning, of renewal and positive action for sustainable and peaceful change.

Now there are five descriptions of a Campus depending upon its legal status as defined by 79.3 namely provisional, preliminary, probational, prerogative and permanent:

(i) Provisional Campus

A Provisional Campus is the first of five types of states of a valid Ucadia Campus. All Provisional Campuses within each Province of each University of the Union were formed between VENUS E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 [21st of December 2011] and GAIA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 [21st December 2012] as the smallest operational divisions of occupational forces of One Heaven following the complete conquest of all land, sea, earth, space, time, atmosphere and spirit within the boundaries of the Campus; and lawful possession and occupation of all rights, property, title and uses within the same bounds; and the investiture of a unique and individual spiritual member into each of the twelve Original Offices of the Land being Commissioner, Accountant, Secretary, Reader, Jurist, Proctor, Notary, Scrivener, Steward, Postmaster, Bailiff and Sheriff for each and every Campus on planet Earth. Under the terms of spiritual military occupation, the boundaries and Cadastral features of each University within each Union have been properly surveyed with the Survey and Charter for each Province registered within the Great Register of the Union and the event published in the Globe Union Gazette and Ucadia Gazette; and

(ii) Preliminary Campus

A Preliminary Campus is the second of five types of states of a valid Ucadia Campus A Preliminary Campus is formed when not less than three (3) living Ordinary Members domiciled with the same bounds of the Campus come together as the Preliminary Commissioner, Accountant and Secretary, each having sworn and recorded an Oath of Allegience and an Oath of Office; and the fulfillment of the Criteria for the Foundation of a Preliminary Campus; and

(iii) Probational Campus

A Probational Campus is the third of five types of states of a valid Ucadia Campus A Probational Campus is formed when not less than thirty six (36) living Ordinary Members domiciled with the same bounds of the Campus come together as a Probational Convention and elect and ratify twelve of their own into the twelve Key Offices of the Land, each having sworn and recorded an Oath of Allegiance and an Oath of Office; and the fulfillment of the Criteria for the Foundation of a Probational Campus. All applications and approvals of Probational Campuses are superior to any pre-existing Preliminary Campus Administration and upon such approval, all rights, powers and authorities must be duly conveyed to the new administration; and

(iv) Prerogative Campus

A Prerogative Campus is the fourth of five types of states of a valid Ucadia Campus formed when a State Member of Ucadia, representing an internationally recognized local government or county or council sharing the same bounds of the Campus agrees to adopt the Ucadia Model and systems of effective administration for the benefit of its Members. As a Ucadia State Member is an existing body politic, or council or county or borough duly recognized by international Western-Roman bodies and having duly elected its government by its Members, a State Member therefore holds a prerogative right and privilege, subject to the conditions of the present Constitution and Charter and the Criteria for the Foundation of a Prerogative Campus. All applications and approvals of Prerogative Campuses are superior to any pre-existing Preliminary or Probational Campus Administration and upon such approval, all rights, powers and authorities must be duly conveyed to the new administration; and

(v) Permanent Campus

A Permanent Campus is the fifth type of state of a valid Ucadia Campus formed when not less than fifty percent (50) percent of all living men and women over the age of eighteen, domiciled within the bounds of the Campus redeem their status as Ordinary Members and elect a permanent leadership in accord with the Criteria for the Foundation of a Permanent Campus. All applications and approvals of Permanent Campuses are superior to any and all pre-existing Probational or Prerogative Campus Administration and upon such approval, all rights, powers and authorities must be duly conveyed to the new administration.

So what about this idea of Provisional Campuses already existing? Is there any way of checking? Yes there is. Go to the website and have a look at the function below the constitution called UUPC or Union – University- Province – Campus. Click on the image and you should see two options view by Union or view by University.  Select University as the example.

Now when you select the University where you live, you will see a list appear along with the society trust number and location trust number. If you select any of these Ucadia Universities then you will be shown all the provinces recorded and existing for the Ucadia University. Lets pick the United States for example and then pick California.

Now once you select California as the Province you will be directed to a screen which lists all the existing Campuses for California already existing. That is what is meant by provisional – because these entities have already been formed.

So go and have a look at the name and number of the Campus where you live now. You should be able to find it using this tool.  When we discuss the actual forms and registration process of a valid Campus in coming weeks, you will need to know about this tool the UUPC on the website Globe-Union.Org because you need to be able to properly list the trust number of the Provision Campus for which you are applying to register a Preliminary Campus Administration.

Campus Convention and restoring Rule of Law

Let us switch back to the Union Constitution now and Article 80 to get a handle on how a Campus is supposed to function. I won’t go through all of the sections about a Campus Convention because we do not have time on the blog and audio.  But I will cover some key points about what is a Convention.

Firstly, the word “Convention” comes from the Latin word conventio meaning “meeting, assembly or agreement” and convenio meaning “to come together or meet together or assemble”.  So hopefully no one has an issue with the name.

The second is that the Members of a Campus Convention are all Ordinary Members of Ucadia for that Campus, domiciled within the boundaries of the Campus.

Third, the Convention – not the Executive – holds all the Rights of the Campus as explained in clause 80.3 on the Rights, Powers and Authority of a Campus Convention.  Why is this significant?  Because, it makes it abundantly clear that the executive of a Campus, or for that matter- the executive of a Ucadia Province or Ucadia University – are only able to exercise authority and actions so long as the relevant elected body at that level continues to grant them such Rights.  The minute the Executive loses the confidence and consent of the elected body representing the people – the Executive ceases to have any authority.

Now, if you look at how the American model has been deliberately distorted in contradiction to the Constitution of the United States so that, since the Civil War, a President and his or her executive function as an absolute Dictator, or Emperor or Monarch, then you will know how important these points of clarity become.

Here is another example – think of all those people who have come together under the model of Grand Juries and Sacred Grand Juries only to be pushed around and controlled by a handful of unelected people who have positioned themselves as the directors of such a movement to restore the law.  Is that democratic?  Is that free and fair?

So right from the beginning, the way in which power flows through the arteries and veins of Ucadia is crystal clear – the Convention holds all the rights and grants certain rights to the Executive.  The Executive is then responsible for carrying out certain actions but always accountable to the people.

Fourth, have a look at clause 80.12 and the life of a Convention and what do you see?  A Convention has the life of one thousand and seventy years and never dissolves.  Why is that important?  Because those devious legal minds that invented so many of the constitutions of the world put in place a model whereby every few years, public assets of the people are surrendered to the private unwittingly by dissolving a Congress, or Parliament or Senate.

Let me explain: As people in Europe under the control of the Roman Cult began to view the law less as a fundamental tool of society and more as a weapon to enslave and steal from the population, the idea of trusts and property continued to be developed.  One of the notions was the idea that if something is formed under a certain rule or monarch or body and then that body ceases to exist, then the only way such rules could continue is if the following monarch or the following body endorsed the previous rules and thereby continued their function.

I will give you a practical example of this in the claimed statutes of Westminster.  From the time of King Henry III to Henry 7th, every monarch of England appeared to begin their 1st parliament by reintroducing the Magna Carta as the first body of law and then endorsing certain statutes of the previous monarch, thereby carrying forward such laws to remain public, even though the monarch and previous parliament had been dissolved.  Do you follow what I’m saying?

So what many people – even senior judges and jurists do not know or remember is that the Magna Carta was endorsed as law in Westminster Statute not once, but more than 20 times such as in 1224 under Henry 3rd, then in 1274 under Edward 1st and again in 1297 and 1299, then in 1308 under Edward 2nd, then in 1327 under Edward 3rd, then in 1377 under Richard 2nd, then in 1399 under Henry 4th, then in 1413 under Henry 5th, then in 1461 under Edward 4th, then finally under Henry VII in 1485. 

What these precedents of Western-Roman and English Systems of Law prior to Henry VIII created was the very clear notion that when a body dissolved, or a monarch died, that unless the newly formed body began by endorsing the laws of the previous body, then those previous laws ceased to be public and instead became private law, or privy law – that is laws, liberties, privileges, franchises and benefits no longer under the scrutiny of the public or ecclesiastical accountability but only applicable to those born a slave or pauper as property of some privately controlled estate or realm or those willing to consent to such laws.

Henry VIII and his Venetian and Dutch banking buddies obscured this basic principle of logic when they started to create statutes they claimed were perpetual – that is laws that could outlive the parliament that created it – thereby contradicting an immutable premise of logic from the time of the ancient Egyptians and Greek Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle- being the succession of authority and creation – a body or object cannot possess greater powers than that which created it.  The creation cannot have greater authority than the creator that made it.  This is common sense and reasoning and to defy such common sense and reasoning is to declare oneself incompetent at law and an idiot and a lunatic.

Unfortunately, Henry VIII and those that followed succeeded in tricking people into acting as idiots and lunatics when it comes to law, because the idea of perpetual statutes beyond the life of a parliament is an absurdity, conveniently hiding the reality that those bills and statutes and privileges are converted into private bills and statutes the moment the parliament dissolves.  There is your public and private.

So back to the Ucadia Campus and the Ucadia Convention – the body of Ordinary Members never dissolves for the life of the Union across one standard Era of Ucadia time of one thousand and seventy years.  That means every rule, statute and law passed by such a body remains public for the entire life of the Campus Convention.  Do you see the significance and importance of that fact now?

So if anyone reading or listening has any association with a Grand Jury, or any claim of interest in restoring the Rule of Law, then there is only one logical and reasonable conclusion and that is to form a Ucadia Campus.  Those who resist, those who deny and those who argue against such logical conclusions cannot possibly be truly seeking to restore the Golden Rule of Law, but have some other agenda in mind.  I will let you decide.  It is your choice and no one can force you to do anything.

The 12 Original Offices of the Land and restoring Trust

Now that we have outlined briefly just some of the incredible elements of a Campus Convention and its design, let’s discuss the Twelve Original Offices of the Land as briefly encountered when defining a Ucadia Campus.  Those Original Offices being: Commissioner, Accountant, Secretary, Reader, Jurist, Proctor, Notary, Scrivener, Steward, Postmaster, Bailiff and Sheriff.

Before we discuss the reasoning behind these Offices, let me clear up any uncertainty or argument anyone may have with the description “Original Offices of the Land” by referring you back to Article 30 of the sacred covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum and Sacred Offices.  We did not go through all four hundred and thirty two offices, but I did refer you to this page first before we started speaking about the first three of the Twelve Original Offices of the Land. 

The reason these twelve Offices are called the Original Offices of the Land is in recognition that in restoring Sacred Office to your community, you are restoring positions that do not currently exist with any legitimacy.

Your local Sheriff does not hold a valid Office.  Nor does your Mayor or your District Attorney or Judges or Town Clerk.  They are at best agents or in most cases sub-agents, which is an absurdity meaning they are nothing more than independent contractors working for corporations. There are no valid Fiduciaries in the present system with accountabilities and transparencies.  I mean, how many times and how much evidence do we need to repeat over and over and over again to prove this point.  The fact that the media keeps8 lying about it and people within existing broken Western-Roman systems keep telling deliberate falsities does not make such falsities true.

So the formation of a Campus is enormously important for your local community because it is not only restoring the law, it is restoring accountability and trust in official positions as well.  That is why anyone who is contemplating forming a Campus needs to be clear – unless you are prepared to devote a minimum of 20 hours per week and unless you are disciplined enough to act in honor and dignity and not engage in deliberate acts of revenge, or belligerence against the current broken system, or act as a pirate- then you are not ready to be part of this yet.

So please take the time then to read about Sacred Office under the Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum and read Fiduciary Law and what is expected of you.

Ucadia Moneta and restoring Value for Effort

Now that we have outlined Restoring the Rule of Law and restoring Sacred Trust of a local community, it is time to speak about Restoring the Value for Effort at a local community level.

If you’ve had a chance to read or listen to some of the blogs then you might have come across a few blogs and audios where I outline the Ucadia Financial System – a comprehensive and massive system based on the Golden Rule of Law and the end of false and artificial debts and an automated and incorruptible system providing stable units of value and exchange.

For many that all sounds great, but the real issue for most people is (a) having enough units of value and (b) buying and paying for things through exchange.  It is why I continue to receive emails from people saying when will the Ucadia Financial System be operational, when can we use it to buy and sell things?

Tonight, in the context of Ucadia Communities and Ucadia Campuses we are actually speaking about seeing the Ucadia Financial System come to life in a very real and tangible and key way.

That key way is recognizing the first two functions of any form of units used for money – the first being a unit of measure and the second being a unit of value.  Go and have a look at Article 27 on any of the Constitution and Charters of Ucadia Unions and what do you see?  The recognition of Founding Members whether they be Founding Donors of Founding Supporters.

So when a group of Members form a Campus and have their documentation approved and gazetted as a preliminary Campus, then the effort of those Officials in restoring the Rule of Law, in restoring Sacred Trust is recognized and recorded as units of Value.  Put simply, if a Member is associated with a valid preliminary Campus does the work needed to fulfill the mission of a Ucadia Campus, then they will be paid in the appropriate Union Moneta according to the formula as described in 27.3

The recognition of Founding Donors has already started and I have contacted more than 100 Founding Donors with extracts of their Account Statements asking for their consent in acknowledging the equality of energy and the recording of their name – not what they donated – as a Founding Donor.  I am just about to start the same with all those incredible people who have participated in official meetings, discussions and planning associated with Ucadia.

Unfortunately at this stage, Ucadia Moneta cannot be provided as charity for those in desperate need for some miracle windfall.  So those that write will be sadly let down as the whole principle of Ucadia and the Ucadia Financial System is equality of exchange like the Golden Rule of Law.  I feel for all those people who are in desperate positions, but the only way that Moneta can be provided is when people are willing to provide an equality of exchange.

If you are willing to help yourself and your family; and if you are willing to participate in a real process of restoring the Rule of Law, Sacred Trust to your community – not some fake Ponzi scheme or empty copycat program of some imposters and gurus; and if you want an official position of importance and historic recognition, then maybe you might be suitable to form a Campus.

But if you remained trapped by feelings of revenge; or if you remain stuck on a couch feeling sorry for yourself and isolated and unproductive; or if you are still desperately pursuing any get rich scheme you can find, then you are definitely not ready to even consider Ucadia or Ucadia Campuses.

Unfortunately, Ucadia cannot pay you for the time you read and learn. However, this may very well change in the future.  Nor will Ucadia or any Campus or any part of Ucadia accept unfounded and deliberately false claims.  In fact people or even members who make false claims risk being shut out of being any part of the development and rewards of Ucadia and it would be a foolish and short sighted and ultimately stupid person who thought the best way to approach Ucadia is to try and make false claims or try some scam.

It is true that at a macro level there are no systems of automation for clearing of exchanges and account transactions.  Yet this is coming.  So as far as organized means of exchange of Ucadia Moneta, this is not yet operational.  It is also true that the ability to convert Ucadia Moneta into some other means of exchange is not yet formalized, making the ability to utilize Ucadia Moneta for the payment of day to day bills or obligations some time away.

But that does not diminish the importance of the Unit of Value, nor the recognition of the effort of those founders willing to form a Campus.  Your accounts for those who donate existing debt money or their time in an organized and specific way through a founding office are real and those units are real and so long as Ucadia exists now and into the future, those units of value will be honored.

Continuing the Series

Like I said, I have started to write to the first one hundred people who have helped and supported by donations over the years to provide them with their account statements recognizing an equality of effort as Founding Donor Accounts. I will be continuing to write to the remaining people who have donated in the next few weeks.  So anyone who wishes to support Ucadia in a meaningful way, then donations are a definitive and real way of showing support.

As I also indicated, I am about to all those who have already donated time in a meaningful and productive way are also being recognized.  So slowly but surely, Ucadia is taking shape and the ideas of the communities are becoming clearer.  The Ucadia Financial System is becoming more real.

What you do next is up to you.  Many people at the moment continue to do nothing.  They are neither helping the world nor helping themselves.  I hope and trust you are not like one of these people and that you recognize the importance of this moment and importance to do something positive.

So until we speak next week on the technical elements of forms and approval and strategic plans and activities of running a Campus, be well be safe and thank you and good night. 

Cheers , Frank