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Ucadia and 10 Practical Tips to a more Joyful and Abundant Existence

Published: [ Wed 27th Aug, 2014 ]

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Hello and this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 27th August 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to this week’s blog which is entitled “10 Practical Tips to a more joyful and abundant existence”.

First, to those who might be new to reading or listening to the Ucadia blog, let me say that I am definitely not about to try and sell you some steak knives, or some time-share package or my latest book, or some other useless self help accessory. 

Second, to those who are regular readers and listeners, let me reassure you – I have not finally succumbed to the superficiality and nihilism of “new age mass marketing”.  Instead, I have chosen this topic for a number of very specific reasons.

To begin, when people first come to Ucadia, there is often the complaint that it is a bit like trying to find your way through a labyrinth in the dark, without a flashlight. It is probably why so many come and have a brief look and then move on, rather than stay.  That is not their fault. That is my fault in the degree of difficulty in navigating through the various layers of knowledge.

Yet another issue is the complexity and levels of details of some topics such as the 3 part series on the true history of America a few weeks ago. So when people do take the time to read Ucadia, or look at such texts as Lebor Clann Glas, or Yapa it can create more questions than it answers.

So while I was getting over a cold last week, I sat down and thought about some of the points of wisdom we have discussed in previous blogs and in individual conversations. Not just big ticket items of awareness, but the kind of reminders that are helpful on a day to day basis living in this world currently run by bat-shit crazy elite lunatics we call the Amoricans, or the Khazar-Bankers, or the Dutch-Euro Slave Trade Families.

In a few moments, I had a list of ten practical tips. Here they are:

1. Switch Off Mainstream News Media.

2. Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

3. Return the guilt and negative obligations imposed on you by others.

4. Start a dream board and start filling in the gaps.

5. Numbers need a purpose. Write down your budget and keep to it.

6. Give a little thanks each and every day.

7. Save a few slices for yourself before you try and feed anyone else.

8. Smile, the fate of the world doesn’t rest on top of your shoulders – but in your heart.

9. Remember each day you are already immortal. But everyday as a man or woman is a blessing.

10. Know with absolute certainty: you are more because you are you. The world is more because of you. Not less.

Now, some of these you may have heard before and some you may not. Some of the list you may agree with and some you may feel are more important that I have left off.  In any event, let me go through each of these ten tips and see what they mean exactly and how they relate and benefit us toward a state of joy and abundance.

1. Switch Off Mainstream News Media

There is probably no better example I can think of in recent weeks than the tragic story of the American Journalist apparently executed by video by the American and British trained fanatics in Iraq and Syria this week to demonstrate the mindless, soul-less propaganda machine that is the mainstream news media.

Once the story was released, virtually every following night in the mainstream news channels, the new editors and advertising executives and friends of the government found some gratuitous excuse to show clips, or stills of the video again and again – as if somehow their playbook from the film Clockwork Orange, or Wag The Dog, or other writings about mind control, still work.

For me, it was the last straw. I switched off the six o’clock news, after giving up on the shallow crap that the newspapers had become last year. That was it for me.

It turns out that I am not in a minority. More and more people are getting their news from sources such as and through friends and other methods of filtering than mainstream news and news channels. CNN- the classic textbook in Manchurian candidate type news broadcasts is a dead and dying hulk of a once grant propaganda kingdom. The same seems to be the case with other major news services like BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX News. 

For some, switching off from witnessing endless streaming of lies, propaganda, and desperate mind control might be easy. Yet I am part of a generation where the television news was a constant, a touchstone of daily routine and life. Yes, many stories did not seem right- but it was part of the social fabric. Not anymore. 

Yet instead of the bat-shit crazy elite realizing that the standard fare of vomit and horror no longer works, the news media has gone the other way and become even more gratuitous and absurd in presenting its material.  Fox News for example almost constantly plays the theme music from the exorcist every few hours when talking about the Obama Administration, deliberately using grays and reds and lighting flashes to evoke Armageddon like worry.  To put it into perspective, the comedian Jon Stewart and his Daily Show program is now considered real and fair and balanced news compared to these other clowns on these media networks – a comedian is considered the conservative measure of news media today! What does that tell you?

So do yourself a favor if you have not done so already. Switch off the mainstream news media once and for all. Get your information direct from people like or through your friends and other social media and get all that noise and fear mongering and propaganda and horror images crap out of your mind.

2. Stop worrying about what other people think of you

This second tip is one of those logical, easy to say type phrases that probably all of us have heard during our lives. But when it comes to the reality of actually applying it, then it becomes much harder.

For example, for most of my life until the last ten years, I would say I fell into the category of being a “people pleaser” – that is someone who cared deeply what others thought of me. Which is kind of funny, considering in many respects I went out of my way to upset certain relatives and did not fully appreciate and respect the care needed in certain relationships. Nonetheless, as a “people pleaser” I was quick to say “yes”, instead of “let me get back to you” or “sorry, no, I can’t”. And I was definitely sensitive to what people thought about me.

So thank goodness for the internet! Social media has in a sense cured me! At first, the occasional malicious and deliberately false comment about Frank O’Collins hurt. But over time, as I reflected on what the values of Ucadia espouse- especially on the right of everyone to express their opinion – that part of me – the “people pleaser” – finally came to realize that not only can’t you control the way people think, but it is natural that certain people will not like you and others will see you as some kind of horned beast.

If you are on any kind of social media site, or any part of the internet, then you are open season for someone who may want to poke fun, or attack simply for the sport of it, or because they genuinely don’t like what they think you are, or even how they feel you have dealt with them in the past. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Sure, some countries have instituted anti-bullying laws and there are even laws in several countries now that have taken slander on the internet and brought it back into the mainstream courts to show that bloggers need to be careful what they say, because they can be sued or worse if such behaviour is deemed criminal.

Yet, I find even in the past couple of years that personal attacks or deliberately false and defaming material should not be the subject of some heavy hand of censorship, but accepted as the cost of a free voice and that in a sense, can even be helpful in getting out of the collective “hive mind” where we become fixated on what others think or are saying about us.

Sure, I occasionally “Google” the word Ucadia or even my name to see what is popping up from time to time. But my day, my week and my life is no longer dominated in anyway by worrying what people think about me or are saying about me.

Now that may sound easy relative to someone who is a lot younger and maybe still in college or university or school where the social media world and the real world are basically inter connected- where a comment on social media instantly broadcasts it to your colleagues and has an immediate and real time effect in the school yard. Add to that the process of being a teenager and all the emotions and new journey of finding yourself and I can only begin to imagine the absolute trauma and agony that a few key strokes of hate can cause someone else.

But here is the thing – even in such extreme circumstances as the trauma of negative social media to a young mind – it can be seen as either a negative or a positive. If one wishes to be a worker bee in a hive, then yes what the hive says and thinks matters. Like being the only robot with a personality in a robot assembly line. Like Wall-e or any other types of movies of the animated drone compared to a world of zombies. Or, those things that make us feel isolated actually help us grow the necessary protective skin needed to go out into the unknown and the uncertain world beyond the hive and maybe make some kind of positive difference.

Sadly, for some – the pressure of cyber bullying and worrying what people think about them crushes them. But for others, it ends up being a liberating experience – one that helps them become free of years of expensive mind control programming to be a loyal mindless drone, an obedient slave. So I am grateful then to all those who have lied, who have written the falsities and vitriol- because in my case I no longer suffer any of the stresses of the hive mind.

3. Return the guilt and negative obligations imposed on you by others

The notion of energy vampires – people through phone calls, letters and face to face contact that impose themselves, or threaten or demand from you, usually under duress – to steal your energy, actually took some time to see.

As I mentioned, as a quasi-people pleaser, in my life I had been quick to respond to such demands, only to wonder that after helping, or writing, or doing that, I felt less, I felt drained and not more. It did not make sense- when you are supposed to help people, then you are supposed to feel better for being so selfless right? So why then did I, or did you feel like crap after you helped those relatives, or friends or strangers?

Now, I’ve read all kinds of self-help and self-actualization works in the past, as I am sure many of you have also. And time-to-time these books offer all kinds of unhelpful advice as to this real world experience of actually feeling like crap in responding to such demands of our time and energy. But what almost none of these books did was answer for me the underlying principle- that NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE has the right to take your energy without your permission and consent.

If you forget the superficial way in which the energy vampire may approach us for the moment and look at the dynamic- then you can see that the unhelpful neighbour, or relative, or frenemy, or work colleague or stranger is actually trying to force you into an energy contract where you surrender and give that energy to them, in having to write responses, or go to court, or perform that chore, or do those extra emails or reports, or whatever the imposition implies.

That sick feeling you get maybe even for an instant, before you surrender or smile and say yes, or respond – that is your own energy system warning you that an energy vampire is in your midst.  Almost all of us get this kind of early warning that we are about to have the energy and life force of our day- sucked out of us by this energy vampire in our midst. So how do you address such situations? 

First, accept the fact that an energy vampire is not a permanent state, but a temporary state that people may operate within and we can all be energy vampires on others. Second accept that when someone – even someone we love dearly – is in such a taking mode, then there is no “easy way” of extracting yourself out of the situation. The bossy and bullying work colleague is not going to say “oh thank you for saying no. I am sorry for being a lazy shit”. No, they are more likely to first try and redouble their efforts and if they fail, leave one final parting steaming of “word turds” in your patch.

This is why we discussed the people-pleaser tip first. Because people pleasers are easy marks for energy vampires. They are basically the 7-elevens for all those people, too selfish, too hung up on proclaiming themselves to be “victims” or just plain lazy to tap in and get on with their lives. The only way to stop an energy vampire is to say no. No crucifixes, or chants or holy water- just two simple letters - NO.

Now, at first it probably won’t seem all that positive, given energy vampires have a way of trying to make us fell like the worst people in the world for saying no. But soon, what you will find is that you have more energy, you have more time – to do the things that you want to do.

It is why I say to people who come to me on the email as energy vampires, no, I am sorry I cannot spend a day paraphrasing Ucadia for you. That is your journey. I cannot accept your burden of trials of life. That is your journey. I will gladly direct you to information, but it is your choice to read and absorb, not for me to hold your hand.

4. Start a dream board and start filling in the gaps

This particular tip has been said in many different ways and has sold for the authors millions of books. It is the principle of self-actualization.  But in this case and context, the message is much more serious.

Simply, if you give up on your dreams, then in a sense you give up on life.  You can be completely intellectual and even someone that others love to be around, but because of that gap, the inevitable downside of depression or sadness can have a far deeper consequence.

Having a dream is a passion. It is a yearning – a deep feeling. It is a drive, a hunger, a zest. Now, when I say Dream Board, some may think of the classic self-actualization idea of business schools in terms of a dream house, or a dream car or a dream yacht or a dream girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.  Sure, they are all perfectly fine ideals. And while some may poo-poo the simplistic idea of cutting out pictures and placing them on a cork board or any other kind of board prominent in your room, or home office or other place of reflection – they are no less worthy.

Yet the Dream Board may also include other ideas, less possession orientated – it might be places to travel before we leave the earth, or films to watch or books to read, or projects to complete. Or it might be the actualization of a better community or street or united family.  Whatever your dream or dreams, they are your dreams and no less worthy than any other.

5. Numbers need a purpose. Write down your budget and keep to it

As to moving from dreams to seeing dreams come true, there is the issue of numbers.  How many times have you heard the response – if only I had the money?

Money is many things, but at one level money is merely numbers with a purpose in which we trust and measure the value of our activity. Think about that phrase again for a second:

+ Numbers with a purpose

+ Numbers with a purpose we trust

+ A trusted measure of the value of our activity

Sure, money is also a means of exchange and a store of value. But in the context of our lives, these aspects as to trusted purpose and a measure of value of our own activity- money is far more powerful.

If you measure your activity against a low number; and If you constrain your outlook by low numbers, then guess what – this is in all probability what is going to happen. In the other extreme, if you use numbers beyond the practical, then you are also failing to grasp the power of making numbers manifest the dream.

Frankly, you should never measure your time in the first instance with the numbers of fiat money you have in your hand – but in your own value within reality- call them units for example. Plan them out and consider a budget- attaching numbers to specific energy and actions.

6. Give a little thanks each and every day

Now some of these final tips, I won’t spend too much time on, because they are so self evident and yet so profound.  One of these is to give a little thanks each day.

It is similar to the idea to trying to live in the present and the seven virtues of Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Cheerfulness and Wisdom.  You can see them in Article 9 of any of the Ucadia Union web sites.

Anyway, the point of giving thanks is just that.  Not some long winded petition for more abundance, or any other prayer, Just a daily acknowledgment that you are aware how precious life is. That’s all. Making it part of your daily routine – even if some days you feel like you are going through the motions – that’s fine. Because there will be days when you really mean it.

In any event, it is a touchstone that connects us to our spirit and those spirits and minds that keep an eye out for us and try to help us to say- hey, I may not always think of you, or say your name. But thanks. I know you are there, looking out for me.

7. Save a few slices for yourself before you try and feed anyone else

Now, as I said, some of these are so self evident and so timeless, that I am not going to spend a lot of time discussing the merits of the point.  This is one of them. It is also one that I have constantly had to remind myself.

There is no point trying to help the world if you cannot help yourself. It has to be some kind of balance. Imbalance, extreme behaviour, no matter how noble it claims itself to be, never helps in the long run. Balance is the key. Balance is the key to sustainability and harmony.

If you don’t look after yourself, then you can’t look after anyone else.  There is nothing selfish about that. It is pure common sense.

8. Smile, the fate of the world doesn’t rest on top of your shoulders – but in your heart

The idea of smiling is not new. People have tried to encourage others to smile and even tried international smiling days as well as the famous buttons and t-shirts. But like birthday cards and Christmas cards, the idea of a genuine smile never goes out of fashion.

I don’t mean a cheesy grin, or looking like you are stoned, but a sunny disposition. A positive disposition. Not the fake smile of a sale person but the gentleness toward the world.

Now yes, there are plenty of energy vampires and trolls that might see such a disposition and mistake it for a people pleaser or someone who is weak.  That is because many mistake kindness for weakness, which it is not.  I am simply saying that do not let the attitudes of others impinge upon your day. A smile is living proof that no amount of propaganda and fear mongering and threats can cause you to waste this precious gift of life.

9. Remember each day you are already immortal. But everyday as a man or woman is a blessing

As to this point, I mentioned it two weeks ago.  But it really is an essential and practical tip. You are already immortal and you can never die.  That is a fact. It is indisputable and if someone wants to get into a heated argument with you about the non-existence of heaven or the non-existence of a Divine Creator, tell them to find someone who cares to listen- because those arguments are completely irrelevant – and there is no purpose in arguing with ignorant people.

You are immortal because your mind is ethereal- it is non-locational – it is not constrained by form, or substance. Life is a dream. Everything around you are layers of illusion. It does not make life any less significant or our experiences within the dream by less real. Hopefully, it makes our appreciation of the fragility of physical existence in this form for this particular experience more valuable and precious to respect.  You have probably already lived several lives and will definitely live more. Remembering the previous carnations of your higher mind is not the point of this life. Nor is fearing death.

The fear of death has been the most valuable weapon of the ruling elite and Illuminati – I don’t mean the current crop of bat-shit crazy lunatics employed as political leaders, bankers and military generals – I mean the ones above them – the elite families.  It is a poorly kept secret for centuries that the elite of the Roman Cult that hijacked the Catholic Church always believed reincarnation was possible for their own, just limited to those they viewed as mere animals. So they hid it from view. They made people fear death and fear they only have one life and one life only.  Incredibly, instead of valuing life, people seemed to waste such a life – because the more they were educated, the more they considered such a model of existence as futile.

You are immortal. Your mind is immortal. You can never die. If you still doubt this truth, then please read Journey of UCA. Please read Journey of Self and take time to deconstruct the notion until finally that Mundi Mind Virus and programming that is preventing you from seeing the truth is gone.

10. Know with absolute certainty you are more because you are you. The world is more because of you. Not less

Finally, know with certainty- don’t believe – know it as a fact that you are more because you are you.  There are lots of things I would like to do before I die. Being a Divine Being is nothing, compared to the incredible experiences every day of being carnated in flesh as a Homo Sapien.

Thank You

To all who continue to help, to support and donate to help support Ucadia - Thank You! In the coming weeks, I look forward to updating you all on the progress of the canons and the Ucadia Model. Until next week, please be safe be well.


You are significant. You are powerful. You are immortal.

Published: [ Wed 13th Aug, 2014 ]

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Hello and this is Frank O’Collins for Thursday 14th August 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia Blog for this week entitled You are significant. You are powerful. You are immortal.

Maybe this is the first time you have come to the Ucadia blog and audio and if so, then welcome! I hope that you find this blog and audio useful and encouraging.  I also hope that you may find the time to read and maybe listen to some of the earlier blogs that I have done of the past few years to try and shed some light on the nature and purpose and truth about Ucadia as well as the fruits of more than 20 years of research into the nature of law, of society, of finance and money and spiritual issues.

A lot of people say a lot of things about Ucadia, which is understandable- given the Ucadia Model is the culmination of several decades of work, virtually full time, and is over 70 websites, over one million web pages and covers everything from religions, to societies, to law, to finance and issues of well being.

Everyone has the absolute right to free speech and to be heard. I have acknowledged this fundamental right repeatedly over the years and it is embedded in many of the documents that I have discussed and published over the years such as Ritus Verum or the 144 truths as well as throughout the canons of law and background on the purpose of Ucadia.

I have also said repeatedly that free speech should not be confused with deliberate misrepresentations and false assertions concerning Ucadia. Even though Ucadia is founded on the principle that Life is a Dream according to certain rules and that you are part of the absolute and no one can ever own or curse or condemn your mind or your spirit, there are still people who consistently lie and seek to desperately trick people by falsely claiming Ucadia seeks to trap their souls.  Why then would people lie like that?  And why would people believe such lies when there are literally tens upon tens of thousands of pages across the Ucadia Model that expose such deliberate untruths that can be found just by typing a few words in a search engine?

Over the years as I have done over the past few months, I have continued to demonstrate the significance of the Golden Rule of Law, that no one is above the law and that all are equal to it. To show this in a practical way, I have referred people to go and read Yapa on the website One-Heaven.Org under sacred texts as well as Lebor Clann Glas also known as the Book of the Green Race as well as the various blogs here. I am also happy to see the recognition by some who have formed Grand Juries in recognition of the restoration of law that they acknowledge above any notion of Common Law or any other form of law that the Golden Rule of Law is supreme, as evidenced now by the Sacred Creed of 144 articles of true Grand Juries.

So why does there continue to be people who falsely claim that the Ucadia Model expresses nothing concerning the law, even though there are now more than 2,000 links to actual statutes in reference to definitions and maxims of law –why do these people express such deliberate falsities?

Then there is the constant theme of the Ucadia Model written, demonstrates and published for years now that legally, morally, physically and literally the Old World, the World of Mundi, the world based on Original Sin and the condemnation of people as animals and less than slaves has ended and that notice after notice was given. For a complete year, leaders, officials around the world were notified that no longer could they betray their own people and treat them as slaves and insolvent debtors. For a complete year, we notified them again stating the End of Days and the fulfilment of prophecy as all of us as part of the Christ Consciousness and the Awakening of Mind and Knowledge, yet they still refused to act. Then for a whole year we gave notice as the year of Divine Judgment that their entire world model is null and void, having no force or effect. Finally we demonstrated the compassion of the Divine Creator in forgiving all people of their transgressions but not their system which has completely ceased to 
possess any legitimacy.

Yet as we discussed last week, even after hundreds and hundreds of notices, these people still refuse to change, and remain transfixed in perpetuating utter absurdities about starting World War III even though their world has ended, all key prophecy has been fulfilled and they have no right, or authority or power to do what they do anymore. So why do the criminally insane elite continue to push every possible avenue for chaos and destruction?  Why do the double agents of Israel, masquerading as Hamas continue to fire rockets at Israel so Israel can kill more innocent children?  Why does black ops agencies of America continue to supply weapons to insane and crazy terrorists such as ISIS/ISIL only to then bomb them as well?

No wonder it can be exhausting just thinking about the madness of these people and the seeming lack of courage and action of people to take a stand. It is why if this is not your first time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog that such information as the True History of America (Part I, Part II, Part III) and last week on the last stand of the criminally insane elite in desperately seeking to start world War III anyway they can, may cause us to become less motivated than more motivated.

I have such an experience the other day, when a woman who was serving me a coffee started talking about the horror of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 that was shot down by Ukraine fighter jets thinking it was President of Russia, only for the West to desperately blame the Russian rebels, before they somehow come up with a way to strong arm the Malaysians into releasing false cockpit data and destroy any further evidence involving the Ukraine and American black ops forces. Anyway, the girl said that she was disgusted with the way the world is, but that she felt “powerless” to do anything and that the only way she could keep going was to “blank it all out” and pretend it “doesn’t exist”.

I nodded and said to her I know how she feels. I have been developing the Ucadia Model now for more than half my life and there isn’t a day that I don’t ask myself what my life would have been like if I simply followed the commercial and pirate path of so many, to focus on myself and forget the rest of the world.

I don’t see myself as any kind of messiah or guru.  I’ve said a thousand times that I am a man, nothing more. I don’t have any special powers – I don’t have x-ray vision, or can levitate objects.  In any event, I have gone out of my way to show people that I do not see myself as any savior or that I wish people to drop everything and follow me. So frequently, I ask myself do I really need the grief of people, who for whatever motivation seem determined to speak lies about me, and deliberately misrepresent Ucadia and stop people from reading the information?

Yes it seems overwhelming when you look at the state of the world at this moment.  The criminally insane elite have all the guns and satellites and financial institutions and media in their pockets.  The bat shit crazy people seem to be able to kill and rape and destroy with impunity and all we can do is either try to take a stand and become a target, or try to survive and pull out heads in, or do what some have decided and check out of this life all together.

So that is why I have decided to make this broadcast tonight.  To remind myself and to remind everyone who has the chance to read and listen the core of the Ucadia Model – the key message that You are significant. You are powerful. You are immortal. That by being reminded of this key message, we remember that by reading and knowing who we are, by changing our mindset, even if we feel afraid to stand up, we are participating in an enormous awakening and change. That the greatest change to the world doesn’t begin by manning the barricades, or marching against the pirates, but by our own conscious decision to learn and to know and to keep present in our minds the fact that You are vitally significant to the existence of the Universe; and You are part of the Divine Creator and the personification of the Divine Creator and that You are already immortal and can never die – even though your flesh will die.

You are Significant

It is the unmistakable sign of any form of cult, or mind control or system of trickery when the message being promoted is predicated on the assumption that you are “less than what you could be”.  This is the basis of the entire self help movement, the cosmetic and fashion industries, the health and diet industries and virtually every single religion.

In contrast, if you take the time to read the Journey of UCA on Ucadia.Com or the covenant of One Heaven or the material on the canons of law such as the 12 laws of creation, then you will see that far from being insignificant, the very existence of the Universe depends on every single point of awareness, much less than every single fundamental unit of matter – and that if one point of awareness ceased to exist, then the whole of existence would cease.

So what this means is that you are not just important – you are the reason existence continues.  You have the same free will as the Divine Creator. You can choose to be or not to be. You can choose to use your talents or waste them. You can choose to learn or switch off and plays games. You can help support Ucadia or not.

Yet whatever you choose to do. Make no mistake- you are vital to existence, even if others may make you feel less and that you feel insignificant. That is often because your perspective is of the world within the dream, where size, number matters. Yet in the realm of consciousness and Unique Collective Awareness, it is the quality and breath of though and intent that makes a difference. Things like giant aircraft carriers, or guns, or metal bars become meaningless. In Mind, it is the power of the thought, not how many believe.

If you have read Ucadia and know this, then great. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we already know and not get stuck on how dismal the world seems.  If you have not yet read, then I encourage you to read.

You are Powerful

As to power, it seems sometimes that everyone is seeking some kind of immortality of existence through fame and influence. When young people under the age of 30 are asked what they want to be in the future? Almost all unanimously express their desire to be famous- rather than something of deeper substance. It is as our lives have devolved into a superficial reality television show.

Power is now measured in the superficial – the type of car, the quality of clothes, the size of the house and the amount of money in someone’s bank account. Intellect appears merely a means to accomplish such ends and any kind of thinking that is altruistic is merely a brand extension – a way of broadening appeal rather than genuine intent.

Thus, there are people seen as having power and those that want it.  There are people with lots of money and many with very little. Power therefore obsesses,  consumes, and drives countless millions to get up in the morning and to willingly participate as accessories to the pirate world of the criminally insane elite.

Yet for those who choose not to participate, either by circumstance or their own strength of character, the issue of power still looms large.  With the greatest respect of many within the truth movement, if you look at the actions of some, then you can see underpinning much of what is said, is a desire to gain or regain power – as merely a mirror of the status quo rather than genuine change.

How bizarre is such behavior when you can travel o any ancient site on the planet and see all that remains of wealth and power in many cases is a few weather beaten stones – yet what transcends is the knowledge and wisdom of such civilizations.

Power is the knowledge presented in such models as Ucadia – the ability to see a different perspective of the Universe.

Indeed, the most powerful you will ever be is the Divine Creator of the Universe carnated in flesh into the form you are now- with the ability to see and know everything, yet through the unique perspective of a flesh bound living form with all the emotions, uncertainties and experiences of this life.

As powerful as our sun is – it can only ever be a sun. yet you are you and can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and yet still travel in mind to any place in the universe. You can gaze into the night sky and see the Magellan clouds, yet you can allow your mind to expand to be every breath, every heard beat, every flow of blood in your body, every thought.

I laugh when I read people speak of power and the carnation of power as a President or a Pope and that somehow if Lucifer or Christ were to return they would choose to be in the form of someone who the world would see in a superficial way as powerful.

It is much more likely that such energy would present itself in plain sight, so there can be no mistake, yet as the same time would be no more powerful than one man or woman. As weak as any soul could appear under the insane and bat shit crazy standards of the merchant classes , yet unmistakable in evidence that drawing the line of the end of days and the hypocrisy of such people claiming to serve such powers is ended.

In fact, that is exactly what the little valid prophecy that exists through history said. Like a thief in the night. Not like some emperor arriving to fan fare, flag waving and saluting marines.

The fact that the criminally insane elite cannot see such obvious evidence is testament to the end of their power one day, one month, one year, one age from now.

You are Immortal

Our ancients knew that Life is a Dream.  It is evidenced in the corrupted philosophies of Plato in the writings of Marcus Aurelius and in the mysteries of the Kabbalah and other texts.  The elite are trained to know this, yet hold such information for themselves – because fear of death is the most powerful motivational fear of all- when people believe they only live once.

Once people break such stupid mindset and realize they are already immortal, it is only a matter of time that system of slavery and perpetual servitude break down.

The Universe is a Dream. You are part of the Dream and part of the Dreamer. You are the personification of the Dreamer within the Dream.

What you think and what you dream matters. So choose wisely. Be positive. Commit to learning. Commit to life and living. Meditate and use your incredible consciousness to perceive for positive change. Lead by example. You do not have to give up your job, or your home or your wealth, or feel guilty. No one is speaking about mind control concepts as guild or feeling less. 

If you do feel depressed from time to time, then recognize this is normal, given the nature of the world and our diets and pressures. But remember what you are, remember who you are and don’t allow that mind virus each of us have inside to trick us into believing the propaganda that you are insignificant, you are weak and you are a waste.

The universe needs you. The world needs you. I need you and your help and support. So please, don’t feel guilty or less or powerless. Because You are significant. You are powerful. You are immortal.

Thank You. Cheers Frank


Desperately Seeking World War III: The Last Stand of the Criminally Insane Elite

Published: [ Wed 6th Aug, 2014 ]

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Hello and this is Frank O’Collins for Thursday 7th August 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week which is entitled “Desperately Seeking World War III: The Last Stand of the Criminally Insane Elite”.

I have chosen this topic of the Criminally Insane Elite still desperately peddling lies to start World War III in light of the recent three part series (see: Part I, Part II, Part III) on the true history of America which showed the truth of the American Dream and the lie that is the true history of America; and that for most of its history the political classes have been held hostage by a parasite force sucking the life blood of the good men and women of America; and sucking the energy of the world to maintain their kingdom of control.

As we also discussed, because these people choose their religion and political persuasion and country of origin and family names as a matter of convenience for the times, it has been extremely difficult to properly label them, without casting a net so wide or rough that it unfairly includes people who have nothing to do with these parasites. So it is not good enough to call them the 13 Dutch merchant families and their loyal foot soldiers; or Protestants, or Quakers, or even Jews. So to be clear, we called them in the three part series the Amoricans, - an ancient term given to them more than fifteen hundred years ago to describe them as fanatical pirates and thieves that made a living by sucking at the life of empires.

Tonight, given the continued false flag events, false terrorist cells, deliberately misinformation, media propaganda and public addresses by members of the Criminally Insane Elite Amoricans in the United States, in Israel and in Europe, we have to conclude that they continue to play their World War III Game of Lies in convincing those who serve them to try and kick start or maintain ongoing conflict.

Whether it be to try and provoke Russia into a full scale war with Europe and America, or the Middle East into a Holy War between Muslim and Christian, or an Economic War between China and South America versus North America and Europe. These people seem to be obsessed in continuing the same business model they started hundreds of years ago in selling drugs, weapons, slavery, banking, mining and minerals.  

So how do this network of elite families in the United States, Europe and other countries around the world such as Israel, Britain and Australia continue to do this? How do these Amoricans who choose race, religion and names as a matter of convenience continue to expand their business model after hundreds of years without being arrested, assassinated, or expelled by the people of these countries?

It is not enough just to say it is because they control the military or the banking system, or heavy industry or mining. Sure, they may be the paymasters for millions of loyal servants and zombies who willingly carry out their orders for a paycheck/pay-packet. That only works for the lower ranks – the people who want the car, the house, the private school tuition for their kids and good health coverage – who are willing to murder the children and women of another country, like Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. But the criminal and insane elite need to do more to keep the higher level selfish traitors and cowards loyal to their cause.

Maybe the higher ranks of those who serve the Amoricans remain loyal to such insanity and utter incompetent madness because of the awards, or fear of losing it all. Certainly, the risk of losing everything is a big motivator for keeping professional classes in line and especially a professional military. I mean what General would risk losing their medals and membership to the Sovereign Knights of Malta and pension to be a real soldier and patriot and hero and stand up against the blatant and constant treachery and mad plans of the criminally insane elite? You would have to be a real soldier, or marine, or navy officer to do that – not a spineless coward pretending to walk in the footsteps of real heroes.

There is more to why the mentally ill elite have remained in power for so long and it has to do with their arguments and reasoning being unchallenged outside of the rarified halls, smoking rooms, and secret meeting places of the most senior officials of countries of the world. These are the arguments used behind the scenes as well as published as public notice via Hollywood and like everything to do with the Amorican criminally insane it is just more lies and absurdities that need to be exposed.

So just like we have done in describing in part how these people came to hold so much influence in perpetuating the banker wars of the past two hundred years, the purpose of this blog and audio tonight is to expose the lies of the criminally insane elite to justify to each new crop of recruits and cowards and traitors who serve them, to carry out such horrible orders and wicked plans that see them kill innocent women and children; and that blow up buildings; and that terrorize their own people; and that carry out the most awful madness for a regular paycheck/pay-packet and a few medals.

This is what we will be discussing tonight in this blog and audio and by the end, I hope it is crystal clear to all who care to read and listen that not one thing these criminally insane elite families and their loyal supporters say or do is true, or has a basis of reason, or spirituality, or supernatural authority, or moral authority whatsoever. They are generational pathological liars; and They will not stop until people finally have the courage to stand up and confront them on their lies and say enough is enough. Power for the sake of Power is no excuse for what these people continue to do. It has to stop. It must stop. It will stop.

So let’s begin by looking at the array of lies and deliberate deceptions used by the criminally insane elite to convince their loyal followers in the military, in the church, in industry and society to follow their orders and commands.

The Web of Lies of the Criminally Insane Elite

The remarkable think about the lies of the criminally insane elite to cause otherwise sane men to participate in banker wars for the past few hundred years is that the same lies are recycled, generation after generation as if they are brand new and have never been claimed before. Of course the media as the primary arm of propaganda by spewing forth such lies is an essential part of this process, but what are the stock standard claims of the criminally insane to start World War III?

Well, they are not slogans of any honesty like “To Keep Power for the Sake of Power” or “Because I said so” or “Because I am Bat Shit Stupid and Crazy”. At least those slogans would be honest and those in charge of the military and finance and industry and the church could then weigh up if they really want to follow the plans of such crazy and incompetent people.

Instead, the slogans of lies used by the elite are more benign and expressed perversely much more in the positive. For example, a standard slogan of the Roman Cult that hijacked the true Catholic Church in the 11th Century and then finally gained control by the 13th Century was the slogan “God Wills It” to justify crusades, murder, torture and slavery. The Amoricans are, at their rotten hearts, merchants and not in the business of reinventing the wheel, so this slogan is part of their standard platform of arguments.  Yet there are others as well.

It turns out, that all the arguments used by the criminally insane elite expressed as benign or positive statements can be classified into four categories being Religious, Moral, Economic and Excuses with Excuses being the category of selfish justifications of the cowards and traitors and weak-minded individuals who betray their ancestors, their families, their communities and their own spirits to serve these people.

In terms of Religious Lies to justify war and World War III, we see the five oldest and potentially the most powerful lies being:

“God Wills It”

“To Fulfil God’s Plan”

“To Fulfil Prophecy”

“To Bring Forth a New Age/Order”

“To Restore Gods’ Commandments”

In terms of Moral Lies to justify war and World War III, we see the five more modern lies being:

“To Save the World”

“To Save the Planet”

“To Save the Species”

“To Save the Environment”

“To Save People from Themselves”

In terms of Economic and Political Lies to justify war and World War III, we see five lies being:

“To Save the Economy”

“To Preserve Our Way Of Life”

“To Protect Our Nation”

“To Protect Our Limited Resources”

“To Preserve Peace”

Finally, in terms of the selfish lies of those cowards and traitors and mentally-weak who choose to continue to carry out the insane and bizarre orders of the criminal elite, the five most common lies to participate in World War III and war are:

“To Save my Family. For the future of my children”

 “I am not responsible. I am just following orders (doing a job)”

“There is no alternative. It is the best we can do”

“The elite are too Powerful. Resistance is Futile”

“Everyone else is taking the blood money. I need the money”

I’d now like to go through these various lies and excuses and address each one of them to prove that not one argument of the criminally insane elite can logically, reasonably or sensibly be used to argue for the continuation of war, much less World War III. In fact, all of their arguments when properly explained, point to the immediate, the vital, the supreme moral need to remove all the criminally insane elite from positions of power and authority and get them to mental asylums and hospitals as quickly as possible to see if they can be rehabilitated to behave as decent sentient beings, or not.

Let’s begin then with the Religious Lies of the Criminally Insane Elite.

Religious Lies of the Criminally Insane Elite

“God Wills It”

“To Fulfil God’s Plan”

“To Fulfil Prophecy”

“To Bring Forth a New Age/Order”

“To Restore Gods’ Commandments”

These five slogans have been used heavily by the Amoricans and their servants for hundreds of years and before that by the Roman Cult and other parasitic groups.

They are the most base and profane and sacrilegious of slogans and rely heavily upon the pre-existence of some kind of moral outrage or hatred or bigotry within the community. They especially rely upon the stupidity and ignorance of the people to believe such awful lies.

For example, does anyone on this call or reading this blog tonight honestly believe that the Divine Creator of all existence and all matter and all galaxies and planets and life is an Amorican pirate that likes nothing more than to watch the skulls of babies crushed against the broken bricks and bars of bombed homes? Or the rape of young girls? Or the beheading of men?  

It is why as people have been educated, such slogans of the criminally insane elite have been harder to promote and now, only such slogans can be used in places deliberately kept in the dark ages – often by the plans of the Amoricans themselves such as the funded and planned opposition in Iraq and Syria called ISIS/ISIL, that were filmed on global television taking shipment of more than three thousand 2014 pick up trucks delivered by the US Military along with weapons and arms; or the Muslim extremists in Nigeria, who previously were trained and funded by Israel and the US Military as anti-Gaddafi insurgents.  And then of course we have those insurgents fully funded and trained by the Amoricans controlling the US Military in Afghanistan against the then Soviet invasion called the Mujaheddin, and later re branded as Al Qaeda.

Very few Amorican groups in developed industrialized countries have been so arrogant or stupid or incompetent to even attempt to use religious slogans to whip up World War III. The exception is sadly the United States and the Bush family – infamous for its involvement in virtually every great act of terror and treachery against the American people over the past forty years including but not limited to the assassination of one president, the assassination of his son, the attempted assassination of a second, the destruction of buildings in new York and of course several large wars costing hundreds of thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and millions of casualties.

The destruction of the World Trade Centre on the exact 60th anniversary of the founding of the Pentagon was supposed to be the trigger to start a Holy War – a crusade against Muslims and Christians which was to re-write the global map. George Walker Bush had banked his private credibility on it and had gone out of his way to state every reason for it, saying many times he spoke to “God” – whoever that god might be, as well as “God Wills It” and “To Fulfil God’s Plan” and “To Restore Gods’ Commandments” and “To Fulfil Prophecy”.

His father George Herbert Walker Bush had also used similar language in his presidency in his failed attempt to start World War III as a religious war in 1989 when he spoke his infamous speech in Europe of a “New World Order” and a “Thousand Points of Light” code for the Illuminati to join him in renewing the Luciferian alliance and using the first Gulf War to start a crusade and World War III.

Now under President Barack Obama, we see the Amorican lobby, wearing the colors and cloak of pretending to be Jewish to use alleged attacks by Hamas to justify “Crimes against Humanity” in Gaza, including destroying United Nations Schools in a desperate attempt to trigger a Holy War by Muslims against Jews, and thereby by proxy Protestant and Fanatical Christians. They are desperate and so far the world is seeing these people for what they are – criminals – mentally insane criminals. 

It is well known that Arial Sharon ordered the creation of Hamas as double agents to destroy the influence of the PLO/Palestinian Liberation Organization from the inside. Ever since, Hamas has operated constantly against the interests of Palestinians – killing any legitimate leaders and now using their treachery - against the Palestinian people as a tool for the criminally insane merchant/banker elite. We may even see another Bush run and possibly win through the rigging of elections again as President of the United States in 2016.

The point is, these Amoricans do not represent Lucifer or the Divine Creator or Satan. They have absolutely no supernatural abilities of authority. They don’t believe a word of it. They use it merely to keep the fanatical religious leaders on their side and religion is seen as an expedient tool that has worked for them in the past, so they keep using it.

In fact, the Ucadia Model and the Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum exposes these religious lies for what they are. The Vatican knows the Amorican elite tricked them and have no spiritual gift or telephone connection to Lucifer or Satan. So do the Jesuits. Yet they allow these impostor families, these people to continue to act in a destructive manner against the world. And this is why the Vatican and the Jesuits have no moral authority – because they still refuse to move against the Amorican criminally insane elite and end this charade once and for all.

So lets look at the moral lies of these insane elite.

Moral Lies of the Criminally Insane Elite

“To Save the World”

“To Save the Planet”

“To Save the Environment”

“To Save the Species”

“To Save People from Themselves”

These Moral Lies have actually been more successful in being brainwashed into the minds of the general population as well as the children of the Amorican elite who were born to privilege and mass media, actually have a conscience and want to make a difference.

These lies work, because they seem to have an ounce of credibility unlike to preposterous and arrogant mutterings of the completely incompetent and insane Bush family still promoting and using the religious lies.

The most powerful of the Moral Lies concern world population and the argument that there are too many people alive today.

The argument goes something like this – If we don’t reduce the population on the planet then we will destroy it, or there will be some catastrophe, etc. and our species may not survive, etc. etc.

It is based on the fact that in 1900 the world had a population of approximately 1.7 billion of which 130 million were in Africa, 124 million in the Americas, 42 million in Arabia, 950 million in Asia, 407 million in Europe and only 2 million across Oceania.

In 2012, the world reached 7 billion people for the first time, with approximately 780 million in Africa, 1 billion in the Americas, 49 million in Arabia, 4.1 billion in Asia, 1.1 billion in Europe and 10 million across Oceania.

So in the space of 111 years, the population in Africa has grown by a factor of 6 times; and in the Americas the population has grown by 8 times; and in Arabia and Middle East it has remained approximately the same; and in Asia it has grown by 4.3 times; and in Europe it has grown by 2.7 times and in Oceania it has grown 5 times the original population.

Yet here is the irrefutable fact coming from all of this – the birth rate – that is how fast the population is growing over deaths, has dramatically slowed for the world. In Europe, the population is shrinking and in terms of slow down, no more dramatic do we see this change over the past ten years than in Asia. Only in Latin America and in parts of Africa, where fanatical religious interference by the merchant elite is forced upon people, are population management policies non-existent or terribly compromised.

The population growth of the world is slowing as people become more educated and despite the insanity of the pirate merchant elite.  So the argument that the population has to be culled to save the planet is complete and utter falsity and the evidence proves it.

In fact, if you want to reduce population growth further – then expel the merchant pirates from Africa and South America and help stabilize population management further – because they are the ones creating the problem, not solving it.

What about the lies of saving the planet?  This particular lie is aimed at the socially conscious new generations of elite members of these pirate families who are not yet mentally insane and in many cases genuinely want to make a positive difference.

Those that step too far out of line are sometimes killed by their own families, or pushed down the ranks out of positions of control, or tricked into some trauma such as murder or rape to get their levels of insanity up to the level needed to be a member of the criminally insane elite.

In any event, these princes, and young leaders of the world are deeply aware of the need for a sustainable future. That is why you find so many supporting and financing programs to trying and save endangered species as well as organic farming and sustainable programs.

In complete opposition, the die hard members of the criminally insane elite have pushed on with their war against the planet, principally through fracturing rock or “fracking” shale oil deposits to destroy the water and food supplies of populations in the hope of starting World War III through Food Riots within the next five years. Unbelievably, governments and political leaders and the communities have by and large stood idly by to watch this program unfold at lightning speed.

Upward of 30% of the high producing food land and water supply of the United States has been deliberately poisoned by the concerted campaign to create World War III via food wars through “fracking” and within 2 years at the rate they are accelerating, if not stopped, the figure will be closer to 50%.  This is utter environmental vandalism for no valid reason – as I will show in a moment concerning the lies of energy security. It is a blatant plan to use food and water as the hostage to destroy the population of the world and now Hollywood has started to produce the next raft of propaganda in support of this lie of the bat shit crazy merchant elite.

So lets have a look at some of these economic arguments to justify World War III.

Economic Lies of the Criminally Insane Elite

“To Save the Economy”

“To Preserve Our Way Of Life”

“To Protect Our Nation”

“To Protect Our Limited Resources”

“To Preserve Peace”

As of 2013, it was estimated by the IMF that the global economy or GDP was worth approximately US $86.9 trillion with Gross Domestic Product or “GDP” meaning essentially the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a nation in a year.

Of this figure, the United States accounted for 19.3% of total economic global activity, China for approximately 15.4% and the top 20 nations or G20 a figure of close to 78% of all economic activity on the planet. 

Now in terms of key expenditures, the world spends approximately 10% a year on energy or US $8.5 trillion, primarily on electricity production and the use of petrol and gas to drive machines from a supply of coal, oil, gas reserves as well as in some countries nuclear, thermal and hydro electricity production. In poorer countries, energy consumption is higher as a percentage.

Health care also represents approximately 10% of world spending per year of which more than two thirds of this expenditure or more than US $5.3 trillion is spent on expensive, patented, synthetic pharmaceutical medicines controlled by the Amorican elite families and their companies, with more than 90% of this spent on synthetic pain killers that used to be grown naturally and now represent separately a global US $350 billion a year illegal drugs trade while another US $400 billion a year is spent by governments protecting the patents of the Amorican pirates in the War against Natural Drugs.

The world also spends approximately 5% of its energy or US $4.3 trillion on using the global finance and insurance network of the criminally insane elite that then charge excessive fees in expenses, salaries and costs for services that could be delivered globally for less than $5 billion or in other words a 1000% mark-up on key services.

The world also spends approximately 2.5% of GDP on military equipment, arms and preparing for the next banker war or approximately US $2.1 trillion of which almost half is for the United States Military alone.

So when the mentally insane elite speak of saving the world economy, they really mean the developed economies and when they mean the developed economies, they mean their strangle hold and hostage taking of the energy of the world.

Let’s take energy for example. The ruling elite still promote the label “fossil fuel” to describe oil when it has been irrefutably proven that oil is a byproduct of a natural bacterial and organic process that can occur within days and weeks in the right conditions and not over millions of years. In fact, it was proven more than one hundred years ago that the byproduct of sewerage treatment plants is one step away from the first stages of crude oil refinery. More recently, based on the size and sophistication of sewerage treatment plants across developed countries, nations such as the United States could become energy self sufficient within a nine month intensive program – I repeat nine month intensive program of less than US $100 billion. So why then do the United States and Canada and Australia and Europe refuse the science of using its natural resources to harvest energy? What kind of insanity is at work here?

Or what about health spending? Just by regulating and taxing naturally grown narcotics and ending the absurdity and madness of protecting synthetic pharmaceutical patents of Wall Street and incredible US $4 to $5 trillion could be saved each year to then be used in improving actual beds in hospitals, schools, roads, helping lower income families and paying down debts. So why are governments following the lead of merchant bankers and introducing austerity measures while refusing to end this utter diabolic insanity of outlawing natural narcotics and protecting synthetic patents of the ruling elite?

The energy vampires are the problem not the solution and everything that they control and touch is falling apart because of their growing incompetence and greed. How much longer will people sit idly by and allow the propaganda and the lies to go unanswered especially by their “bought and paid for” political representatives?

The Lies of the Traitors and Cowards who serve the Elite

“To Save my Family. For the future of my children”

 “I am not responsible. I am just following orders (doing a job)”

“There is no alternative. It is the best we can do”

“The elite are too Powerful. Resistance is Futile”

“Everyone else is taking the blood money. I need the money”

Like I said at the beginning. This madness only continues because enough people choose to serve the whims of the criminally insane and use lies and excuses to themselves and to others in the process.

Some of these excuses might sound familiar. In a sense, almost all of us have used at least one at some point. And that is what the system is depending upon. That enough people stick their heads in the sand or look the other way, as the world falls apart.

Make no mistake – the criminally insane elite will achieve their goal of Armageddon one way or the other – even if such concepts are suicidal and utterly bat shit crazy.  They will get there because of those people who use these excuses.

What can we do? Well you can talk to people about some of the points in this blog. You can become more aware, you can work with others on positive programs for change; and you can help Ucadia; and you can stop following these insane orders.

To all who continue to help and not make excuses, thank you. Until next time, please be safe and well. Cheers Frank.