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Ucadia Communities Part (1): An introduction and why we need to change from the failed models of society

Published: [ Thu 18th Sep, 2014 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 17th September 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week entitled “Ucadia Communities Part (1): An introduction and why we need to change from the failed models of society”.

By the words “Ucadia Communities”, I mean the framework of Ucadia Campuses, within Ucadian Provinces within Ucadia Universities we’ve discussed before and which you can go and read about on any of the Ucadia Union sites such as Americas-Union.Org or or even Globe-Union.Org.

These are autonomous and semi-autonomous self governing communities founded on the principle of the Golden Rule of Law and of Justice and Fair Process as listed in Article 7 and Article 8 of the Constitutions and Charters of the Unions I just mentioned; and that we no longer have to accept the present Western-Roman System which is founded on everyone of us being a bonded slave; and everyone of us being cursed by original sin; and everyone of us being dead to law and any rights; and everyone of us now being a thing, a commodity and less than an animal.

By the words “failed models of society” I mean just what I said – models of social order designed to keep a few in perpetual power while the rest of us are doomed to a cycle of perpetual war and brief prosperity; and of one generation in every three of each family having a brief glimpse of wealth only then to have it stripped away by the pirates and agents of the elite through taxes, fines and arbitrary recessions.

This is not how life is supposed to be. This is not sustainable or fair or equitable existence. It is madness, utter and unsustainable madness that is killing more and more people through poisoned food, poisoned environment, poisoned media messages, stress and suicide. So I say as it has been said before ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

There are alternatives and literally millions and millions of people across the planet who are continuing to find ways to get partially off the slave grid –to grow their own food; or to do exchanges of good without debt notes; or to build their own housing; or to care for one another. 

The internet is awash with tens upon tens of thousands of social networks and societies. But tonight, not only do I want to share and introduce again the thinking and design behind the Ucadia communities and why the model is structured the way it is, but also why the 21 years of developing superior codes of law, forms and procedures for working together, smarter social policies for generating prosperity and harmony; and alternate models of currency; and even addressing and correcting the fundamental cultural stories and narratives infected with the Mundi Mind Virus that we are all cursed by Original Sin, that makes Ucadia not yet another model of societies, but a social network model for social networks – or in other words – a way for different social networks and societies proclaiming similar ideals to actually come together without losing their identity and become stronger, not weaker.

Now, it is not easy to build a model that is a network for existing and different networks. It takes time – lots of time and effort and patience. For example, have a look at Article 6 on any of the Constitutions and Charters of the Unions I just mentioned. There you will see a summary of what the Ucadia Model is. It is an immense amount of work to build a common framework upon which diverse groups can find similar ground. It is a lifetime of work and yet more still needs to be done.

This is one of the reasons I resisted the forces a few years back in promoting and wanting to propel Ucadia forward into building communities – because the very act of creating a new community is not new. We already live in a least three to four communities – our street or town or suburb or county; and our larger city or state; and then our tribe or nation. On top of this, many then belong to at least one or more other communities such as Facebook, or other groups. So the idea of organically building a community from scratch is not only old news, it is something that could take a very long time – because you are competing against existing loyalties and limited time and resources.

But instead, what if we found a model that addresses the inequalities deliberately built into the existing failed systems and by-pass all the rubbish that the political classes and industrial corporate classes continue to feed us? For example, that even to solve basic health care is an impossible challenge.  What utter bullshit. As I said a few months ago, Health Care amounts to roughly 10% of the global economic activity of the world, with around half or US $5.3 trillion spent on expensive, patented synthetic pharmaceutical medicines controlled by a handful of elite Amorican Pirate families and their companies with 90% of these replicating the properties of natural herbal and narcotic plants that could be grown for free!  Yes free!

When you take into account the illegal drugs trade of a trillion dollars worldwide along with half a trillion for wasted efforts in law enforcement and the fact that a majority of illegal drug money goes into funding terrorist organizations, you could end the funding of terror, end the pain of much of the world, give the world back at least $6 trillion to be spent on jobs, education and real quality of health overnight, if you had community policies that were not so deliberately corrupt and evil as the policies of this bat-shit crazy and failed model called Western society.

The same could be said for financial services globally. The world spends approximately another US $4.3 trillion on global finance and insurance networks of the criminally insane elite charging fees on average of 1000% or more on the real cost of the technology, not necessarily their bloated and inefficient bureaucracies. Now, imagine a fully autonomous and self healing and regulating financial model – that cannot be corrupted or skewed, that eliminates entirely the concept of interest rates and fractionalization and creating money out of thin air and excessive charges. Could you imagine the productivity of people in such a system where banks no longer could play god and steal the wealth of people?  Well that is precisely what the Ucadia Financial System is about and the system we will be discussing in detail over coming weeks when we go through these blogs on Ucadia communities.

So this is the purpose of the blog tonight- not to try and sell yet another model of communities to you and others who have already heard all the promises that other people have made – but about how we can work together, regardless of whether we are the leaders of a large community or small; or whether we belong to four existing communities, or one hundred.

Nor is it about pulling down the image of one or more community groups on the internet in order to try and encourage people to come to this idea. Yes, I may on occasions use some fruity language when describing remedy gurus and internet con artists – because seeing people lose everything through such false behaviour really pisses me off. But when it comes to people trying to genuinely make a better world, even if they have differences of opinion with Ucadia or even their opinion of Frank O’Collins- well these are minor issues and I hope that tonight I can answer and address some of these objections.

Because there is a lot to get through and I do not want to bombard or overwhelm people, I will be dividing the information up into a series of blogs and audios, starting with this first one covering the high level issues around Ucadia Communities – such as what are they? Why are they designed the way they are? Why the community model is about empowering existing groups and communities first, more than starting from scratch? 

I also want to address some of the fundamental issues about building prosperous and harmonious communities in the first place- what makes a community thrive:? While others wither and die? 

Then next week, I’d like to spend the blog and time on how people can get involved now – specifically on Ucadia Campuses- the different types of campuses and how to get them registered and active as well as how existing societies can establish a Campus and even acquire Province recognition as a Society Member and even State Member of Ucadia.

Then in two weeks time, I want to spend the blog focusing on the establishment of temporary administrations for Ucadia, called the Ucadia Ecclesia Foundations- with the specific tasks of helping campuses grow and coordinate discussions with existing Societies and even larger internationally recognized society bodies about the Ucadia model. I’ll be showing the Constitutions for these temporary administrations and how these can even register as a temporary bridge between Ucadia and the Western world at a University or National level and the bylaws of any such regional body.

Then once we have this sound background on what are Ucadia Communities, and how you can get started now and how temporary administrations get started, I want to go through in detail the Ucadia Financial System and why the growth of the Ucadia Communities will also see the birth of the Ucadia Financial System as a way of promoting prosperity between Members.

With all this in mind, let’s get started first on the foundational questions of what are the building blocks of a community? And how this might help us in evaluating the Ucadia Model of communities?

What is the basic building block of a community?

Of course living men and women, adults and children, are the smallest units of any society. Yet when we speak of a community we mean when “two or more living men and women come together under some common purpose or cause”.  So it must be something larger than just one living man or woman.

It is unsurprising then that the smallest building blocks of a community have remained largely unaltered until the past 140 years being Family, Tribe, Village and Sanctuary. The new addition – thanks to the Illuminati and ruling elite - is the concept of the Residence, the resting place of the dead or criminally insane or enemies of the state, also sometimes referred to as a “household”.

“The Family”

In any event, the first elemental community is the concept of a Family, being a Patriarch or Matriarch and kin who serve at the direction of the Patriarch or Matriarch. The family was and in some way remains the essential elemental building block of any community.

Yet it can also be a model for very large communities and organizations.  For example, cults are based upon the Family Community Model. So are religions, where power is concentrated in a solitary figure at the top of a pyramid, which then dispenses his or her power to lower and lower levels of minions. A Monarchy is another example of the Family model. In the United States, the concept of Parens Patrie is perceiving the President to be the head of the family in contradiction to the alleged intention of the United States Constitution.

In fact many of the communities that have sprung up on the internet and taken the truth movement and chat rooms by storm are based on a Family and as a result, sadly not all of them survive or thrive or produce positive outcomes.

You see, unlike some of the other basic archetypes of the smallest elements of community, a Family Community Model exists upon the charisma, the fame, the influence and strength of the leader – which is why such people who step up into the spotlight and start promoting communities almost inevitably are dealing with different levels of Messiah Syndrome and being a Guru, or Prophet, or Messenger.

To be fair, and just to prove that in this discussion I am not oblivious to the criticism leveled at Ucadia by using Frank O’Collins as a weapon of attack – many have tried and still try to belittle, attack, obscure and desperately scare people away from reading about Ucadia by claiming Ucadia is based on a Family Community Model with Frank O’Collins as the Patriarch, the Architect and some kind of Messiah.

Such propaganda and deliberate misinformation is complete and utter horseshit, particularly when someone takes just five minutes to have a look at any part of the Ucadia Model. In fact, let me quote item (xiv) from Article 6 that I mentioned earlier as a link on any of the Constitutions and Charters. This is what the clause says in black and white – repeated on more than a dozen sites including

The Ucadia Model is completely autonomous and self governing in accord with its own rules and laws with no Supreme Ruler, or Messiah, or Prophet, or Guru, or Absolute Sovereign, or Architect; and the original author and founder has irrevocably given, conveyed and transferred all Rights, Title, Uses and Claims through his signed and sealed Voluntatem Et Testamentum, also known as his Will and Testament, to the perpetual and exclusive benefit of all Members of Ucadia equally; and further has surrendered, abdicated and abjured through his Pronouncement of Man any claim or honor or dignity to be treated or described or known as greater than any other man or woman. Therefore, all are welcomed equally to contribute and benefit Ucadia and none may justly or fairly claim it to be anything but a purely autonomous and self governing model for the benefit of all mankind.

It could not be clearer. And maybe then it is why certain sites run by propagandists have resorted to simply making up lies and falsities against Ucadia, rather than even bothering to misquote the huge amount of information of the Ucadia Model – because it is getting harder and harder to spin such fear mongering.

Again to be fair, there is one thing that has helped fuel that uncertainty- and maybe even those of you listening today have experienced the same questioning – being “When will Frank O’Collins step away from being a seemingly one-man-band in developing the Ucadia Model and opening it up to everyone else to contribute, use and participate?”

So while there is no secret committee, nor inner circle whatsoever associated with Ucadia, I have in a way been guilty of allowing the Family Community Model so often associated with pseudo-religions and other movements to be leveled against Ucadia, because I have failed to be clear how long I will be doing what I am doing and how will Ucadia Communities progress into being?

I want to apologize then. Because in a sense, this is a reason quite a few numbers of people felt a bit disheartened a couple of years ago when they hoped that Ucadia Communities would start and that I would make it clear how I would be stepping back and not disrupting the rights of people to determine their own course. Well, when we get to speaking about the temporary administrations in a couple of weeks, I am excited to show you and make absolutely clear the defining limits of my role, as more and more of you are encouraged and invited to take the reins of self-determination.

So for the record now, until we speak of these kinds of questions in more detail in a couple of weeks, let me be clear: I do not see myself as the head of some family; nor do I behave or regard myself as some Architect, or Guru or Messiah. In fact, as I have said and promised, all rights of Ucadia are for the benefit of all people equally – not to be stolen, surrendered or abused – nor for one or more people to then assume they can step in and behave as Messiahs by hijacking and manipulating the information contained within the Ucadia Model. 

I am a facilitator that will eventually become a visitor and nothing more. Once the model is drafted, it will be up to those who are willing to come together to decide and to use and refine it via communities. In any event, this will all be made even clearer when we discuss the idea of the Ucadia Ecclesia Foundations in a couple of weeks after we speak about how to set up Campuses and Provinces next week.

“The Tribe”

The second historic element of any community is the concept of the tribe. Unlike a family, a tribe is a group of people that share some common philosophy and culture often in a more equal and self responsible manner than the Patriarch or Matriarch model of a Family Community Model.

A tribe does not just mean a traditional group of land owners or indigenous peoples. The espirit de corp of certain military organizations is an example of trying to develop and maintain a larger model of a tribe. Similarly, the rise of propaganda fuelled nationalism of the late 1890’s and again in the 1930’s are examples of trying to promote a common culture and bond across large numbers of people.

The promotion of sporting teams and the permission for large numbers of the population to aggregate to celebrate a football match – something that was considered a riot or insurrection in many cities up until the early 20th century – has also promoted a sense of cultural belonging and tribe for many. Facebook is another example of tribal communities.

The “catch-22” for tribes is less about the claimed Messianic Powers of some leader such as a Family Community Model and more about the isolationist consequences of belonging to a tribe.  For example, Facebook and other social media networks have already proven that a consequence of spending more time with one tribe is the potential reduction of bonds with other elements of community- most notably blood related family, the local village, town, or county. The other isolationist risk is the potential intolerance to sharing common values – particularly when the very meaning of a tribe is in essence to be unique and separated from a broader group.

It is this risk of isolationism that ultimately led to the downfall of many traditional and indigenous tribes – precisely because they did not have the political mechanism of uniting effectively and in a coordinated way against an existential threat such as the marauding pirate merchants of Europe – particularly the Dutch East India Company later known as the United States and the British East India Company later known as the Commonwealth. One notable exception was the Maori Tribes of the North Island of New Zealand.

“The Village”

Another fundamental element model of Communty is the concept of the village – a model based around not only common values, but common geography and an element of tribe.  The village in times of lawlessness is more akin to a castle. But in times of prosperity and reasonable laws, the Village is more open and the model has changed little for the past few thousand years.

Whereas a Family Community Model defines itself in blood and adherence to a doctrine of philosophy and while a Tribe Community Model defines itself by its adherence to the cultural rituals and self-responsibility, the village defines itself in terms of exchange of energy and contribution as a way of life.

Someone can be a member of a Church and only attend for a few hours a week. Similarly, someone can be a member of a Sporting Tribe and only participate for a few months a year. Yet a village is a commitment of energy exchange that is intimately linked to lifestyle.

In that sense, the village is the antithesis of the big brother model of the masses of residences where the Government is the Father and all the Residents as dead entities in law are at best the children when they are good and at worst the refuse and excess capacity when no longer needed.

While a village life can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling given the richness of interaction and the quality of life, a village suffers the same problems as a tribe in terms of its isolation. It also suffers the additional risk of being concentrated in some small geographic proximity.

It is why anyone who promotes the idea of starting a commune or a farm as the answer to your problems is living for the short term and not thinking of the longer term consequences.  A village can be destroyed. It can be easily dismantled precisely because of its size and proximity, whereas a tribe can still survive so longer as some members survive and move away.

“The Sanctuary”

Now the fourth fundamental element model of Community and arguably the least well understood is the notion of Sanctuary. By Sanctuary, I mean literally a sacred space and place in which people can come together with absolute certainty and trust.

Such places still exist and have existed over time. To the ancient tribes, it was such places at which representatives of different tribes were able to come together without threat of attack. The Carolingians and founders of the true Catholic Church promoted the notion of their cathedrals as places of sanctuary and safe harbor. In the past centuries, it was the original meaning of Hospital as a permanent sanctuary for non aggression and a place of refuge.

Unlike a village or a tribe or a family – a sacred space and place cannot be taken away. Yes it can be desecrated and it can be damaged, but it exists more in the sense of an idea and an ideal first than in the physical realm and therefore within the grasp of violent pirates and mercenaries.

This is precisely what a Ucadia Campus is and why the name Campus- to create a sacred Sanctuary at the local level, from which the rule of law may be restored, trust between people may be restored and life may prosper.

What are the essential ingredients to a prosperous and harmonious community?

So what are the essential ingredients to a prosperous and harmonious society?

Well, we have already addressed some of these a few times, such as the existence of the Golden Rule of Law.  Others include the essential concept of Trust as the basis of fair exchange and underwriting the real notion of Capital – being Trust.

Yet as we have covered briefly with each of the four historic and fundamental elements of community, without a community being part of something greater, the survival of the community is almost certainly limited and at risk.

The paradox is similar to a conversation I have had with several people over the years on the basic question regarding the Laws of Ucadia being “Why do we need all these Laws?  Can’t we just start a community on a handful of laws?”

Indeed you can and I have never misrepresented the question or the answer. So I hope I do not inadvertently mislead anyone who comes to the Ucadia site that in theory if everyone was respectful, honest, compassionate, enthusiastic and persistent, you wouldn’t need 99% of the laws and you could just run on a handful of laws – even one law – “Do no harm” as an expression of the Golden Rule of Law.

Yet the fact is we live in a complex ecosystem of competing interests, ideas, demands, needs and issues.  So an education system cannot survive without any guidelines or model and certainly won’t function properly when you have such a dysfunctional system as the present education systems of modern industrial economies.

So in a sense, the ideal model for a local community is to be allowed to function as an autonomous unit, yet with all the safeguards and protections of being part of something greater – hence the Ucadia Community Model.

I won’t go through Campus and Provinces in detail now, but please over the coming few days, please go and have a look. The Constitutions and Charters of the Unions we discussed tonight make hopefully everything clear – it is about empowerment, not repeating the same failed models. It is about ending the world of slavery, and lies and ego, not about perpetuating it.

The Balance of help and support to Ucadia

It is my most sincere and deepest hope that as you get to read the Constitution and Charter of the relevant Union in which you are domiciled (not a resident), that it will make sense in a positive way and that you will want to be part of it.

To that end I want to thank all who have shown their support of Ucadia over the years to get to this point through their financial support of debt notes.  Before we wrap up tonight, I want to cover just a couple of things in thanks and what I am doing over the next week.

It has never been the intention of Ucadia to have people contribute their hard earned energy represented by debt notes we know as modern money as contribution. After all, Ucadia is a model of being free of such madness, not perpetuating it. To that end, the Ucadia Financial System is all about a new way of measuring energy without the curses of original sin, or slave bonds.

So when someone contributes Debt Notes in the short term to support Ucadia dyring this transition, it has always been the intention that such a transaction can be used to demonstrate an equality of energy in the form of an equal number of Ucadia Moneta – as a reflecting of positive energy returning to the one who is willing to help and support change, not the status quo.

I have been writing each day to those who have contributed over the years for their permission to reflect their support in the equivalent value of Ucadia Moneta as the balancing of such energy. It may take several months before such value can then be used to trade or exchange as stores of value – but the point it, they do represent a real value now – and it is all the purposeful and directed energy to the betterment of the Ucadia model that so many of you have been willing to demonstrate.

The second point I want to cover is the need for ongoing support in the short term until the campuses and province and temporary administrations are functional.  To this end, what has been difficult for many is to measure the kind of commitment that can be made and what are the obligations each month for Ucadia. I am working in ensuring that the budgets as well as the accounts reflecting the contributions of all of you who have made a specific and acknowledged and receipted contribution is properly documented and gazette. This will still take a couple more weeks.

In the meantime, I hope that tonight the idea of the Ucadia Communities make a bit more sense and that you will go and read the Constitution and Charter and then next week review the kit of templates and explanation on how to create a campus and a province.

So till then, for all who continue to help – thank you and until we speak next week, please be safe, be well and thank you and good night.




STOP! Before you do or say anything in Court – here is the foundation and benchmarks of Law

Published: [ Tue 9th Sep, 2014 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (45 min 16 Mb)

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Tuesday 9th September 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week entitled “STOP! Before you do or say anything in Court – Here is the foundation and benchmarks of Law”

By foundations I mean the cornerstone & pillars upon which something is built. Even the most complex and elaborate of systems must have some sort of foundation or else it would not and could not survive for a few weeks, much less several centuries.

By benchmarks, I mean a measure by which we can establish some sort of perspective or some sense of what is happening and what is supposed to happen.

By foundation and benchmarks of Law, I mean those absolutely essential elements to the operation of any and every Western-Roman Court on planet Earth today. I also mean those benchmarks and measures of Law from the time of Babylon and Hammurabi, through to Alexander the Great and then the Roman Emperors right through to the time of Constantine the Great and even up to the time of Charlemagne in the 9th Century CE.

The reason I want to speak with you about the foundation and benchmarks of Law today is to help you and everyone who comes to face the real and often frightening experience of having to go to one of the Private Courts run by the Private Bar Guild according to their Private Regulations.

Now, I know when I say Private Courts and terms such as the Private Bar Guilds, there will be some that roll their eyes and say “stop saying nonsense. The courts are public institutions” – which is a half-truth. Yes the courts in most countries were established as public institutions, but in the case of all British Colonies since the end of the 19th Century (e.g. 36&37Vict.c.66especially in the United States since the Civil War (Supreme Court of District Columbia), the courts have been private corporations, regulated by parliaments or congress. I will prove it to you in black and white evidence as we go along.

Nor am I about to start dishing out legal advice about the Private Regulations of these Private Courts of the Private Bar Guilds. I am not a member of their secret fraternity – although many of my family were and some still are. Nor am I privy to the latest amendments, re-writes, repeals of such Private Regulations – constantly changing and corrupting their own laws to maintain their advantage. But I certainly will be showing you the original instruments such as the Judicature Procedures Act of 1875 (36&37Vict. c.77) [and the earlier constitution of Supreme Court (36&37Vict.c.66)] that started these regulations as a benchmark to prove these Private Guilds don’t even follow their own rules, much less anything resembling the true rule of law.

So whatever you might be thinking this minute about the blog tonight, please do not be alarmed. I am not going to bombard you with a tsunami of facts and statutes. That would defeat the purpose of this blog. This blog is about regaining some perspective and finding some sense. It is about finding clarity and not about making people more confused.

I realize how daunting it is facing these public buildings hijacked for Private and Secret Business. You may appear with an attorney or under your own cognizance. Then there is the person claiming to be a judge or justice or magistrate – in British dominions in the higher courts dressed in the formal red mantle vestments signifying the claimed ecclesiastical authority of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. In the lower courts, the black and purple robes of a clerk or registrar in Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Causes, often with a red sash from the left shoulder to right hip signifying the clerical authority of the Privy Council.

For most of us who are not members of this secret world, there is no explanation as to the symbolism, or the claimed authority. Nor is there a clear text that defines all the laws in operation in a court, or all the procedures and documents and details – despite the false claim that such procedures and documents are contained within their published procedures – this is only the tip of the iceberg.

No wonder then that when people are faced with the trauma of having to go to court to defend their rights to still see their own biological children, or save their family home, or stop their life savings from being seized or seek some clemency against some horrendous and hugely unjust fine that so many look for some form of relief, or remedy or answer on the Internet – often getting themselves into more trouble.

To make matters worse, the mantra of the tricksters and the secret fraternities remain – “There is remedy, only if you follow the correct procedure” – again leading to people searching for whatever the hell this “correct procedure” is. The fact the whole court system is so shrouded in mystery and occult symbolism and half-truths absolutely lends itself for people getting tricked and often badly hurt by false information.

So tonight is about redressing some of this imbalance by reviewing fundamental foundational and benchmark concepts - so that no one, absolutely no one, who is facing a Court issue should ignore or forget these critical truths.

So with this in mind, let’s get started with remembering the most important of all foundations of Law – being what the Law is.

What is true Law?

Someone can tell you to do something – but does that make it a law? Maybe if they are armed and that gun is pointed at you- then they might have the power to enforce their command, but does it make it just?

For example, the distinction between a true Christian and an apostate or heretic or imposter is very simple – A true Christian is someone who puts the words and teachings of Jesus Christ above all other teachers and prophets. Sounds simple right?

So someone who places the words of Paul the Apostle as more important than the words of Jesus is not a true Christian – because they have willingly or ignorantly diminished the words of Jesus against some other teacher, prophet or saint. Similarly, someone who puts the words of the Popes, or a Preacher above the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels can never be considered a true Christian – because they believe the words of the Preacher or Pastor or Pope above those of Jesus.

Now as simple as this sounds, for some reason people continue to get themselves all messed up about religion and religious messages where they claim to be Christian on the one hand, yet place the words of Jesus at the bottom of the pile and then the words of their Pastor, Priest or the Pope at the top, followed by media personalities and then Old Testament prophets.  So if people cannot follow such a simple, unmistakable benchmark that to be a true Christian is to place the words of Jesus above all others, then no wonder the world is such a mess.

The same applies with the law. For thousands and thousands of years, various cultures from all over the planet Earth were founded on the same essential benchmark called the Golden Rule of Law- that all are equal before the law and none is above the law.

It sounds like a simple benchmark right? It is. It is as simple as the benchmark about being a true Christian I just mentioned. So in the case of the law – any law that gives one group an advantage over the others cannot be considered a true law. And any law that grants immunity for one group to commit criminal acts while punishing another larger group for the same thing again cannot be considered true law.

So knowing this benchmark, which I have mentioned in dozens of blogs should make identifying what is law and what is not true law easy- if it does not honor the Golden Rule of Law, then it is not true law, no matter how emphatic the media or messenger.

Just to prove the point. Let’s just say you are a true Christian for a moment and not an apostate or heretic or imposter and you are having a discussion with another true Christian. If the words of Jesus are to be considered above all others, then any key words by Jesus concerning the law should be even more important right?

So would you not agree that the most important message of Jesus in all the gospels concerning Law should be arguably the most important message for any official of a claimed Christian or Western Society?

Guess what? It is relatively easy to identify the most important passage concerning law in all four gospels and it is found within the Sermon on the Mount at Matthew 7: 12, where Jesus said in conclusion, "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law of the prophets." (KJV), – that “all are equal under the law” or “do unto others as it may be done to you”. As you know, we call this the Golden Rule of Law.

Within the very context of this most important and significant verse we see Jesus identify the Law as having been consistently taught by the prophets from time immemorial.  In other words the concept that the Golden Rule of Law was historically accepted at the time of Jesus and previous was indicated by what Jesus said, “…for this is the law of the prophets” and is memorialized in this verse within the Gospel of Matthew to stand as the beacon for the foundation and benchmark of ALL LAW.

What is true Justice?

Lets take another example to see another key benchmark in Law- the foundational concept of Justice: For example, someone dressed in robes can sit in a high chair above all others in a chamber and claim they are the only honorable man or woman in good standing within such a registry.

Of course, a name plaque doesn’t make a man a judge and robes or being deliberately elevated above everyone else does not make a woman a justice or magistrate. These are theatrical diversions and grotesque illusions at law and have nothing to do with true law or Justice. 

Only a man or woman, who pledges a sacred oath in good faith, good character and good conscience to perform the obligations of an Office can be a true Officer of Law.  That is not simply an indisputable and absolute fact that has been present in every civilized society until the past 150 years, it is also a logical act. It is the oath or vow done with the right intention that creates the Office – not some stupid piece of paper, or dressing up in robes, or being endorsed by some secret society.

The very fact that a judge or magistrate refuses to disclose any proof of their oath of office; the very fact that justices in England and British Dominions attend the Red Mass to disavow and abjure all oaths against themselves is a blatant ritual proving they have absolutely no authority under the law, except by force or intimidation or fear. The fact that some judges even perform the Kol Nidre Prayer is proof they have no clue that they do not hold any Office of a Judge because their complete stupidity and sacrilege before heaven, destroyed the binding that created such Office.

You don’t need to be a legal expert to live your life in respect, in honesty, in courage and enthusiasm and compassion. You don’t need to sign up for some legal remedy on the internet to discover the founding principles of justice is to simply be a decent man or woman. Not to seek revenge. Not to abuse and misuse the law for personal gain. Nor to be fearful against pirates and imposters.

Justice is in essence the proper administration of Rights by Officers of the Law. So now we have considered the Office component and the fact that the existing system you face has no true office holders, lets have a look at Rights.

If you haven’t already gone and had a look at the Covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum on the site One-Heaven.Org., then go and have a look at the subject of Rights – particularly those rights bestowed to you by the Divine Creator which can never be taken away, or lost or sold or surrendered. Then go and have a look at the blogs I did earlier this year on the issue of Rights and the fact that these Private Bar Guilds created all kinds of bizarre pseudo rights for themselves in complete contradiction to the Golden Rule of Law.

No one can steal or purchase your soul. People who keep pushing that crap really have got to get a better con-artist routine – because people will eventually read and hear and realize it is the same fear mongering and bullshit that has kept the existing system running for centuries.

Now if you want benchmarks on Rights, then go and read the Declaration of Independence, or the Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights. These documents are supposed to still be the foundation stones and benchmarks of their own system. Yet they do not honor them, or follow anywhere near the intent of these instruments.

What is true Procedure?

Let’s take another example of foundations and benchmarks, being procedure: For example, how can someone be considered guilty until the charge be proven? To render someone guilty just by the mere accusation is the height of absurdity and flies in the face of all fair process of law for thousands of years.

And yet, this principle is behind every speeding ticket, every parking fine, every charge before a magistrates court since the changes to Justice and the operation of the courts in the mid 19th century and then streamlined at the end of the 19th century.

The mere processing of a charge by someone holding some official status, usually by some kind of “letter of marque” is enough for the commercial wheels of law to start processing away on the assumption one is guilty unless we prove some extenuating circumstances – and even then it is more akin to an appeal than it is a case of negative averment of disproving the accusation.

Think about it for a second- there is absolutely no fairness in procedure if one is already considered guilty before the evidence of the charge has even been entered or heard or tested. Not even the alleged witches of Salem faced such tyranny – The Witch Trials of Salem were a veritable case study in high jurisprudence compared to modern American courts. I'm not being funny. I am being serious. The burning of witches hundreds of years ago at least gave the accused several opportunities to deny and defend themselves. In contrast most people get no change in modern commercial courts in America today to properly defend themselves.

The turning point when all law became procedure in Western-Roman Courts is toward the end of the 19th Century in 1875 with the Supreme Court Procedures Act (36&37Vict. c.77which introduced a whole new concept of how the lower courts were to operate.

No longer was a Judge or Justice of Admiralty or Common Law to sit in a chamber. Instead, it was to be a Registrar of Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Causes and the Court was merely to be a Registry. That the strength of the paperwork was supposed to determine the validity of the charges.

The Registrar of Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Causes pretending to be a judge was to have the powers of Admiralty as well as the Privy Council and even the Archbishop of Canterbury at their disposal. But their job was not to judge the guilt or innocence of the accused but to weigh up all the documentation to decide how the matter might be enjoined in the court rolls – either in favour of the prosecution or the defense.

In other words a debt was created under this new procedure identified in the issue roll and all that the registrar had to determine was who had to pay it and any other penalties. Hence all law became commercial.

Have a look at the act (36&37Vict. c.77). It is an incredible piece of history.  It is the origin of all Federal Court Procedures and Rules. It is the first time that the modern procedures of the courts were defined, where debate and substance of law became irrelevant and procedure became everything. Law only becomes relevant again under appeal. The Registrar pretending to be a judge or justice or magistrate has no authority to give detailed opinions of the merits of the law, even though some of them over the decades now fancy themselves as jurists.

You are facing Pirates that don’t even follow their own Pirate Codes

Now remember the mantra of the remedy sellers and Internet law gurus that promise “there is remedy, only if you follow the proper procedure” – well, the 1875 Judicature Act (36&37Vict. c.77is the birthplace of all procedure in their courts from that point on. All of it. So let’s compare the original framework of procedures from Westminster for the Private Bar Guild Courts and then compare them to modern rules and procedures of courts operating as for profit businesses – what do you see?

In one sense you see the continuation of the same basic form as proof of its origin and the origin of authority. But in another sense you also see that the modern corporate model of making money from crime through Privately controlled courts is out of control- because many courts have abandoned even these basic procedures of authority from the 19th century.

Modern courts don’t worry about issues of enjoinment at the end- they do it at the beginning and they don’t even worry about misjoinder as a fatal flaw- A misjoinder – that is a deliberate or mistaken failure to properly enjoin the parties is no obstacle to modern courts ploughing through to make money.

Just to be clear. The whole procedure of modern Western Law is about who owes the debt and therefore who is enjoined to the roll recording the issue. So when the modern courts simply ignore that step, they are ignoring and abusing and corrupting the most essential and fundamental concept of the 1875 Procedures act (36&37Vict. c.77. Again, go and have a look at the dozens of pages of examples at the back of the act, designed to instruct and teach the Law Pirates how to behave. The modern courts are so broken, they have thrown all that out the window.

Nor is the absence of affidavits from the prosecution or proper grand jury indictments, or proper signatures any obstacle to the money making machine that are the modern courts.  These are not minor details and flaws- these are fundamental flaws in the procedural operation of Pirate Justice and the fact that the courts still condemn and destroy the lives of people without these steps being followed is proof that the Pirates now don’t even follow their own Pirate Codes.

So lets get it clear now.  Because as I said this blog is not about confusing people but hopefully making it completely clear – None of the courts in the Western-Roman Law honor the Golden Rule of Law, nor do the judges or justices or magistrates occupy any proper office under any form of proper oaths nor do they even care to follow their own procedures anymore.

So what can we do if there is no law, no justice or fair process?

This is where people get despondent and in a sense still rush off and sometimes do really stupid things. Because they still need to save their home, or get access to their children, or save their business, or defeat some enemy using the courts as a weapon. 

So a paradox emerges because on the one hand there is all the evidence supporting our discussion and yet there are all these rumors and claims that people actually did win, or did succeed. So in a way it almost causes people to doubt the very foundations and benchmarks we discussed as being true.

For example, why do you never hear a remedy guru or Internet law salesman ever mention the Golden Rule of Law? Why?  I mean it is so fundamental. Also, why do people, once they hear it, often simply ignore it? Because people are desperate and are prepared in many cases to do anything that people tell them in the small hope they can save their home, or their wealth or their children from the pirates.

The only answer I have found in more than 21 years of research and in reading all of their statutes from 1216 to the present day and most acts of congress and acts of parliament of Australia is knowledge and competence. The answer is knowledge and competence. Once you know what something is, then you can move forward. 

For example, if you read the 1875 Procedure Act, then you can see once and for all how their procedures are supposed to work – because this act is as much a training manual for the Private Bar Guilds formed across the world around the same time; and

If you go and read Article 69 of Positive Law, then you will know what Rights are about; and Article 17 about Person and Article 101 about Mortgage.

Once you read and become more knowleagable about even the corrupt system of non-law of the present Western-Roman system, you can start to see how this knowledge can help form opportunities for relief and remedy such as Article 98 of Fiduciary Law and Affidavits and how they work and Article 5 of Fiduciary Law on Trustee as well as Article 23 on Registers and Article 24 on Rolls and Article 33 on Records.

This is painstaking knowledge gleaned over years of research that is given to you without charge on the condition that you act honorably, sensibly and stop being stupid by following or believing the never ending flow of bullshit claimed remedies and relief on the Internet.

To be clear – the only true relief and remedy in a world of Pirates is Knowledge and Competence. That is it. 

Thank you

Finally, there is a path forward beyond the steep level of reading and learning and it is the hope that communities based on respect of the Golden Rule of Law of true Justice and the Rights we have discussed are formed.

Beyond even the idea of just Grand Juries to the idea of autonomous and self governing communities that recognize the unique value and rights of each and every man and woman.  This is the basis of the Ucadia Campus model and from next week I am very excited after all these years to begin sharing with you more information on this.

So to all who continue to support Ucadia and help keep it going, thank you! Thank you for your support and trust and I look forward after all this time to being able to speak about the positive of being the ones we’ve been waiting for in enacting communities that respect the Golden Rule of Law and reclaiming our Rights and Dignity.

Cheers Frank.


Ucadia and 10 Practical Tips to a more Joyful and Abundant Existence

Published: [ Wed 27th Aug, 2014 ]

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Hello and this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 27th August 2014 and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to this week’s blog which is entitled “10 Practical Tips to a more joyful and abundant existence”.

First, to those who might be new to reading or listening to the Ucadia blog, let me say that I am definitely not about to try and sell you some steak knives, or some time-share package or my latest book, or some other useless self help accessory. 

Second, to those who are regular readers and listeners, let me reassure you – I have not finally succumbed to the superficiality and nihilism of “new age mass marketing”.  Instead, I have chosen this topic for a number of very specific reasons.

To begin, when people first come to Ucadia, there is often the complaint that it is a bit like trying to find your way through a labyrinth in the dark, without a flashlight. It is probably why so many come and have a brief look and then move on, rather than stay.  That is not their fault. That is my fault in the degree of difficulty in navigating through the various layers of knowledge.

Yet another issue is the complexity and levels of details of some topics such as the 3 part series on the true history of America a few weeks ago. So when people do take the time to read Ucadia, or look at such texts as Lebor Clann Glas, or Yapa it can create more questions than it answers.

So while I was getting over a cold last week, I sat down and thought about some of the points of wisdom we have discussed in previous blogs and in individual conversations. Not just big ticket items of awareness, but the kind of reminders that are helpful on a day to day basis living in this world currently run by bat-shit crazy elite lunatics we call the Amoricans, or the Khazar-Bankers, or the Dutch-Euro Slave Trade Families.

In a few moments, I had a list of ten practical tips. Here they are:

1. Switch Off Mainstream News Media.

2. Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

3. Return the guilt and negative obligations imposed on you by others.

4. Start a dream board and start filling in the gaps.

5. Numbers need a purpose. Write down your budget and keep to it.

6. Give a little thanks each and every day.

7. Save a few slices for yourself before you try and feed anyone else.

8. Smile, the fate of the world doesn’t rest on top of your shoulders – but in your heart.

9. Remember each day you are already immortal. But everyday as a man or woman is a blessing.

10. Know with absolute certainty: you are more because you are you. The world is more because of you. Not less.

Now, some of these you may have heard before and some you may not. Some of the list you may agree with and some you may feel are more important that I have left off.  In any event, let me go through each of these ten tips and see what they mean exactly and how they relate and benefit us toward a state of joy and abundance.

1. Switch Off Mainstream News Media

There is probably no better example I can think of in recent weeks than the tragic story of the American Journalist apparently executed by video by the American and British trained fanatics in Iraq and Syria this week to demonstrate the mindless, soul-less propaganda machine that is the mainstream news media.

Once the story was released, virtually every following night in the mainstream news channels, the new editors and advertising executives and friends of the government found some gratuitous excuse to show clips, or stills of the video again and again – as if somehow their playbook from the film Clockwork Orange, or Wag The Dog, or other writings about mind control, still work.

For me, it was the last straw. I switched off the six o’clock news, after giving up on the shallow crap that the newspapers had become last year. That was it for me.

It turns out that I am not in a minority. More and more people are getting their news from sources such as and through friends and other methods of filtering than mainstream news and news channels. CNN- the classic textbook in Manchurian candidate type news broadcasts is a dead and dying hulk of a once grant propaganda kingdom. The same seems to be the case with other major news services like BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX News. 

For some, switching off from witnessing endless streaming of lies, propaganda, and desperate mind control might be easy. Yet I am part of a generation where the television news was a constant, a touchstone of daily routine and life. Yes, many stories did not seem right- but it was part of the social fabric. Not anymore. 

Yet instead of the bat-shit crazy elite realizing that the standard fare of vomit and horror no longer works, the news media has gone the other way and become even more gratuitous and absurd in presenting its material.  Fox News for example almost constantly plays the theme music from the exorcist every few hours when talking about the Obama Administration, deliberately using grays and reds and lighting flashes to evoke Armageddon like worry.  To put it into perspective, the comedian Jon Stewart and his Daily Show program is now considered real and fair and balanced news compared to these other clowns on these media networks – a comedian is considered the conservative measure of news media today! What does that tell you?

So do yourself a favor if you have not done so already. Switch off the mainstream news media once and for all. Get your information direct from people like or through your friends and other social media and get all that noise and fear mongering and propaganda and horror images crap out of your mind.

2. Stop worrying about what other people think of you

This second tip is one of those logical, easy to say type phrases that probably all of us have heard during our lives. But when it comes to the reality of actually applying it, then it becomes much harder.

For example, for most of my life until the last ten years, I would say I fell into the category of being a “people pleaser” – that is someone who cared deeply what others thought of me. Which is kind of funny, considering in many respects I went out of my way to upset certain relatives and did not fully appreciate and respect the care needed in certain relationships. Nonetheless, as a “people pleaser” I was quick to say “yes”, instead of “let me get back to you” or “sorry, no, I can’t”. And I was definitely sensitive to what people thought about me.

So thank goodness for the internet! Social media has in a sense cured me! At first, the occasional malicious and deliberately false comment about Frank O’Collins hurt. But over time, as I reflected on what the values of Ucadia espouse- especially on the right of everyone to express their opinion – that part of me – the “people pleaser” – finally came to realize that not only can’t you control the way people think, but it is natural that certain people will not like you and others will see you as some kind of horned beast.

If you are on any kind of social media site, or any part of the internet, then you are open season for someone who may want to poke fun, or attack simply for the sport of it, or because they genuinely don’t like what they think you are, or even how they feel you have dealt with them in the past. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Sure, some countries have instituted anti-bullying laws and there are even laws in several countries now that have taken slander on the internet and brought it back into the mainstream courts to show that bloggers need to be careful what they say, because they can be sued or worse if such behaviour is deemed criminal.

Yet, I find even in the past couple of years that personal attacks or deliberately false and defaming material should not be the subject of some heavy hand of censorship, but accepted as the cost of a free voice and that in a sense, can even be helpful in getting out of the collective “hive mind” where we become fixated on what others think or are saying about us.

Sure, I occasionally “Google” the word Ucadia or even my name to see what is popping up from time to time. But my day, my week and my life is no longer dominated in anyway by worrying what people think about me or are saying about me.

Now that may sound easy relative to someone who is a lot younger and maybe still in college or university or school where the social media world and the real world are basically inter connected- where a comment on social media instantly broadcasts it to your colleagues and has an immediate and real time effect in the school yard. Add to that the process of being a teenager and all the emotions and new journey of finding yourself and I can only begin to imagine the absolute trauma and agony that a few key strokes of hate can cause someone else.

But here is the thing – even in such extreme circumstances as the trauma of negative social media to a young mind – it can be seen as either a negative or a positive. If one wishes to be a worker bee in a hive, then yes what the hive says and thinks matters. Like being the only robot with a personality in a robot assembly line. Like Wall-e or any other types of movies of the animated drone compared to a world of zombies. Or, those things that make us feel isolated actually help us grow the necessary protective skin needed to go out into the unknown and the uncertain world beyond the hive and maybe make some kind of positive difference.

Sadly, for some – the pressure of cyber bullying and worrying what people think about them crushes them. But for others, it ends up being a liberating experience – one that helps them become free of years of expensive mind control programming to be a loyal mindless drone, an obedient slave. So I am grateful then to all those who have lied, who have written the falsities and vitriol- because in my case I no longer suffer any of the stresses of the hive mind.

3. Return the guilt and negative obligations imposed on you by others

The notion of energy vampires – people through phone calls, letters and face to face contact that impose themselves, or threaten or demand from you, usually under duress – to steal your energy, actually took some time to see.

As I mentioned, as a quasi-people pleaser, in my life I had been quick to respond to such demands, only to wonder that after helping, or writing, or doing that, I felt less, I felt drained and not more. It did not make sense- when you are supposed to help people, then you are supposed to feel better for being so selfless right? So why then did I, or did you feel like crap after you helped those relatives, or friends or strangers?

Now, I’ve read all kinds of self-help and self-actualization works in the past, as I am sure many of you have also. And time-to-time these books offer all kinds of unhelpful advice as to this real world experience of actually feeling like crap in responding to such demands of our time and energy. But what almost none of these books did was answer for me the underlying principle- that NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE has the right to take your energy without your permission and consent.

If you forget the superficial way in which the energy vampire may approach us for the moment and look at the dynamic- then you can see that the unhelpful neighbour, or relative, or frenemy, or work colleague or stranger is actually trying to force you into an energy contract where you surrender and give that energy to them, in having to write responses, or go to court, or perform that chore, or do those extra emails or reports, or whatever the imposition implies.

That sick feeling you get maybe even for an instant, before you surrender or smile and say yes, or respond – that is your own energy system warning you that an energy vampire is in your midst.  Almost all of us get this kind of early warning that we are about to have the energy and life force of our day- sucked out of us by this energy vampire in our midst. So how do you address such situations? 

First, accept the fact that an energy vampire is not a permanent state, but a temporary state that people may operate within and we can all be energy vampires on others. Second accept that when someone – even someone we love dearly – is in such a taking mode, then there is no “easy way” of extracting yourself out of the situation. The bossy and bullying work colleague is not going to say “oh thank you for saying no. I am sorry for being a lazy shit”. No, they are more likely to first try and redouble their efforts and if they fail, leave one final parting steaming of “word turds” in your patch.

This is why we discussed the people-pleaser tip first. Because people pleasers are easy marks for energy vampires. They are basically the 7-elevens for all those people, too selfish, too hung up on proclaiming themselves to be “victims” or just plain lazy to tap in and get on with their lives. The only way to stop an energy vampire is to say no. No crucifixes, or chants or holy water- just two simple letters - NO.

Now, at first it probably won’t seem all that positive, given energy vampires have a way of trying to make us fell like the worst people in the world for saying no. But soon, what you will find is that you have more energy, you have more time – to do the things that you want to do.

It is why I say to people who come to me on the email as energy vampires, no, I am sorry I cannot spend a day paraphrasing Ucadia for you. That is your journey. I cannot accept your burden of trials of life. That is your journey. I will gladly direct you to information, but it is your choice to read and absorb, not for me to hold your hand.

4. Start a dream board and start filling in the gaps

This particular tip has been said in many different ways and has sold for the authors millions of books. It is the principle of self-actualization.  But in this case and context, the message is much more serious.

Simply, if you give up on your dreams, then in a sense you give up on life.  You can be completely intellectual and even someone that others love to be around, but because of that gap, the inevitable downside of depression or sadness can have a far deeper consequence.

Having a dream is a passion. It is a yearning – a deep feeling. It is a drive, a hunger, a zest. Now, when I say Dream Board, some may think of the classic self-actualization idea of business schools in terms of a dream house, or a dream car or a dream yacht or a dream girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.  Sure, they are all perfectly fine ideals. And while some may poo-poo the simplistic idea of cutting out pictures and placing them on a cork board or any other kind of board prominent in your room, or home office or other place of reflection – they are no less worthy.

Yet the Dream Board may also include other ideas, less possession orientated – it might be places to travel before we leave the earth, or films to watch or books to read, or projects to complete. Or it might be the actualization of a better community or street or united family.  Whatever your dream or dreams, they are your dreams and no less worthy than any other.

5. Numbers need a purpose. Write down your budget and keep to it

As to moving from dreams to seeing dreams come true, there is the issue of numbers.  How many times have you heard the response – if only I had the money?

Money is many things, but at one level money is merely numbers with a purpose in which we trust and measure the value of our activity. Think about that phrase again for a second:

+ Numbers with a purpose

+ Numbers with a purpose we trust

+ A trusted measure of the value of our activity

Sure, money is also a means of exchange and a store of value. But in the context of our lives, these aspects as to trusted purpose and a measure of value of our own activity- money is far more powerful.

If you measure your activity against a low number; and If you constrain your outlook by low numbers, then guess what – this is in all probability what is going to happen. In the other extreme, if you use numbers beyond the practical, then you are also failing to grasp the power of making numbers manifest the dream.

Frankly, you should never measure your time in the first instance with the numbers of fiat money you have in your hand – but in your own value within reality- call them units for example. Plan them out and consider a budget- attaching numbers to specific energy and actions.

6. Give a little thanks each and every day

Now some of these final tips, I won’t spend too much time on, because they are so self evident and yet so profound.  One of these is to give a little thanks each day.

It is similar to the idea to trying to live in the present and the seven virtues of Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Cheerfulness and Wisdom.  You can see them in Article 9 of any of the Ucadia Union web sites.

Anyway, the point of giving thanks is just that.  Not some long winded petition for more abundance, or any other prayer, Just a daily acknowledgment that you are aware how precious life is. That’s all. Making it part of your daily routine – even if some days you feel like you are going through the motions – that’s fine. Because there will be days when you really mean it.

In any event, it is a touchstone that connects us to our spirit and those spirits and minds that keep an eye out for us and try to help us to say- hey, I may not always think of you, or say your name. But thanks. I know you are there, looking out for me.

7. Save a few slices for yourself before you try and feed anyone else

Now, as I said, some of these are so self evident and so timeless, that I am not going to spend a lot of time discussing the merits of the point.  This is one of them. It is also one that I have constantly had to remind myself.

There is no point trying to help the world if you cannot help yourself. It has to be some kind of balance. Imbalance, extreme behaviour, no matter how noble it claims itself to be, never helps in the long run. Balance is the key. Balance is the key to sustainability and harmony.

If you don’t look after yourself, then you can’t look after anyone else.  There is nothing selfish about that. It is pure common sense.

8. Smile, the fate of the world doesn’t rest on top of your shoulders – but in your heart

The idea of smiling is not new. People have tried to encourage others to smile and even tried international smiling days as well as the famous buttons and t-shirts. But like birthday cards and Christmas cards, the idea of a genuine smile never goes out of fashion.

I don’t mean a cheesy grin, or looking like you are stoned, but a sunny disposition. A positive disposition. Not the fake smile of a sale person but the gentleness toward the world.

Now yes, there are plenty of energy vampires and trolls that might see such a disposition and mistake it for a people pleaser or someone who is weak.  That is because many mistake kindness for weakness, which it is not.  I am simply saying that do not let the attitudes of others impinge upon your day. A smile is living proof that no amount of propaganda and fear mongering and threats can cause you to waste this precious gift of life.

9. Remember each day you are already immortal. But everyday as a man or woman is a blessing

As to this point, I mentioned it two weeks ago.  But it really is an essential and practical tip. You are already immortal and you can never die.  That is a fact. It is indisputable and if someone wants to get into a heated argument with you about the non-existence of heaven or the non-existence of a Divine Creator, tell them to find someone who cares to listen- because those arguments are completely irrelevant – and there is no purpose in arguing with ignorant people.

You are immortal because your mind is ethereal- it is non-locational – it is not constrained by form, or substance. Life is a dream. Everything around you are layers of illusion. It does not make life any less significant or our experiences within the dream by less real. Hopefully, it makes our appreciation of the fragility of physical existence in this form for this particular experience more valuable and precious to respect.  You have probably already lived several lives and will definitely live more. Remembering the previous carnations of your higher mind is not the point of this life. Nor is fearing death.

The fear of death has been the most valuable weapon of the ruling elite and Illuminati – I don’t mean the current crop of bat-shit crazy lunatics employed as political leaders, bankers and military generals – I mean the ones above them – the elite families.  It is a poorly kept secret for centuries that the elite of the Roman Cult that hijacked the Catholic Church always believed reincarnation was possible for their own, just limited to those they viewed as mere animals. So they hid it from view. They made people fear death and fear they only have one life and one life only.  Incredibly, instead of valuing life, people seemed to waste such a life – because the more they were educated, the more they considered such a model of existence as futile.

You are immortal. Your mind is immortal. You can never die. If you still doubt this truth, then please read Journey of UCA. Please read Journey of Self and take time to deconstruct the notion until finally that Mundi Mind Virus and programming that is preventing you from seeing the truth is gone.

10. Know with absolute certainty you are more because you are you. The world is more because of you. Not less

Finally, know with certainty- don’t believe – know it as a fact that you are more because you are you.  There are lots of things I would like to do before I die. Being a Divine Being is nothing, compared to the incredible experiences every day of being carnated in flesh as a Homo Sapien.

Thank You

To all who continue to help, to support and donate to help support Ucadia - Thank You! In the coming weeks, I look forward to updating you all on the progress of the canons and the Ucadia Model. Until next week, please be safe be well.