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Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 2 And the Origin of the Species and Source of Elite Power

Published: [ Wed 25th Feb, 2015 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for listening and reading part 2 of the 3 part series entitled Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite.

If you have not already had the opportunity to listen to part 1 of this series, that I recorded and wrote last week entitled “Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?” then I encourage you to listen to it first, before embarking on listening and reading part 2. Even if you did read and listen to part 1 last week, it might be worthwhile reviewing it first, before the blog and audio tonight – as there is a lot to get through and I want to make sure as best I can that there is absolutely no confusion or possible mixed messages that come from this material.

Regarding possible confusion or questions arising from part 1 of this three part series starting last week, a number of you followed up with me and posted on the blog some questions about the so called “Collins Elite” as well as an obvious question that if all this knowledge revealed is to be trusted, then why am I still breathing and not some ghost of history past? While I added a brief postscript at the end of the blog last week, I will take the time to address these and other questions you asked about part 1 of this series first before we get into the body of detail of part 2 of the blog tonight.

Tonight, the topic is called “Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – And the Origin of the Species and Source of Elite Power”. Tonight, is about trying to make sense of how the Illuminati and the Global Elite came to possess so much power? What are the underlying keys to such power? And have the Illuminati and the Global Elite always been in such a position of power as they claim? Or is there a hidden history that might make better sense of how this all came to be and exactly who and what they are?

Given we identified exactly who is who and what is what last week in relation to the Illuminati and the Global Elite as an Elite Corporate Network tied to an Elite Families Network and an Elite “Off World” Network, I hope you agree that the next series of logical questions should be focused around exactly how these groups came to be in such positions of extreme power and influence and why?

There is a lot to cover in this audio and blog tonight, so I hope you can keep track as we progress through it all; providing we can make sense of these questions around how the Illuminati and Global Elite came to assume power and what are the secrets behind their claimed power? Then in the final part of this 3 part series we can take the time to reflect on how this affects us and how we might also be able to overcome their madness?

So before we start tonight, let me answer some of the outstanding questions from last week that some of you raised.

The Greys as the “Off-World Network” and the Cockroaches of the Universe

The first point from last week that I want to cover right up front is the issue of the Greys or more formally the Griseo Morbidus (Standard Greys) and the Griseo Altus (Tall Greys), as the force behind the “Off World” Network element within the Global Elite of this planet.

Despite scientists being dragged kicking and screaming out of their flat world mindset and heliocentric view of the Universe into accepting that planets – gas giants and metal planets – are a natural feature in the formation of solar systems across the Universe; and despite the fact that there have been now many hundreds of discoveries of planets and likely to be discoveries of tens of thousands in the years to come; and despite the fact that the natural pattern of hydro-carbon chains and the formation of molecules is proven to be a natural feature across of the universe – our governments and religious organizations continue to play games with us, in officially refusing to accept the existence of higher order life elsewhere in the universe.

In our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy alone of around 30,000 light years in diameter, there is over one hundred billion solar systems – like a giant version of your brain, with the solar systems representing neurons of intelligence and consciousness, melded together like cells in interconnected interstellar space that rotates collectively at an average of 200km per second! Now, midst all those interconnected stellar systems, some stars are going through major transformation making life around the central star impossible, while conditions for life around the secondary new star or tertiary star are still too early in the process. For example when our sun loses its remaining hydrogen to Jupiter and becomes a red giant causing the extinction of life on earth, at least 2 of the moons of Jupiter will become the cradle for the next generation of life upon the birth of our second sun, Jupiter in about a billion years from now. Despite such limits, the number of planets or large moons capable of providing life conditions are in the many hundreds of millions - yes hundreds of millions in our galaxy alone.

Within just a few thousand light years of our solar system there is not just one higher order species apart from Homo Sapiens (Humanity) and Griseo Morbidus (Standard Greys) and the Griseo Altus (Tall Greys), but dozens of different higher order species, the most notable: Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids), the Android Scitus (Smart Androids), the Cyborg Sagax (Autonomous Cyborgs), the Serpens Sophos (Smooth Skinned Reptoids), the Volucris Permuto (Hybrid Bird Forms) the Homo Adamus (Early Humanoids), the Sapientia Mutatis (Transformed Wisdom Beings), the Mammaloid Sentientiae (Conscious Mammaloids) and the Serpens Alatus (Winged Reptoids) – all possessing DNA in some form and arrangement as the universal building block of life.

Now if you feel this is over simplistic or wonder how this knowledge could possibly be known, I will answer the first point now and the second point in a few moments. For the first point please go and read The Journey of UCA and the Journey of Self on Ucadia as a start in getting a sense of how this universal dream might hold together. 

The next issue I want to address regarding the Griseo Morbidus (Standard Greys) and the Griseo Altus (Tall Greys) is the massive mistake in assuming that just because these species have existed longer than Homo Sapiens or Homo Robustus or Homo Habilis or Homo Prometheus on planet Earth that this automatically makes them smarter and more enlightened. That is the fatal mistake of the Global Elite in thinking that just because these cockroaches of the Universe drive fancy flying machines and have fancy tools and weapons and telepathic powers that they are immeasurably more advanced than Homo Sapiens. It is absolute and complete rubbish.

The simple fact is that the only reason Homo Sapiens alive today are unable to access even greater telepathic powers than these galactic slave traders, merchants and bankers is because we have been cursed with an array of knowledge systems that limit our peak cognitive function at around 10%, whereas telepathy kicks in at approximately 20 to 30% and ability to move matter at approximately 40 to 50% of synchronized and unified brain function. So as much as the Illuminati and Global Elite dream of having such powers- their worship of stupidity and lies and false models of science condemn them to function at approximately 1 to 3% of synchronized and unified brain function – or borderline extinction levels for a higher order life form.

In contrast, the Ucadia Language systems I mentioned last week, that will be launched this year will transform human consciousness well beyond the abilities of the Greys: the first being Psygos as a three-dimension purely symbolic language of reasoning, learning, thought and wisdom; and the second being Logos a two dimensional visual and spoken language based on common phoneme elements crossing multiple languages to produce the most efficient, clear and consistent expression of meaning.

You see, the Ucadia Language Systems condenses all the knowledge of Ucadia down into symbols and structures with meaning. Millions of web pages and ideas into a comprehensive model of thought, intention and relation.

Logos alone will expand the abilities of the user to a synchronized and unified brain function of well above 10% to 15% and effectively the smartest members of the species to have ever existed since the time of Homo Prometheus.

Yet Psygos as a three-dimension purely symbolic language of reasoning, learning, thought and wisdom will change our species forever and enable young children that learn such systems from the beginning to reach synchronized and unified brain function breaking through the 20 to 30% level by the age of 4 – In other words, a generation that will acquire genuine telepathic powers.

Meanwhile, the Greys have kept a terrible secret apart from their hatred of life and absolute fear of death – it is the fact that they simply do not know how much of the technology, that they use works, because they did not make it – they simply acquired it as merchants and slave traders and bankers often do.

To put it into perspective – do you own a car that is less than 8 years old? When was the last time you opened the bonnet and looked at the engine? For many of us that use modern cars, not only are they run by computers and electronics now that are impossibly complex for backyard mechanics, but they have become so reliable that many of us have never actually opened up the engine hood for months, or in some cases if at all. That is the terrible secret of the Greys.

These cockroaches of the Universe may be the most obsessed in conquering new worlds and exploitation of rare earth minerals and manipulating species to create slave workers, but as far as imagination and knowledge is concerned, they wouldn’t have a clue. The Illuminati and the Global Elite are exactly the same. You see they think by simply holding the weapons and using the physical tools of war and terror, that this is the primary lever of power. In fact it is not – knowledge of the universe and conscious alignment of thought and intention is the most powerful force in the Universe and I will prove it to you right now.

OK, so last week I went through a long laundry list of what Ucadia is about – exposing the lies, the disinformation of those who don’t want you to read and want you to remain a slave within the Mundi Mind Virus Model. One of the elements I mentioned was the Ucadia Patents and specifically the patent and diagrams of the Ucadia Hydro-Helio Model of Atomic Elements. I know it is a long sounding name and maybe you have not had a good look at it yet. But let me explain the relevance of this particular patent, acknowledged and published and gazetted 9 years ago, born in part from insights first published in the Journey of UCA more than 15 years ago.

Think about all the money and time and resources that have gone into building the Large Hadron Collider – billions and billions of dollars and tens of thousands of the best and brightest – all hoping to unlock the secrets of the Universe in relation to matter. In every Chemistry textbook around the world is the Periodic Table of Atomic Elements as the cornerstone knowledge of all Chemistry, all Industry and the entire Industrial-Military Complex.

Yet for all the money spent finding this information, not one scientist – not one has ever come up with a satisfactory explanation for why mass is mass?  Sure they can point to the Periodic Table of Elements and explain that Hydrogen generally has a mass of 1 and Carbon has a mass ranging from 12 to 14 – But why?  So when you look at the models of atomic nuclei still published in text books you find the “mixed marble” model still exists of a jumble of protons and neutrons all shoved together – as if size is still the only thing that matters.

Yet, after basing a model of all the laws of the universe on the idea that life is a dream and that you are immortal and that you are no slave, we come in the Ucadia Model to the fourth level of matter or Atoms and make the bold statement that all atomic cores greater than Hydrogen and Helium can be made from combinations of Hydrogen and Helium atoms and simpler atomic cores. In other words, it is nature’s recipe index to building more complex atomic structures that may have the same mass, but because they are constructed from different ingredients, they have different personalities and will behave vastly differently. Have a look at the drawings and actual diagrams of the cores of atoms and tables of atomic elements in the patent.

Now, if I was wrong and life is not a dream according to rules, or that Awareness does not Loves Life, or that you are not immortal, or that the Illuminati and Global Elite really are geniuses and that is why they control the planet, then the error rate in determining the mass of atomic elements should be huge. You should be able to drive a truck through such conclusions. Instead the error rate of the Ucadia Hydro-Helio Atomic Matrix compared to the Periodic Table of Elements in describing the mass and characteristics and features of atoms is zero. Zero! Do you realize what this means? It means that a model derived from pure thought, without access to such multi-billion dollar toys as the Large Hadron Collider, but formed out of a pokey little office is better able to describe the scientific laws of the Universe than all the papers, books and theories of the loyal slaves to the Illuminati and Global Elite working in their laboratories, weapons plants and universities.

Over the last two decades, I can’t tell you how many times I have met scientists and shown them this knowledge embedded in plain sight within the Ucadia Model and received nothing but a blank look of complete lunacy and stupidity – as if they heard nothing. Not one senior scientist in any of the Illuminati and Global Elite or universities and weapons plants has treated this knowledge seriously. Instead, I have occasionally had the mad ranting of some undergraduate using the reductio ad absurdum argument that because I make a grammar mistake, all of it is wrong. Come on! I have a much more precise model of the Hydro-Helio Atomic Matrix today, but as you can see on the topics we are discussing, I am busy working on other things at the moment.

So there is tangible proof for you that the Greys as the cockroaches of the Universe and their sycophantic followers in the Illuminati and Global Elite haven’t got a real clue about the universe and as far as I can tell, and don’t want to know – because they have created such iron clad and water tight feedback loops – nothing gets through but the reverberations of their own voice echoing to themselves and their loyal slaves how great and all powerful and all brilliant they are, as they continue to lose touch with any semblance of reality.

That is why I call the Greys cockroaches – because that is the level of their intelligence and desire of obtaining knowledge – they tinker, they tamper, but at the end of the day, they have little to no knowledge of the deeper levels of consciousness of this Universe. Meanwhile the Collins Elite and others still hang out in hope of receiving new weapons of power and other forms of tools of destruction from these galactic con-artists.

The Cuilliaéan and the Collins Elite

This brings me then to the question of the Cuilliaéan and the Collins Elite. I made the mistake of not qualifying the point when I said that the Collins Elite claim world domination as the overseer slaves to the Grey con-artists. What I should have said is that is what they think and how the elite of the American Military-Industrial Complex presently think – but it is not universally accepted, because it is not universally known across all branches of the Illuminati and Global Elite.

A few weeks ago, I did any article entitled “In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God” where I rubbished the use of the label “Collins Elite” in reference to some alleged group out of the CIA crossing over with research of demons, etc. Now last week, the point I tried to make is that there is a group, originating out of Ireland and connected to a very old bloodline called the Cuilliaéan that I call the “Collins Elite” in respect of the United States.  If you want to know more about the origins of this bloodline, then please read the Book of the Green Race – Lebor Clan Glas.

Anyway, if anyone has ever felt that I have spoken or written in such a manner to impute or imply that a man or woman by virtue of blood, or circumstance, or family or culture is somehow better or worse, or good or bad, then I am sorry you have such a mistaken and false impression. Such conclusions run contrary to the entire purpose of Ucadia that no one is greater or lesser than another. Why do you think I have continued to mention the Golden Rule of Law over and over and over again in dozens of articles and blogs? Because no one can claim some kind of blood right or birth right to rule, especially not an ancient family of priests that have done as much to keep the world imprisoned as they have occasionally woken up to their own stupidity and actually done something positive.

Frank O’Collins and the Illuminati and Global Elite

Finally, the point raised from last week about if Frank O’Collins does possess such knowledge, then why haven’t the Illuminati and Global Elite done something to silence him – the answer is simple. They think I am an idiot, a lunatic, a nut-job. That is how they roll. For example, I have an uncle who is both the most senior living Jesuit theologian and member of the Sovereign Knights of Malta who has shown nothing but complete contempt and sarcasm to everything revealed in Ucadia – especially prophecy. You can go and see some of that prophecy on

It doesn’t matter what the Ucadia Model is, these people don’t read any more. As for the religious elite, some of whom are in my family, their contempt for what I have done is overwhelming. To them, I am just a wasted opportunity, with such knowledge as meaningless. There is of course another group that have some idea of Frank O’Collins through the 7 Dreams and the Prophecy of Kew – but this group keeps a wide distance. So as far as the enforcers, the thugs and the pirates on the ground are concerned, I am no different to any of you who question the automated machine. At best they see me as an idiot, at worst, they consider me some lone lunatic who has continued to fail to even get one Ucadia Province or community started.

A review of the Origin of the Species

So enough of what the Illuminati, the Global Elite and my family think of me, and it is time to “look under the hood” at what are the sources of power of the Illuminati and Global Elite in control?

This is where we need to return to the three part blog series I did on the Origin of the Species (part 1, part 2, part 3) . I do not have the time to even recite all the points in these three blogs on the Origin of the Species (part 1, part 2, part 3), only to summarize what is discussed in them as critically important knowledge.

Also, I refer you to Yapa as the ancient wisdom of the oldest civilization still surviving on the planet of the traditional owners of Australia – for another way of comprehending the same knowledge we are about to discuss.

To save time, I am going to get right to it, so if you haven’t read or listened to the 3 part series on the Origin of the Species, then maybe you should go and listen first and then return – otherwise, what I am about to say will make no sense. 

OK, here we go. If you want to know the core source of the power of the Illuminati and the Global Elite, it is that they know some or most of the following facts as true and you do not, or you and others refuse to accept these facts as true:

1. The Homo Sapien species of the O+ blood type were genetically engineered by the Greys to be this way nearly 200,000 years ago from splicing the genes of Homo Prometheus, Homo Habilis and a near hominid descendent of the Rhesus Monkey. Please don’t be distracted by claims the Homo Sapien existed millions of years earlier. Hominid Primates have existed on planet Earth for millions of years, so footprints in riverbeds, or ash should not be taken as proof that Homo Sapiens roamed with the dinosaurs.

2. Homo Sapiens were not the first genetically engineered species introduced to planet Earth by the Greys. The first was Homo Robustus of the B Blood group, engineered for mining and heavy manual labor more than 260,000 years ago from the ancestors of modern day Gorillas. Yet the Robustus proved frightening to the Greys, on account of earlier intervention in various Hominid species by Sapientia Mutatis (Transformed Wisdom Beings), that implanted key knowledge within our DNA even more advanced than the Greys themselves. Thus the Greys were most frightened when the Homo Robustus, falsely called Homo Neanderthals did sing, did paint and exhibited compassion beyond their programming.

3. The second species created by the Greys were the Homo Habilis, a small, aggressive and soulless species of the A Blood group, engineered from the chimpanzee for above ground work and programmed to be compliant, unquestioningly obedient and obsessed in their pitiful reward, such as being able to hold a small stone hut and piece of dirt as their home- their property. When allowed to eat meat rather than the forced vegetarian diet and without the slave controls of the Greys, the Homo Habilis devolved back to a violent lunacy and were prone to self destruction through such stupid behaviour.

4. The third species was not created by the Greys at all, but by a Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids) race, themselves genetically engineered by the Greys as a warrior class and banished to earth as prisoners, as punishment for rebellion. These reptoids did the unthinkable and spliced some of their DNA with a Homo Robustus to produce Homo Prometheus of the O negative blood group, a 14 ft leviathan with red skin and horns. And yes, we are talking about the stereotypical image of The Devil or Lucifer. What happened when Homo Prometheus was created was extraordinary, as the knowledge of the light beings implanted within our earlier hominid DNA started to extract itself into binary cellular memory within the microtubules and axons and suddenly Homo Prometheus was smarter, stronger and more powerful than even the reptoids. So the Greys created a fourth species, a species born thinking it was a god, but cursed with the same mind as the Greys – to hunt down and destroy the Homo Prometheus and rule all the other hominids – the Homo Sapiens.

5. By virtue of their design, the Homo Sapien is an amalgam of the previous three species (Robustus, Habilis and Prometheus) and over time, a strange occurrence and recurrence began within the DNA of Homo Sapien. While the Robustus, the Habilis and even the Prometheus were wiped out, Homo Sapiens began exhibiting in both mind, size, look, blood type and character the previous types of hominids, particularly in isolation to climate, culture and location. Put simply – the emergence of races, exhibiting stronger characteristics of a previous hominid.

6. The Homo Sapien mind is deliberately designed to be fragmented into three components (ID, EGO and SUPEREGO), masking and confusing the embedded knowledge within our DNA. This is a killer program called “EGO” designed to cripple the Homo Sapien if an individual moves too closely into unlocking knowledge within their DNA to reconnect to a higher self and consciousness. Because EGO is derived from the hive mind of the Greys, EGO is a conscious transmitter and receiver for Greys to influence Homo Sapiens in the event that they operate at a higher level, beyond behaving like animals, or willing slaves. Put simply – almost all conscious dialogue is exclusively EGO masquerading as something it is not. Thus, there is not supposed to be any form of escape.

7. The more intelligent the Homo Sapien becomes, the more susceptible to the killer program EGO and the Grey mind of selecting such individuals as slave masters. Only, those Homo Sapien blood lines that have progressively sought to “breed out” the killer program and strengthen their Homo Prometheus blood heritage have shown any periodic signs over the millennia of higher consciousness and function – hence the Cuilliaéan or Collins and many other names.

8. The inherent design of Homo Sapien and the self-selection to races and exhibiting dominant signs of previous Hominid Species within the genome and blood types enables a very small minority aware of such knowledge to use triggers to control large populations. Thus, triggers of instant gratification, positive or negative reinforcement, shock and awe, fear, and peer pressure are all highly effective triggers because we are preconditioned for such triggers to short-circuit our cognitive abilities. Simply stated, the Homo Sapien was bred to be both the perfect slave and the perfect slave master, depending on conditioning.

Like I said, if you have not read and listened to the 3 blogs on the Origin of the Species then none of this may make any sense.  But if you have, then I hope you can see by this summary that as a species, we are constantly fighting ourselves – whether to rise above the function condemned upon us by the cockroaches of the universe (the Greys) or whether we are destined to be like them, or remain slaves.

It seems the Greys find this agonizing evolution rather entertaining and fascinating as there is no other higher species within this part of the galaxy both blessed with so much potential yet cursed with built-in killer programs trying hard to seed our own self destruction.

Maybe you have direct experience of the desperate transmissions via EGO seeking to stop you at all cost in reading and comprehending Ucadia.  I know of dozens of people, who have reached a point of reason, of intellect and common sense who have shared with me that despite knowing the Ucadia Model is sound; and despite recognizing that life is a dream, they still experience this hysterical voice occasionally in their head telling them to stop, or give up, or if all else fails to destroy themselves – the pure voice of irrational insanity. So long as we accept the lies of the Illuminati agents that try to convince us that such transmissions of madness are us and not the desperate transmissions of the cockroaches of the Universe, trying to stop the awakening of consciousness, many good people will continue to suffer – even if they are well advanced on the journey.

Meanwhile, the Illuminati and Global Elite continue to press every possible trigger to short circuit the ability of Homo Sapiens to think and reason – whether it be pornography, drugs, terrorism, fast food and sugars, ritual murders, bargain sales of useless electronics or stories of horrific injury or death. The moment we learn to shut out this blizzard of triggers is the moment we can regain our ability to think clearly. The most dangerous threat to the status quo.

Yet while the true knowledge of the Origin of the Species is immensely powerful for the ruling elite, it is the knowledge of controlling of consciousness beguiled by lies and trickery that is arguably their greatest fascination and second source of control.

A review of the Origin and Theories of Necromancy

Now as we have covered so much ground already tonight, I am going to also get straight to the point on the second major source of power of the Illuminati and the Global Elite being the cult of necromancy – or simply the worship and attempted control of the dead. I will then leave the third source of power being the illusion of faith to next week.

Necromancy is the broad term used to describe various forms of magic, symbols, spells, incantations and rituals to communicate with the dead. The purposes of Necromancy can themselves be wide and varied. However, over the centuries and millennia, three primary objects of Necromancy stand above all others:

1. For the purpose of divination, or in other words as a means of foretelling future events or uncovering hidden knowledge; and

2. For the purpose of using the dead as a weapon as in the case of curses, or cloaking and concealment – simply known to many as black magic or witchcraft; and

3. For the purpose of controlling the dead by means of self-curse, isolation without necessarily seeking to cause sickness, or death or pain among the living.

Now, necromancy it is not a particularly happy subject and whenever you raise words like witchcraft or pentagrams, there is now an entire army of apologists that have been brought up thanks to Hollywood with the notion that such ideas are benign at best or simply a choice at worst – much like Parker Brothers releasing decades ago a “Ouija board” for encouraging ghostly possession as a game the whole family can play.

All I’d like to say to this notion of Hollywood creating popcorn versions of demons, vampires, zombies and ghosts is that Hollywood in many respects should be recast not as the “Dream Factory” but the “Ghost Factory” for the harm it has done in condemning people to a state of such lower consciousness that they are neither living nor are they truly spirit- but stuck between worlds exactly where the necromancers want them.

Another way of saying it is that when the living worship the dead, the dead can control the living – being another little trick of necromancers.

You see, if you boil all the Grimoires spells, all the rituals, all the symbols, all the incantations, all the robes and vestments, all the grand spectacles as well as the horror and terror and in-your-face symbolism thrown at people who refuse to wake up – then all of it by the necromancers – absolutely all of it is a scam – a great giant scam to convince you – knowingly or unknowingly that they control you – one way or the other.

The Illuminati are necromancers. They have always been necromancers and their entire system is a giant scam to convince both the living and the dead that they are in control.

They have even started teasing and introducing blatant human sacrifice like animals – the kind of rituals they usually do behind closed church doors to the public through the willing media and the CIA invention of ISIS – an in your face homage to the Ramses Egyptian mentally insane necromancy cult that took over after the last Hyksos pharaoh was murdered. It can’t get any more blatant than that.

As to the origins of Necromancy ritual, have a look under the canons of Ecclesiastical Law and article 120 and the false ritual of the Eucharist introduced by the necromancers in the 16th century. It is utterly preposterous and has nothing to do with demons. The kinds of demons that the Illuminati summons are nothing more than ghosts in fancy dress.

Or maybe have a look at the utterly insane rituals of renewal that now cover the ancient Christian ritual of Baptism and the Roman Mithraic rituals of murdering babies, or young boys or young girls that are still happening in the thousands in the primary temples of necromancy being key Catholic Churches that have the blood sacrifice sarcophagus hidden in plain site, with the symbol of the lamb on the front and concealed under a slab when not used to murder and introduce new initiates in the blood dripping from dying babies, young boys or girls into the Illuminati. Have you seen one of these murder chambers hidden in plain site before? Have a look at your local church or cathedral and you might have been praising in front of one of these sarcophagus of these necromantic lunatics for years.

Could you imagine if there was just one good and honest and brave police officer anywhere on the planet willing to do the forensic work on one of the ritual killing sites hidden in plain site, how many missing children cases could be solved? No wonder the Illuminati are so arrogant and so mocking. They are full of their own madness and think they are impregnable. The only problem is that their scam no longer works on the dead and soon it will also fail to work on the living.

Why? Because in the realm of consciousness, all the aircraft carriers, machine guns, pharmaceuticals, poisons, temples and ritual killings mean nothing. In the universal dream, it is the strength of conscious intent and its clarity, whereas the greatest weapon of the Illuminati and Global Elite has been confusion, making the entire world insane and trying to curse us all as the undead. 


So what happens next?  Well, hopefully we can finish the 3 part series next week, finishing the third part of the power of the Illuminati and Global Elite and the false notion of Faith before wrapping up what this means for all of us?

To all of you who continue to help and support. To all of you who have the courage and care enough to continue and support Ucadia, I say thank you!

Until we speak next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and goodnight.


Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?

Published: [ Wed 18th Feb, 2015 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (70 min 24 Mb)

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for listening and reading.

Maybe this is the first time you have listened to me speak, or read a Ucadia Blog; or maybe you have heard me speak a few times and read a few Ucadia blogs and information on various Ucadia sites.

Maybe you are someone on a journey of discovery – to find answers to the issues in your own life; or maybe you just like searching for what people are speaking and writing about in the subject heading for the discussion tonight.

Maybe you are a member of the Illuminati or the Global Elite yourself, or part of a family that is connected to the Illuminati or a famous and powerful family of the corporate elite. Or even someone who desperately wants to be part of such a fraternity and has no qualms about doing what it takes to get there.

No matter then, who you are, or whether this be the first time you have come to listen or read, I welcome each and everyone who takes the time to listen.

I also thank you. Because, I know there is already much written about Ucadia – some true and some not so true that may discourage a few listeners and readers from bothering to listen to the topic we will be discussing tonight.

I don’t blame anyone for choosing to filter Ucadia out of their vision, or even feeling “let down” in a sense after all these years of blogs and conversations and information. Indeed, I forgive those who have written and spoken false statements about Ucadia and me – because even though such statements can be hurtful and deliberately designed to keep people from reading, there is always an underlying reason why people write and speak negatively in the first place.

There is simply too much “stuff” on the Internet to view it all, or even part of it unfiltered. We need to rely on the opinions of others and to trust our own senses. The greatest scarcity of the modern age is time, not money.  We just don’t seem to have the time we once had to catch up with our family; or to sit down and read a book; or take some time out of our pressure cooker lives to contemplate an idea or a concept.  

The modern world puts pressure on us to make instant decisions constantly without necessarily thinking too deeply on the consequences – so how could I possibly be angry with you or anyone if this is the first time you have come to listen to Frank O’Collins, or if you come to listen with some preconceived filters?

Given this is the reality of life for so many of us, tonight I want to summarize as clearly and as simply as I can, exactly what I mean by Ucadia and existence itself versus such labels as the Illuminati and the Global Elite.  

I hope that tonight and the next two blogs after our conversation are a kind of synopsis of exactly what is going on and how it is affecting us?  Who is behind the seeming endless madness of this planet? How did we get to this point of such insanity? And why, even to those in such positions of power and influence it seems impossible to get off this train ride to “stupid town”? So for the next forty to fifty minutes I ask you to briefly step outside of the rat race, the pressures, the labels of life and circumstance and take stock of what we know as certain and true – before we embark on the next stage of trying to make sense of the deeper why? And then what it means to each and every one of us?

In the end, what I hope is that through our conversation tonight and over the next few blogs that you get a much clearer sense of yourself, the world around us and how it is not inevitable that we must face World War III as the latest Armageddon or some complete extinction of all life on planet Earth, or some culling of the population or some new model of enslavement.

That is why I have chosen the topic tonight entitled: Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?

Let us start then with properly identifying the parties namely :Who are the Illuminati? Who are the Global Elite? What is Ucadia? Before we discuss the next logical question of how we came to be in such a mess?

Who are the Illuminati?

If I had a dollar for every pyramid of power, ever diagram of global control, every secret circle and shadow committee that is claimed on the Internet to be running the planet, I would be rich. There are tens of thousands of sites all claiming some kind of “inner knowledge” of who is supposed to be running the show and their agendas. In other words, a person just trying to find the basic answer of “who is supposed to be ultimately in charge?” could literally spend the next 20 years reading 100 websites a day and still not be any clearer of who is and who is not the elite on this planet.

That is why I want to start with an obvious, verifiable and central part of the apparatus of planet control in the form of the Illuminati. No, I am not speaking about some “Dan Brown” like secretive group from a story or film, or some other claim. I am speaking about the group that has a publicly available constitution and does not attempt to hide itself. It is and has been the only true group known as the Illuminati since the 18th Century.

So by “Illuminati:, I mean the 300 or so First Class members or Knights of Justice of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, or “Sovereign Military Knights of Malta” for short; and the 800 or so Second Class members or Knights and Dames of Honor, or Grace in Devotion and Obedience; and the 12,000 or so Third Class members of Knights and Dames and others of various categories; and finally those few hundred thousand members of orders, fraternities and bodies whose leaders are recognized as Third Class members. This is definitively what is properly called the “Illuminati” – not as a myth, not as a legend but as a real body connecting all relevant groups of the planet together in a military and religious fraternal hierarchy. A hierarchy of some 150,000 to 300,000 people that connects all major political leaders, all key military leaders, all main religious leaders of all major religions (including Hinduism, Islam and Judaism), all key industry leaders and entrepreneurs, all leading judges and academics, all key scientists and professionals and all leading artists, actors and respected philosophers.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Illuminati is not some secret brotherhood invented by Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th Century, or some Hollywood conspiracy, but a real organizational network centered around Knights of Justice of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, or “Sovereign Military Knights of Malta” for short. These people are already leaders of industry, politics, religion, business and society – so there is no mystery there. All that the term Illuminati means is how such people are then encouraged to be tightly connected and bound and further controlled through membership to fraternal organizations directly or indirectly connected to one another.

So to answer further who and what are the Illuminati, let’s have a look at their constitution for some answers? I have linked their constitution to this article so you can download. Under Article 9, the Constitution tells us who the 300 or so members of the First Class or Knights of Justice are under Paragraph One being those who “profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience”, they are governed by their own rule and they are not obliged to live in community.  This makes it pretty blatant as there is only one Catholic Order that under its formation is free to live “in the world but not of the world” and not wear traditional religious garments – The Society of Jesus or the “Jesuits”.

Now, what about hierarchy and structure of the Sovereign Knights of Malta as the Illuminati? Well, as a Sovereign and Military and a Religious Order, the constitution makes clear a three stream system of authority, and Article 19 makes clear that it is the religious head known as the Prelate who is most powerful head of the Illuminati, in terms of spiritual guidance, confession and teaching. The public sovereign head of the order in accord with Article 12 to 16 is the Grand Master, but only in terms of ceremony, honors and ritual. In terms of operation of the Illuminati and its government, the military power of the Illuminati in accord with Article 18 are the Grand Commander, the Grand Chancellor, the Grand Hospitaller and the Receiver of the Common Treasure.

As to the 800 or so Second Class members or Knights and Dames of Honor, or Grace in Devotion and Obedience, we find that these are virtually the “Whos Who” of the elite leadership of the world as Kings, Queens, Sheiks, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Presidents, Prime Ministers past and present as the only organization that recognizes them individually and separate from their positions as Heads of State and across all religious boundaries.

As to the 12,000 or so Third Class members of Knights and Dames or whatever the ultimate number is, we find that the third class are Generals, Leaders of Intelligence Authorities, Police Commissioners, Justices, Politicians, Artists, Scientists and leaders of the community again across all nations and religious boundaries. 

So now you know the structure of the Illuminati and its hierarchy and evidence and proof that you can investigate on your own to discover more.  

Who are the Global Elite?

So if most of the leaders are already members of the Illuminati, who then are the “Elite”? or “Global Elite”? The answer is in how these 150,000 to 300,000 people connected as Illuminati are also formally interconnected via the Elite Corporate Network, or the Elite Families Network or the Off World Network. I’ll get to each of these in order.

In reference to the Elite Corporate Network, I mean the executives of the 150 mega multi-national corporations that directly control more than 40 per cent of the total wealth, money and commercial resources of the planet through around 1,200 other multinational corporations, that in turn indirectly control another forty per cent of the commercial wealth of the world of more than 80 per cent of the wealth of the world directly and indirectly. Yes, you heard it correctly – 150 mega multi-national corporations control more than 80 per cent of the wealth of the world directly and indirectly.

First off, the claim that 150 mega multi-national corporations directly control more than 40 per cent and indirectly control another 40 percent of the total commercial wealth of the planet is not a conspiracy, it is an irrefutable scientific fact based on the most exhaustive study of its kind in Switzerland (Vitali, Glattfelder, Battiston) in 2012, using the Orbis 2007 database to extract approximately 43,000 multi-national corporations from the 30 million corporate records on the database. By establishing clear legal connections as more than 600,000 nodes and more than 1 million ownership ties, the picture became clearer.

The study proved irrefutably that just 150 mega multi-national corporations have clear ownership ties to 700 other multi-national corporations that control 40%; and deep ties to a further 1,200 multi-national corporations that control over another 40%.

Now, we have been discussing about control of the wealth of the planet through Global Elite Networks. As to the claim of ownership of the wealth of the planet, this is where the Elite Families Network comes into play. For example, by 1637, just thirteen elite Dutch pirate families controlling the United States of the Netherlands controlled the largest fortune in history worth in excess of 78 million Dutch Gold Guilders or more than US $8 trillion today - gained primarily through slavery, banking, drugs and arms sales.

These are the same families that help form some of the largest Elite Corporations in the world today, without ever giving up ownership of their ill gotten gains. The 13 original Dutch merchant families of the former 13 States of the United States of the Netherlands moved primarily to Boston and New York City by the end of the 18th Century and proceeded to transform the Bank of New York from a small colonial bank to an International Global Financial Powerhouse, later to transform in part to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by 1913 that today handles more than US $1.1 trillion in fund transactions per day and holds just under US$1 trillion in Gold Reserves. The Dutch families also facilitated the establishment of the State Street Corporation in Boston that today manages over US $30 trillion in assets. The former owners of the Dutch East India Company also established the Bank of the Manhattan Company known today as JPMorgan Chase with assets of over US $3 trillion. By 1799, the Dutch successfully purchased Manhattan Island that became the private property of the Manhattan Company. If you want to know more, then please read the four part series on the True History of America (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4).

In 1937, Ferdinand Lundberg published a work called America’s 60 Families based on years of tax records back to 1924, investigating the super-rich and many of these Dutch families from Boston and New York City. In the book he quoted:"The United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth... These families are the living center of the modern industrial oligarchy which dominates the United States, functioning discreetly under a de jure democratic form of government behind which a de facto government, absolutist and plutocratic in its lineaments, has gradually taken form since the Civil War. This de facto government is actually the government of the United States -- informal, invisible, shadowy. It is the government of money in a dollar democracy."

You have probably heard of many of the names that Ferdinand Lundberg investigated and revealed in his book, such as: Astor, Du Pont, Vanderbilt, Sulzberger, Van Eeghen, Roosevelt, Guggenheim, Gettys, Schiff, Dulles, Warburg, Blumenthal, Rosenwald and many others including those enforcer families welcomed into the fold such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans and the Bushes.

Now add to that list the Elite Families owning the wealth in Asia, Arabia and Europe and you have the Elite Families Network of some 200 families that control the 150 mega multi-national corporations that directly and indirectly control more than 80 per cent of the wealth of the world. So there is no real mystery because whether you come from the angle of the Elite Corporate Network or the Elite Families Network you end up with the same people – all then being members of the Illuminati in one way or another.

So now that we have discussed concisely and precisely exactly who or what are the Illuminati? And who and what are the Elite Corporate Network and the Elite Families Network?, the next time someone sends you an email or a web link saying “oh this group or that group control the planet”, you have some perspective on exactly who is who and what is what.

This leaves us then with one last group I have called the “Off World Network”. I have left them till last because it is the most controversial of all. I will be mentioning them quite a bit over this blog and the coming two blogs – because they have played such a fundamental role in shaping not only our physical chromosomes as a species, but our attitude to civilization and this beautiful planet as well as the design and architecture of the homo sapien mind.

They are not the only form of higher order life within the galaxy, just one that kind of represents the “merchant cockroaches” of the universe. They are not even the smartest or the only higher order life form of this region of the galaxy that have played a fundamental role in shaping who and what we are as a species. Just go and have a look at the sacred text called Yapa if you want to know more.

Yet like the plague and bad smells, these cockroaches of the universe, otherwise known as “the Greys” have kept coming back to this planet and tinkering, manipulating and lying. 

Now if you have a problem with the idea of life existing in other parts of the galaxy, much less the idea of higher order life forms, or the possibility that an older civilization could possibly be collectively equivalent to a bankers convention of brain dead psychopaths who think of nothing but sustaining physical life and power at all costs including hundreds of thousands of years of plastic surgery – then you need to think a little harder.

These poster children of everything that is wrong with GMO food, plastic surgery, mining, banking, slavery, merchant thievery and piracy have directly meddled in our civilizations on three distinct and separate occasions in picking sides so they could ply their trade as rare-earth mineral merchants and purveyors of the exotic and weird to other worlds. 

All three times, they sought out the same group to nominate as their leaders of the planet – the purest descendants of the consciousness and bloodlines known as Homo Prometheus within the Homo Sapien species. All three times, these O negative bloodlines took the prize and gift of technologies and weapons for global domination:

+The first time was in the formation of the Kuman or Human Empire – the first organized and sophisticated civilized empire more than 7,000 years ago born from the Cuilliaéan descendents of Homo Prometheus and their former first homeland being Ireland; and

+The second time being the Hyksos pharaohs and descendants of the Cuilliaéan and Ebla priest-kings of Syria who ruled Egypt; and 

+The third being the 1920’s in America when the Collins Elite as Irish descendants of the Cuilliaéan of Ireland, formed a new shadow-government by handpicking only a few families as world rulers, then protected by a loyal group of initiates in the military and intelligence community. Hiding in plain site as “middle management”, this network has sparked a new kind of madness in the world as whatever the “Greys” as the “cockroaches of the universe” say, these Collins Elite do – including a whole array of programs designed to weaken the population against rebellion from fluoride, selective vaccinations, electromagnetic radiation, chemical spraying as well as more aggressive programs for depopulation such as chemical castration and infertility, weaponization of viruses such as Ebola, Influenza and AIDS and of course constant planning for World War III.

I am going to speak in much more detail about all these things in the coming blogs, especially when we try to get our heads around how such well educated and powerful people could become so mentally insane and batshit crazy in their outlook to life? But for now, I want to make it crystal clear – The “Off World” Elite exist. Their bases are hidden in plain site and you can find them very easily in a matter of moments. They are a scourge of the galaxy and have caused untold damage to hundreds of planets and ecosystems, not to mention Earth and so long as the nexus exists between a very small group of people thinking the architects of our species are the only true God – then as they used to say at NASA “Houston, we have a problem”.

What is Ucadia?

So that is an outline of who is who and what is what with the elite. I hope your head is not spinning around too quickly.  But I felt it was vitally important we start with naming the players before trying to make sense of the madness of their thinking and how they came to be so powerful?

Now it is time to describe the fightback and the opposition to such madness in the solution that is Ucadia.

While the Illuminati and the Global Elite collectively control more than 80% of the wealth and resources of the planet and 100% of the currencies, the force that is dedicated to ending such madness controls virtually nothing. It has no patrons, no large organizations or states or countries that fund it and no wealthy benefactors. In fact, this movement is almost unique in that any support and help that has come has been from ordinary people and not from people with wealth. Even moderately wealthy people within communities around the planet have chosen not to support or help Ucadia, for whatever reason.

So while the Illuminati and the Global Elite completely control access to power, technology, communications and have unlimited resources of weapons, intelligence assets, covert and overt forces and assassination squads, Ucadia was started by one man and as a model continues to be finished by just one man.

So, if this were just about the temporal realm and life was not a dream, then it would be fair for anyone so say – what is the point? Why bother? Because against such insurmountable odds it is impossible to see change.

Yet this is not just about the temporal, but the many layers of consciousness that represents the fabric of the Universe. So when we are talking about the conscious and non-temporal realms, the dimensions of Ucadia versus the Illuminati and Global Elite flip. Let me explain. If you go to the Globe Union Charter and Article 6, you will see a summary of what Ucadia is. I am going to read it out – for two reasons – the first being I want you to consider the dimensions of this idea, much of it already done and published; and secondly, to put it on the record what Ucadia is, against those dedicated to misinformation, fear mongering and deliberate lying:

(i) Ucadia is the supreme spiritual, ecclesiastical, lawful and legal presence above, upon and within the planet Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and the one true Universe of all existence; and the most sacred written knowledge, rules and instructions through the Ucadia Model as the end of religious instituted slavery, perpetual war, cursing through wicked fanatical doctrines such as original sin; and the implementation of the ideal on our collective beautiful planet of a physical presence of the one true Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; and

(ii) Ucadia defines and codifies a complete Cosmology, Standard Model of All Elements and Rules of the Universe and Knowledge through seven patents: The first patent and diagrams is called the Ucadia Classification System as a unique system to enable the most efficient identification and classification system of theoretical and real world objects and concepts; and the second patent and diagrams is called the Ucadia Symbols System as a unique system for the symbolic representation of theoretical and real world objects and concepts; and the third patent and diagrams is called the Ucadia Semantic Classification System as a unique system for the semantic classification of common languages into a universally consistent structure of meaning using the Ucadia Classification System and Ucadia Symbols System; and the fourth patent and diagrams is called the Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements as a unique system for the classification and symbolic representation of theoretical and real world objects as elements of a standard model of universal elements; and the fifth patent and diagrams is called the Ucadia Hydro-Helio Model of Atomic Elements as a unique system for the standard identification, classification and symbolic representation of atomic elements and their properties; and the sixth patent and diagrams is called the EIKOS Language System as a unique language system to define and describe the relationships, properties and measurement of all elements in operation from the Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements and the Ucadia Hydro-Helio Model of Atomic Elements; and the seventh patent and diagrams is called the UCA Model as a unique model of 360 primary sets of axiom to define and describe laws governing all elements in operation from the Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements and the Ucadia Hydro-Helio Model of Atomic Elements; and

(iii) The Ucadia Language is a perfected system of semantic reasoning represented by two forms of unique language with the first being Psygos as a three-dimension purely symbolic language of reasoning, learning, thought and wisdom; and the second being Logos a two dimensional visual and spoken language based on common phoneme elements crossing multiple languages to produce the most efficient, clear and consistent expression of meaning; and

(iv) No higher, greater, more sacred or perfect covenant exists than the most sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum being the ecclesiastical, lawful and legal transfer and conveyance of all Rights, Powers and Authorities of all above mentioned previous covenants; and the satisfaction, conclusion and fulfilment of all valid sacred revelation and prophecy; and the source of all valid Authority, Rights and Powers, now and forever more; and

(v) No higher, more sacred or canonical scripture exists than the most sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum and those texts recognized as valid and canonical within the body known as Maxima Textibus Sacris, also known as the twenty-two collections of texts including but not limited such canonical texts as Yapa, Al Sufian, Tara, De Dea Magisterium and Lebor Clann Glas;  and

(vi) Summa Elementis Theologica  is the supreme and highest definitive theological source for proof, arguments, existence, principles and theoretical relations between particular cosmological models, the Divine, Divine Revelation, Divine Law, Divine Rights, Powers and Authorities being twenty two sections as: 1. Exordium-Beginning, 2. Scientia Sacra-Sacred Science, 3. Esse–Existence, 4. Natura–Nature, 5. Animus–Mind, 6. Lingua–Language, 7. Canonum–Canons, 8. Formae–Forms, 9. Universa–Universes, 10. Pacta–Covenants, 11. Ius–Rights, 12. Auctores–Authorities, 13. Recorda–Records, 14. Personae–Persons, 15. Instrumenta–Instruments, 16. Fides–Trusts, 17. Sacramenta–Sacraments. 18. Scripturae–Scriptures, 19. Ecclesiae–Churches, 20. Vaticinatio–Prophecy, 21. Doctrinae –Instructions and 22. Dogmata–Decrees; and

(vii) The most sacred and supreme Sacraments and Rituals are the Summa Sacramenta, also known as the Supreme Sacraments of Heaven, being Thirty Three (33) valid sacraments granted by the Divine Creator and entrusted to the Society of One Heaven: Seven (7) are known as the Key Sacraments, also known as the Keys of Heaven or simply The Keys being Recognition, Trust, Obligation, Inspiration, Forgiveness, Satisfaction and Expiration; and fourteen (14) are known as the Cardinal Sacraments or The Ways being Consecration, Offering, Matrimony, Union, Record, Penance, Oath, Testimony, Investiture, Clemency, Sponsor, Convocation, Prescription and Rescription; and and twelve (12) are known as the Apostolic Life Sacraments or the The Means being Annunciation, Natal, Divinus, Adventus, Epinoia, Genius, Beau Ideal, Haga Sofia, Adieu, Resolution, Remembrance and Veneration; and

(viii) No higher form of rules, norms, standards, laws, doctrines, dogmata, edicts or canons exist than the most sacred Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum being the Living Body of Divine Canon Law and the highest of all Original Law, derived from the research, analysis and aggregation of over 6,000 years of maxims of law across all civilized societies honoring the Rule of Law and defined though twenty-two (22) books of Canons as defined by the Articles of Pactum De Singularis Caelum being Article 89 Canonum De Lex Divina (Divine Law), Article 90 Canonum De Lex Naturae (Natural Law), Article 91 Canonum De Ius Cogitatum (Cognitive Law), Article 92 Canonum De Ius Positivum (Positive Law), Article 93 Canonum De Lex Ecclesium (Ecclesiastical Law), Article 94 Canonum De Ius Virtus Naturae (Bioethics Law), Article 95 Canonum De Ius Rex (Sovereign Law), Article 96 Canonum De Ius Fidei (Fiduciary Law), Article 97 Canonum De Ius Administratum (Administrative Law), Article 98 Canonum De Lex Frugalitas (Economic Law), Article 99 Canonum De Ius Pecuniae (Monetary Law), Article 100 Canonum De Ius Civilis (Civil Law), Article 101 Canonum De Ius Informatum (Education Law), Article 102 Canonum De Ius Nutrimens Et Medicina (Food and Drugs Law), Article 103 Canonum De Ius Industriae (Industry Law), Article 104 Canonum De Ius Urbanus (Urban Law), Article 105 Canonum De Ius Companie (Company Law), Article 106 Canonum De Ius Machinatio (Technology Law), Article 107 Canonum De Ius Proventum (Trade Law), Article 108 Canonum De Ius Securitas (Security Law), Article 109 Canonum De Ius Militaris (Military Law) and Article 110 Canonum De Ius Gentium (International Law); and

(x) The Ucadia Standard Forms is the over seven thousand (7,000) forms defined and associated with the thirty-three Codes of Law enabling any sized community to operate efficiently and successfully with the forms divided into twenty-six primary categories being (AA)-Agriculture and Environment Forms, (BB)-Accounts, Banking and Financial Transactions Forms, (CC)-Companies, Trusts and Funds Forms, (DD)-Disease Prevention and Sanitation Forms, (EE)-Education Forms, (FF)-Food and Drugs Forms, (GG)-Executive Government Forms, (HH)-Health and Fitness Forms, (II)-Industry, Infrastructure and Energy Forms, (JJ)-Justice, Constitutional and International Law Forms, (KK)-Budget, Revenue and Treasury Forms, (LL)-Sovereign, Estates and Legislative Forms, (MM)-Military Forms, (NN)-Trade Forms, (OO)-Civil Service Forms, (PP)-Police and Emergency Forms, (QQ)-Divine and Ecclesiastical Law Forms, (RR)-Culture and Entertainment Forms, (SS)-Members Forms, History and Community Forms, (TT)-Transport, Communications and Travel Forms, (UU)-Building and Construction Forms, (VV)-Elections Forms, (WW)-Employment and Temporary Assistance Forms, (XX)-Civil Law Forms, (YY)-Criminal Law Forms and (ZZ)-Technology and Knowledge Systems Forms; and

(xi) The Ucadia Statistical Model is the Statistical Model proving the ability to end poverty, hunger, chronic unemployment, financial instability, financial inequality, waste of resources and end environmental destruction through over 20 million pieces of data across 226 nations and 6 regions of planet Earth from 2005 to 2030 defining over 600 unique metrics (e.g. population, birth rates, education status, motor vehicles, housing, etc) divided into 36 sets of key indicators being Agriculture, Assets, Business, Buildings, Crime, Economy, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Expenditure, Exports, Families, Finance, Geography, Government, Health, Households, Imports, Income, Industry, Infrastructure, Law, Land Type, Land Use , Liabilities, Living standards, Military, Living quality, Natural Resources, People, Religion, Technology, Transport and Water; and

(xii) The Ucadia Financial System is a comprehensive and constructed global financial system of Laws, Trusts, Property, Treasuries, Banks, Entities, Products, Currencies, Accounts, Registers, Markets and Exchanges capable of underwriting or amalgamating or successfully replacing the present unstable financial systems of a city, state, nation or region within a matter of weeks from project commencement. The Ucadia Financial System is the most advanced, stable and sustainable financial system ever conceived capable of full automation and autonomous self-correction, without the need for government, agency or statutory intervention. The Ucadia Financial System is specifically designed to immediately eliminate the possibility of theft, corruption, unjust wealth redistribution, sabotage of national wealth, runaway inflation, depression and recessions as well as unsustainable speculative bubbles. This is accomplished whereby the necessary apparatus of the financial system is founded on a model similar to the elementary particles of matter (e.g. sub atomics, atoms and molecules etc.), functioning and operating concurrently and complementing each other, yet with separate base units, applications and measures; and

(xiii) The Ucadia Community Network of over 60 websites is a comprehensive implementable plan for the Ucadia Model, based on the smallest building block of autonomous, self-governing communities called Campuses, then Provinces, then Universities then Unions of Ucadia Universities; and

(xiv) The Ucadia Model is completely autonomous and self governing in accord with its own rules and laws with no Supreme Ruler, or Messiah, or Prophet, or Guru, or Absolute Sovereign, or Architect; and the original author and founder has irrevocably given, conveyed and transferred all Rights, Title, Uses and Claims through his signed and sealed Voluntatem Et Testamentum, also known as his Will and Testament, to the perpetual and exclusive benefit of all Members of Ucadia equally; and further has surrendered, abdicated and abjured through his Pronouncement any claim or honor or dignity to be treated or described or known as greater than any other man or woman. Therefore, all are welcomed equally to contribute and benefit Ucadia and none may justly or fairly claim it to be anything but a purely autonomous and self governing model for the benefit of all mankind; and

(xv) The present Constitution and Charter is part of Ucadia and born out of the Right of Ucadia to its temporary administration and the complete implementation of the Ucadia Model as expressed in the most sacred Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum and associated covenants, charters, constitutions, canons and bylaws; and

So any claim, pronouncement, demand, edict, right, rule, law, declaration or testimony in respect of Ucadia that is not consistent with the above mentioned testimony is therefore null and void from the beginning, having no valid force or effect ecclesiastically, morally, lawfully or legally.

How did we get into this mess?

OK, so now that we have summarized who is who and what is what, the next questions are “how did we get into this mess?” and “how did the Illuminati and Global Elite become so powerful?” and “why are the Illuminati and Global Elite so mentally insane in their current thinking?”

To answer these questions we need more time and we need to wait until the next audio. We also need to start from the beginning– as to the origin of the species, being a topic I have discussed at length before. Maybe after you have read and listened to this blog and article, you might like to go back and listen to the 3 part series on the Origin of the Species (part 1, part 2, part 3) again just to refresh yourself before we speak next week?

In any event, I want to thank you again for listening and hope that this sets a foundation for our continued discussions next week as part 2 of Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – And The Origin of the Species and Elite Power.

Until we speak next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.
Cheers, Frank

POSTSCRIPT: I do not normally add sections after an audio and blog. However, I felt two key clarifications needed to be made before part 2 of the series next week. 

1: When I outlined the "Off World" Network and symbiosis between the "cockroaches of the Universe" and certain families (i.e. Collins Elite) who see themselves as the "gods of the planet", I should have made it clear that this is what they see themselves as being - not necessarily what the rest of the Illuminati or Global Elite agree. There are as many factions within this structure as there are opinions on the internet, so by not making this crystal clear, then someone could possibly imply that the world elite are in agreement with these extremely dangerous and mentally unstable people mostly operating within the United States. This is not the case; and

2: I am not, nor have I ever been a member of any "elite", nor do I seek to imply or infer such conclusions in raising this information. I have made it abundantly clear how I see myself and my role, as expressed when reading what Ucadia is, as part of the blog. I should have reinforced this explicitly when discussing the section on Global Elite tonight, even though I have said it repeatedly in more than 20+ blogs, so that no one could possibly claim such inference in any comments. 


Is There a Purpose of Life?

Published: [ Wed 11th Feb, 2015 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (42 min 15 Mb)

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins, and thanks for taking the time to listen and read the Ucadia blog. I was all set tonight to start a 3-part series which I will start next week, entitled Ucadia and One Heaven vs. The Illuminati and the Global Elite and part one, Who, What, Where, When and Why? I was set to start that 3-part series this week and I received an email from a couple of people here in Australia who I had the honor to chat with and speak with over the last few years. They are in older stages in their lives and they were facing in their own different way different challenges of health. I received an email today that one of them, following the other one, has just passed. 

It got me thinking that given in recent weeks when I have been sharing with you issues of breaking through the Mundi mind virus and how we might be challenged or how we might be approaching the issue of breaking through this rat race, and I had given a quote that by living stupid, we die stupid and in a sense we may find ourselves in a stupid heaven. Mundi, being a ghost is such a state of stupidity. And, even though I explained when I used the word stupid that I wasn’t trying to be offensive or flippant. I was really getting to the original meaning of the word stupid in Latin which is to be beguiled, hypnotized, under a spell and not to see things and to see priorities.

Even though we might have spoken about it in previous weeks the issue of purpose, the issue of perspective and the issue of what happens when we die and is there something more, does God exist and is there something beyond this? Even though we have spoken about it, for some of you this might be the first time you have ever heard me speak. This might be the first time that someone has come to listen to Ucadia. It is important and it’s timely and relevant that we address some of these basic questions first.

I know that when you have a look at Ucadia there is a huge amount of material there. I know because many of you, and I’m grateful when you do, send me emails and reminders of just how much needs to be fixed. I am sorry for that and that it is taking a lot of time to correct even basic grammar and typos. It is also easy to forget that many people like I face and am reminded from time to time, the reality of what it means to be Homo sapiens and in flesh and the fact our bodies die. People die. People who we love and respect or maybe even don’t love or respect, face the inevitable fact of life – and that is death.

When it happens or when it is happening in the case of people dying from some incurable as yet illness, it does pull us out of the rat race and cause us to think – Is there some deeper purpose? Does God exist? If there is a Divine Creator then why is there such madness? Why does He, She, It still allow this madness to continue? Because you know the absence of clear answers to those questions is in many respects why so many people give up on bothering about the deeper questions. 

Because answers like the mystery of God’s grace – we don’t know. These are not answers. Or, "it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry". This is not acceptable as a response to seeing some poor Jordanian pilot being burned alive on You-tube so that some "teenage Jihadists" can get their willies off. This is unacceptable when there is not a clear response of why these things are still happening. If there is a purpose then why does it seem to be allowed to happen? 

Similarly if we don’t have a clear sense of some fundamental questions and if we are not accepting some key ideas then I am reminded that talking about these deeper issues next week and the next three weeks in terms of the bigger picture is pointless. I have said on many occasions in Ucadia, and if you get the chance to listen to some of the blogs you will hear me say the fact that the Ucadia model and the meaning of Ucadia is based on the idea that life, everything around you including matter, rules, existence, consciousness, is a manifestation of a dream. Life is a dream. However, it is a dream according to rules that we can better comprehend beyond just the religion that is science.

But if we don’t accept that, or we have trouble getting our heads around that concept then, of course it leads us to other problems. If our perspective of existence is still being defined by what we read in a book called The Holy Bible or what some preacher or guru tells us or some website tells us or some other form of information, and we don’t have a clear comprehension that we are already immortal and we can never die. We are immortal and only our bodies die. If we don’t have these essential concepts clear in our own minds, then how can we have a rational discussion of what is going on? So, tonight, before we get into the 3-part series, and given that we have spoken around these things in recent topics, I want to, as a mark of respect for those who passed recently and respect to you and the knowledge that we speak plainly and clearly on the topic, Is there a purpose of Life? Does God exist and if so why does He, She or It allow this madness to continue? Is there an afterlife?

I want to speak plainly about these key issues tonight. In a life now where kids come to dinner, parents come to dinner, and they are still working on their computers, still tapping their keyboards on their phones, still sending an email to someone that is within 3 feet of them instead of speaking to them, we have never been more disconnected even though we appear to be more connected. I’d say and maybe some of you may agree that the scarcity of the world is not money, oil or resources – it is time. We have never had less time than we have now. Some of you may have even put off listening to this blog tonight because you don’t have time. It’s hard enough finding time just to talk to our friends or go for a walk, or read. Who can read a book now, or just read something?

Our lives have never been busier. People are being arrested because they are texting when they are driving and because they feel they don’t have time to text when they are doing other things. Texting when they/you are driving! So in this environment with death and illness, people go to the doctor now and say that they do not have time to be sick. I don’t have time to be sick!

If you are a homo sapien or a human being and we are all human beings here, then you will die, as surely as I will die. I don’t know when I’ll die and I don’t know when you will die. But your physical body, that which you are connected to at the moment is going to stop. No matter how much work is going in through the Illuminati and the elite to find a way to download consciousness into computers or to convert the body into some necrotic device that is between death and life, the fact is that for the moment for the vast majority of us, for most of us if not all of us alive today, our bodies will give up and we will die.

When we die our bodies will rot. But, that is not the end of it. But it is a fact of life. And, for most of us, we will find any excuse possible not to think about the inevitable. Look what is the value of clouding this moment, this experience, in focusing on our inevitable demise? Like I said, for many an excuse for why we do not focus on death and why we do not focus on what happens after death is this vacuum, this absence of clear answers to purpose of life. If God does exist then why does He, She, It allow this madness to continue? – The inadequacy of the answers.

Well, for over 22 years now I have tried to share and still do share the writings of Ucadia. You can go to the website, and you can click on the Journey of UCA. If you click on the Journey of UCA then one of the purposes of that Journey is to answer this question – Is There a Purpose to Life? And, does God exist and how and why does God exist? Can we explain the mechanism of what makes the dependency of the existence of God fundamental to the concept of existence itself? It’s there.

I know when people talk about God existing but I’ve read books by any number of people now that have come out and said that God does not exist and God is a lie and the church proves that there is no Divine Creator. Don’t blame the Divine Creator because of the church just yet. And don’t make the image of some guy with a white beard and magnifying glass with some psychotic, sociopathic temper your vision of the Divine Creator. Let’s start by establishing the first key concept that we have got to accept. If we don’t accept Life is a Dream and if it is explained in very simple terms, then we have a problem.

The best way for me to explain it to you now, if you haven’t gone and read The Journey of UCA, is back to the basic arguments we find if we go to the website of Let’s go to the website now and look at Summa Elementis Theologica which is one of the articles of theology of the Covenant of One-Heaven. In that it summarizes this argument. It is Article 11. It’s under the 7 Proofs of Divine Existence and the argument is in terms of existence.

11.4 7 Proofs of Divine Existence

The 7 Proofs of Divine Existence are seven empirical and logical proofs as to the existence of the Divine Creator.

#1 Proof of General Existence - states that the mere existence of an idea is sufficient to validate itself, regardless of whether it is considered true or false to other ideas. Only ideas that cannot be named, nor described may be said to have no existence. Thus the Divine Creator may be proven to have General Existence.

#2 Proof of Material Existence - states that existence of the Universe depends upon both rules and matter. Neither matter without rules or rules without matter can exist
in Universal reality. The only answer is that rules can exist on their own “in theory”. The only example of a system whereby rules exist “in theory” and then rules and matter exist “in reality” is the relation between a Dreamer and a Dream. Therefore, the Divine Creator may be said to be the Divine Dreamer and the Dream and thus the Divine Creator is proven to have Material Existence.

#3 Proof of Absolute Existence - states that the argument of existence itself depends on at least an Observer and the Object observed to hold true. Therefore, for the Objective Universe to exist, there must be a Universal Observer. This paradox is answered through the Divine Creator as the absolute Dreamer and the Universe as the absolute Dream and thus the Divine Creator is proven to have Absolute Existence.

#4 Proof of Standard Model - states that the existence of a Standard Model of Everything whereby all universal laws, levels of matter, properties and values based on simple fundamental laws repeated at each level of matter may be defined without contradiction to itself and all key scientific measurement would be an unprecedented historic and scientific achievement of immense global implications. Furthermore, if such a Standard Model were to base its first law on the existence of the Divine Creator and that the whole Standard Model could not hold without this law, then such a Standard Model itself would be overwhelming proof of the existence of the Divine Creator unless a model of greater design, perfection and completeness was able to refute such a fundamental assertion. As the seven (7) UCA patents and the UCADIA model prove the existence of this Standard Model, the Divine Creator is conclusively and scientifically proven to exist.

#5 Proof of Dimension - states that dimension is the canvas upon which all material existence depends and that almost every conscious being experiences the creation of dimension first hand through their mind whenever they think or dream. All dimension is non-locational in that it has no material existence and dimension can only be created by conscious observable thought. Therefore the existence of Dimension is proof of the existence of the Universal Dream Dimension of the Divine Dreamer and thus proof of the existence of the Divine Creator.

#6 Proof of Reason - states that by reason we may suppose all around us to be false and even suppose to doubt our own existence, except one immutable fact – the thought itself, even of doubt is itself proof of our existence. Hence, cognito ergo sum or “I think therefore I am”. Thus, through reason, the very thought of the divine is itself therefore proof by reason of existence of divine conceptually.

#7 Proof of Experience - states that regardless of the attempts by some to cast doubt, exclamation and possible scorn on first hand experience, by virtue of the existence of our own faculties of cognition and reasoning, our first hand experiences of dreams, visions and events beyond the normal (supernatural) are legitimate and reasonable prima facie experiences and proof as to the existence of the divine.

I am not going to get tricky with you, but I will read some of these. When you look at these 7 Proofs of Existence, think about the argument for a moment and then the logic of those arguments. The first proof states the argument that the mere existence of an idea is sufficient to validate itself, regardless of whether it is considered true or false to other ideas and that only ideas that cannot be named or described may be said to have no existence. Thus, the Divine Creator as an idea may be proven to have general existence even if you feel that the Divine Creator doesn’t exist as a guy with white hair and a magnifying glass or as some all-powerful, almighty Being. That is semantics and gets to the next point.

What we are really saying here is that when I can write something down and name something, then that is a form of existence. If we disavow that and if we get tricked by people who say there is no God, or there is God, but God is this or that, or the Divine Creator is Allah, or some other force, or whatever we are convinced to believe, and if we get stuck on this idea where we don’t accept the logic that you can name something and if you can describe something then it has a form of general existence. Then that is half the problem because we are not thinking straight and we are not seeing the logic and the reason of it. If we don’t see the reason or logic, then how can we resolve anything? 

So, the first point in proving that Life is a Dream and that there is a Divine Creator is that if we can name something and if we can describe something at least conceptually then it has some existence. In Article 11.4, #2 we say that the existence of the universe, in terms of material existence, depends upon both rules and matter. So, if you like when you boil all science down, everything around you depends upon rules and matter. If you think all of this is mechanical? Think again. Have you ever seen some images under a microscope of a surface such as bedbugs or bacteria? You can’t see those from your day-to-day existence but it doesn’t mean that bedbugs or bacteria are not there.

Maybe you have seen some of the electron microscope photos of walls and other surfaces around the home or the office where under the electron microscope that wall that you think is solid is not solid at all. It’s not solid! At best it is a Swiss cheese of strands of different molecules. Most of that wall that you are looking at is air. Most of it is air! But to you, your fist, your arm or your leg, it is a solid as anything else. What we are saying here is that there are certain rules that govern matter, not just how matter functions but how we perceive matter.

We say under Proof of Material Existence that neither matter without rules, or rules without matter can exist in universal realty. It is the chicken and the egg argument of what came first—the chicken or the egg? A chicken to exist needs to come from an egg but all eggs come from chickens! What came first?

Then we say under point #2 that the only answer is that rules can exist on their own in theory. The only example of a system whereby rules exist in theory and rules and matter exist in reality is in relation between a dreamer and a dream. Now, if you think that is tricky then ask yourself even the simplest of concepts that is the concept of dimension. I am not talking about the objects in matter I am talking about this concept of dimension, perspective where something is above something or something is below something or something is left or something is right. I can describe the relation between things but when is that fabric created, that fabric on which those things are referenced—dimension?

We create dimension everyday when we think, dream or daydream. And yet that very simple, natural thing that we do is fundamental to existence. The only time we can see that dimension is created is in this nexus, this relation between rules and theory and rules and matter existing in reality in the fabric, in the rules and the design of a dream.

So, why am I spending time on all this and belaboring the point here? It is that if we are stuck in seeing the world as some kind of mechanistic model or worse that if we view life, death and the world in terms of some Biblical parable, then there is no way we can reconcile what is going on and there is no way we can answer the questions, the big questions that keep haunting us in terms of Purpose of Life and Why when someone we know or love dies, or when we face our own inevitable death.

If we cannot get perspective on these basic, key, and fundamental ideas in our lives then there is no way that we can face the big lies that have been thrust on us in our world by the Illuminati and the elite and there is no way we can describe or define or get a handle on this. We will forever be going around chasing our tails. The next thing that comes along we’ll say that we have found a new fad, or someone has told me a new fact or someone has come up with a new remedy. No wonder so many people keep chasing their tails and chasing guru after guru, because we haven’t got a handle on these essentials.

If you have not read Article 11 of the Covenant of One Heaven, then I urge you now to please go and have a look. There are 7 proofs of Divine Existence that prove without a shadow of a doubt the Divine Creator exists and why. After reading those or after reading The Journey of UCA if you still don’t trust or accept that life is a dream, then I guess for the moment that is where our journeys part. Because nothing I am going to share with you next week and the weeks following in the 3-part series on Ucadia and One Heaven vs. the Illuminati and the global elite, is going to at all make sense or get through to you.

Life is a Dream! We are part of the Divine Creator and We ARE the Divine Creator. The problem is that a dream can exist within a dream but a dreamer cannot conceive of two dreams simultaneously. No matter how much the Divine Creator wishes to interpose Itself in this dream to stop this madness, It cannot except through the manifestation that is you. You are the only answer and the only way the Divine Creator can stop this madness. You are the answer, not the Divine Creator! All that hocus-pocus of thunderbolts and lightning, other than from nature that can certainly rain down thunderbolts, and sweep away and get rid of rats in a bunker whether she has to do that today or tomorrow, there are no problems with Earth intervening.

But, as far as Divine Creator is concerned and Pure Consciousness is concerned, it cannot interpose itself twice. It cannot simultaneously conceive of two dreams. Dream within dream within dream is no problem. But it cannot interpose itself twice without collapsing the dream that is existence. 

So, you, being the personification of the Divine, and you, being the connection through to Higher Self and the Divine, absolutely you have an ability to stop the madness. It begins with waking up. It begins with taking the time to read and learn and if it still doesn’t make sense, then go and listen to the older blogs. Read the older blogs and take the time to reflect on them. These are not written to be a cult; they are written to make it clear that life is a dream, an incredible dream! Life is an amazing dream. To be a homo sapien, to be a human being is an extraordinary gift!

It has its trials and tribulations to be Homo sapiens, the human being. We are fighting for the survival of our species and our planet, and yes, we have people doing some pretty bad things at the moment. Yes, some awful, terrible, and despicable things. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that life is a dream and the dream has rules and the Divine Creator exists. You are part of the Divine Creator and the personification of the Divine Creator!

Because Awareness is an independent quality to the machinery of cognition, because you are already Unique Collective Awareness you are already immortal. You can never die! The consciousness that identifies itself as you by your name, by your gender, by your age, by your circumstance, by your experience—that can never die! And, we are all connected to the same level of consciousness. Homo sapiens consciousness, whether we are ‘in-body’, whether we have died, whether we are in ghost state or whether we are in a state of collective heaven, we are all on the same plane of consciousness.

Some may say, “Hold on a second about this thing of Awareness is an independent quality. I’ve read psychology books and psychology tells me that Awareness or mind is really the ghost in the machine, the by-product of a physical system.” What absolute, complete and utter rubbish! I’ll prove it to you. 

Close your eyes for a moment and conceive of a beach. Hopefully you have been to a lovely beach somewhere or have seen a beach in a movie or you have dreamt of going to a beach. This is a beach with sand, not with rocks, and beautiful, lapping waves. The water is not too hot and it’s not too cold and the air against your body is not too hot and not too cold. You have a sense of tranquility. Can you conceive that moment and place in your mind at this moment?

If you were in a lab somewhere and we had the equipment we could measure your mind and we might now, with advances in neuro-science, we might be able to predict the kinds of images and the visually stimulated images that might come in. At the end of the day, the image that you ‘saw’ in your own mind of a beach existed because you conceived it. You know you saw a beach. Now, I might not be able to prove that is what you saw, and science still may not be able to prove that is what you saw, and we can measure all the physical machinery of cognition, but that awareness, that mind remains an independent quality. It is a quality that has its own non-locational existence. That is our connection back to the Divine Creator—the fact that we are both physical in the dream and spiritual conscious beings.

We have all these answers ourselves and we experience these things ourselves and the problem is that people tell us that white is black, up is down, green is brown, and once we start to believe those twists and those turns, that is where we get ourselves into trouble. So, do you trust then, that you are immortal and can never die? Do you trust that a dream can exist within a dream but a dreamer cannot conceive of two dreams simultaneously? The Divine Creator cannot do what religions want to claim can be done which is to throw down thunderbolts and cause earthquakes and smite some enemy, as much as we would like that to be.

If we trust those things, and we trust that we are already immortal and we can never die, and if we accept that life is a dream and the dream has rules, and if we accept the fact that our consciousness is all part of the same plane, then we can start to investigate what is happening to cause this madness in the world that we are seeing and what is causing us to ‘trip up.’ We have multiple layers that we are connected to. As Homo sapiens we carry the form of the 3-part mind of the Homo sapiens, the mind that splits itself into different parts. We also carry the legacy of blood of the former different species of hominid. We are connected to our Higher Self through our heart, through our conscience. We can also cut ourselves off from our Higher Self and create our own illusion of heaven or hell.

But, we need to accept the basic premise that life is a dream and the dream has rules. We are already immortal and can never die. The dream can exist within a dream but a dreamer cannot conceive of two dreams simultaneously. Our challenge in this world is breaking through this filter that overlays all kinds of contradictions, fears, and turmoil in our own minds as to what will happen when we physically separate from our bodies.

So read The Journey of UCA if you haven’t already and you will find it at If you haven’t already done so, look at The Covenant of One Heaven at In particular take the time to read Article 11 on theology. Then you can look at the Sacred Books at on Summa Elementis Theologica. When we start next week and we talk about Ucadia and One Heaven vs. the Illuminati and the global elite, and we take stock and inventory next week by what we mean by the Illuminati, the global elite, Ucadia and One-Heaven. At least you will be certain in your own mind as to these fundamental concepts of who you are, of what you are, that there is a purpose of life. There is purpose to the simplest answer to the meaning of ALL.

I leave you with this and I don’t know how many times I have said this, but for some reason it doesn’t get through, and people ask me what is the purpose? If you want to frame that question in its formal sense, what you are asking for is the meaning of ALL. The simplest answer that I have ever found, based on life is a dream to the meaning of ALL, is three words, that Awareness Loves Life. Awareness Loves Life! That is the meaning of ALL right in front of you and the ultimate meaning of existence is to live and to love life. If you wonder why that obvious statement may not strike you, it is because you are currently living. That is the blessing! You are living! From your perspective it is in reverse isn’t it? Life Loves Awareness! 

That is what the Illuminati and the global elite claim when they say that knowledge is power. It is to know everything. How many cardinals, how many popes, how many business leaders wanted to know everything?

If I knew everything and I had the answers to everything, I could control this world. Guess what? Before enlightenment you chop wood and you pick up dog poo. And after enlightenment you chop wood and you pick up dog poo, because Awareness Loves Life and Life Loves Awareness. There is the cycle of perspective as Life is a Dream. Take the time and reflect on what we have said. I am not being flippant and I am not trying to throw you slogans. There is deep, deep meaning in what I have shared with you.

Next week when we do an overview, I will work on the basis that you have thought about these things and those that come to the call have accepted these things based on the evidence and reflection that you are comfortable in accepting these things as truths. So until we speak next week thank you for taking the time to listen. Please be well. Thank you and good night.