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Practical Supernatural Tips Pt2: Changing the future of this planet by you healing your past

Published: [ Thu 14th May, 2015 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for reading and listening to the Ucadia Blog this week entitled “Practical Supernatural Tips Pt2: Changing the future of the planet by you healing your past”.

If you have been listening to the Ucadia blogs over the previous few weeks, then you will know that we have just finished a three part series entitled “The Supernatural Explained” (see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and then just last week, a follow up blog entitled Practical Supernatural Tips on Spiritual Energy, Guilt Contracts and the Redemption of Souls. It has been some incredible information to share with you and I want to thank all of you that have written to me recently to share your positive experiences in taking the time to really listen to and read this very important series.

I also want to extend a special thanks to each and every one of you that found a way somehow to help contribute toward the continued research and development of Ucadia. Your contribution makes a huge difference as Ucadia receives no income from any form of advertising, or government subsidies, or seminars, or selling remedies, or thirty party organization donations or major patrons. Instead, the normal and everyday people that have voted with their computer keyboards in providing donations are the ones that have kept Ucadia going these past few months, whilst programs to get Ucadia self sufficient and sustainable continue to be developed. So my gratitude and thanks to each and every one of you with the courage and the conscience and the heart to help.

If this is your first time to viewing or reading anything about Ucadia, then welcome and I hope you find this blog and the previous blogs about the Supernatural to be both useful and positive information. In particular, I urge you, if you have not already done so, to begin with part 1 of the three part series on the Supernatural Explained and then read and listen to the three parts in order, before reading and listening to the blog last week on “Practical Supernatural Tips”, before you start the blog tonight as Part 2 on Practical Supernatural Tips and how you can and will change the future of planet Earth and your own future in an incredible way by knowing how to effectively heal yourself and your past.

In making such statements, I know there will be a whole number of people out there that roll their eyes and reflexively react by concluding that what we are about to discuss is something akin to “selling some hocus pocus spiritual theory” at best, or promoting dangerous cognitive and “self-help” theories at worst. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because tonight, we will be taking advantage of the amazing insights we discussed last week on the breaking of guilt contracts, and why our notion of the past and memory and history for the lower mind of Homo Sapien is an illusion; and that such memory and history can and is changed all the time.  As we continue to demonstrate over and over and over again, the present system of Western-Roman Philosophy overlaying the models and claims of the Roman Death Cult admits constantly in their own corruptions and delusions that the past is completely malleable and that they have taken full advantage of that fact – to our collective detriment.

I am also very much aware that such topics of discussion also raises up heated opinions– especially by those who find themselves firmly entrenched in the systems of various orthodox death cults such as the Roman Death Cult, the Protestant Death Cult, the Jewish Death Cult and the Islamic Death Cult. For some of these people, even to consider some of the notions we have discussed is impossible, much less to contemplate the use of reason or logic or discernment. Instead, such notions as Faith and Belief and Guilt and Mystery and Superstition and Fear and the worship of all things Dead, reign supreme. While I forgive such people and have compassion for those so completely trapped in a world of utter madness and self-torture, I cannot save stupid people. I cannot stop stupid people. All I can do is forgive them, reject any and all guilt contracts and project positive empathy toward such people.

Then there are those, completely riddled and possessed with ghost energy that seem propelled in some desperate way to impede or obstruct or damage this message coming to you. I have had people recently write to me and claim things that have never been said or written by me; and people who accuse me of things I have never done; or seek to create controversy as if by such tricks, my energy and ability to complete this work will be impeded. What can you do then, when confronted with people so thoroughly possessed by ghosts they have no idea of what they are saying or doing? Again, I forgive them and reject any and all guilt contracts and project positive empathy toward such people.

So, after finishing the blog last week, I had begun to prepare for the next major blog series of Ucadia where we will revisit key foundations of law such as Article 84 on Trusts under the Canons of Positive Law as well as Article 99 on Estates. This series will take a little time to prepare, because I want to update the slides I did on a seminar a few years ago to help with the overall introductory nature of the series as promised. Anyway, in the feedback a number of you provided me from last week, the point became clear that the affirmation on the rejection and dissolving of guilt contracts was only a part of the measure as there is much more to do. In other words, it is one thing to identify and claim all guilt contracts are dissolved; it is another to make deep and clear change to the effect. Or in another way, it is one thing to know that cleaning up our memory of past events is key to unlocking our future, but how do we focus on a life of twenty years, or thirty years, or fifty years or seventy years or more?

What I am saying then is that those of you who wrote back to me after listening to and reading the three part series on Supernatural Explained and the 1st part on Practical Supernatural Tips, have made it clear that we are by no means finished on this subject and if anything, we definitely need to put some more work into explaining how do we address the cleaning up of guilt contracts in our past? And how do we create an environment of positive manifestation and abundance moving forward?

That is what I want to do tonight. To provide you even more practical information than just a simple affirmation to cast off any and all guilt contracts from your life – but additionally to enact lasting positive change. Yet I also want to do more. I want to share with you an absolutely astounding insight as to your power midst this process of confronting the insanity of Mundi and the worship of stupid. I want to reveal to you how you can not only change your own future for your own benefit, but that if you are prepared to work on your own life and your own memory and your own healing, then you can and will have a profoundly positive effect on changing the future of planet Earth. 

As I said at the beginning of the blog tonight, I realize that for many, such claims seem a bit far-fetched and even vague. Yet I make a solemn promise to you tonight, that if you take the time to continue reading and listening after you have first read or re-read and listened to the three parts of the series on Supernatural Explained and then last weeks blog on Practical Supernatural Tips, that what we discuss tonight is truly life changing – for the better.

Amazing Science Discoveries vs. Discovery of the Power of One

Twenty years ago, when I first conceived of the Hydro-Helio Atomic Matrix Model and “why Mass is Mass”, I felt that such a discovery that not only completed a key part of the work of Albert Einstein (also born on 14th March) but explained “why E = mc2” would be welcomed and celebrated as a major historic milestone of scientific discovery. I could not have been more wrong about the science community.

Even though, I have been in possession of half a dozen pages that condense the complexities of chemistry from hundreds of pages to six; and answers why mass is mass; and is completely consistent from the first level of matter to the largest levels of matter; and does not contradict any of the key observable measures; and answers all the major anomalies of forces and energy; and answers the missing mass equations and has an error rate compared to the periodic table in measuring the mass of different atoms of zero (0), it turns out that no tenured scientist or scientific faculty or scientific institution or scientific publication has the slightest interest in a true Unified Model of Matter and Energy, unless it glorifies their pre-existing orthodoxies by one of their own high priests.

I mention this, not because I am bitter by the experience. Yes, it is true that it upset me for many years to discover the awful truth that Western-Roman science is the most fanatical and occult religion on the planet, permitting absolutely no dissension from the sacred doctrines and dogmata promulgated by its “rock-star” scientists. Instead, I mention this fact about some of the thousands of discoveries that exist throughout the Ucadia model, because what I am about to share with you, is even more profound and it has to do with perceiving every contact you have ever made with another higher order mind, even if for a few seconds.

If you have been reading and listening to the previous blogs over the past few weeks on the Supernatural, then you will know that the battle between the forces that want to keep this planet enslaved and under their control, versus those that finally have the guts to stand up and say “enough is enough”, is centered not just in the streets of our cities and chat rooms within social media, it is a battle being fought in the mind – most notably in smashing blatant lies such as the claim by the Roman Death Cult and its allies and agents that history is set in stone and collective memory is fixed. As I hope you can now see with the overwhelming evidence and admission by the system itself – this is complete and total rubbish.

It turns out that within the completely malleable fabric that is the collective consciousness of our species or “collective lower mind”, that these contact events between individual conscious beings we just mentioned are the actual bricks of our collective consciousness. How we perceive and arrange these contact events as bricks of certainty in our own consciousness is the design of the structure we build within our minds and communities, with our attitudes, education and knowledge being the mortar. Thus, what we build and what we project into the outer world, being the collective dream, is a copy of this inner constructed reality. It also turns out that even if we do not feel an interaction is significant, it could be significant to the other party; and as a result a contact and connection is made – a new brick in some wall of consciousness.

So think about this for a second – how many interactions have you had with other people? I am not just talking about boyfriends or girlfriends, or family or acquaintances or even work colleagues or members of some common fraternity or association – every unique contact, whether it be: one-to-one, many-to-one or one-to-many is significant. To a man or woman that has lived an active life into their sixties, even if they never performed in a profession involving mass media or publicity, could still have formed, possibly, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of contacts.

Just as every level of matter has unique properties, such as atoms and molecules; and then up to planets and stars; and groups of stars within a galaxy, in our case as a higher order species, it is these contacts that in many respects define us and define our species. They are what the Unique Collective Awareness means in the word “Life” in the answer to the meaning of ALL, that “Awareness Loves Life”. We may be carnate into flesh alone and may leave our bodies alone, but except for those two discrete events, we are really never alone, even if we live for a period of time in the most isolated of environments, because every single contact, as every single brick, continues to play a part in building and constructing the reality within our consciousness- and so are always with us.

Thankfully, most of us can recall at least a few relations that we feel overwhelmingly positive emotions and memories, even if there are some less so. Yet, even with the overwhelmingly positive relations, there will be significant times where we felt embarrassed or hurt or angry or annoyed, or that the other person was unreasonable, or negative, or not responsive to our feelings. When it comes to parents and figures of trust in our childhood, the “mixed emotions” may be even more pronounced, whereby we find ourselves, after such people have physically left their bodies, reminiscing the positives, but also recalling the negatives and faults on both sides. These are some of the strongest bricks, to use the analogy again in respect of our consciousness.

The point about each of these bricks of consciousness representing each and every contact event, and each and every relation is that they are also doorways of consciousness that the television series “Stargate” and “Interstellar” so brilliantly represent. In other words, when we talk about such things in previous weeks as Guilt Contracts as the dumping of negative emotions and obligations and other peoples memories on us, a conscious portal is also created as well; and even if the other party is no longer in flesh, so long as such doorways are open, then exchanges will continue at some level, even if we are consciously unaware of the effect.

Last week, we spoke about the negative effect of these Guilt Contracts; and tonight we need to speak some more about the practical aspects of cleaning up our past and re-experiencing the same contact events with fresh eyes – as the memory bricks in our own lives. We also need to expand our appreciation of the nature of Guilt Contracts further to debunk such elements as Curses and even Blessings. Yet what I want to express now is the profound realization that those tens of thousands of contact events in your life, representing tens of thousands of bricks of consciousness and doorways of potentially active portals also means that if you are willing, and able and resolute in healing your life, then you have direct portals to profoundly helping tens of thousands of other people in the process, directly. Instead of just viewing your contribution to the planet through cleaning up the environment, or feeding the poor, or helping build someone a house, or contributing to Ucadia, or some other positive affirmation that you care, it is what you can achieve by aligning your own mind and heart and coming to terms with all the events that have contributed to your life and ending any and all guilt contracts that will have the greatest positive impact on this planet and this species. That is the power of One; and one of the most extraordinarily profound revelations that has yet been shown to me. That one man or woman, balanced and competent in mind, healed of the false memories of guilt and regret is able to heal thousands of others by first healing themselves. I hope you see the significance of this revelation!

Before we explore exactly how we might move forward with such knowledge in a meaningful way and approach to our lives, I want to address a couple of additional points about Guilt Contracts first, namely that Curses and Blessings are forms of Guilt Contracts.

The madness of Curses and Blessings, and Kharma and Dharma as hidden Guilt Contracts

Last week, we defined a Guilt Contract to be three things combined as one, namely:

(i) A strong emotional state, often predicated on negative emotions; and

(ii) A recounting of some claimed memory of action, time and place of the past, often unreliable and skewed from an accurate or objective perspective; and

(iii) An obligation, punishment, condemnation, responsibility, curse or performance, due in the future associated with the claimed memory of action.

When these three components of strong negative emotion, unreliable memory and negative obligation are presented to us, it is usually on the premise that we accept the components and thereby seal a new contract that has the following effect:

(i) We assume the memory with the emotion, thus accepting a new memory that becomes our memory; and

(ii) We accept explicitly or implicitly the negative consequences and obligations of performance that were previously held by the other party; and

(iii) The party no longer obligated or bound to that memory by the performance is then free to re-write history in their own mind, while we re-write history in our own mind to assume responsibility and liability for events that we had no original part in.

What we did not discuss is how Guilt Contracts are hidden in plain sight within our culture, and how we might address these common versions, namely Curses, the concept of Kharma and even Blessings.

When it comes to curses, probably the most feared is the curse of the Roma, otherwise known as “Gypsies” and the Irish Travellers. The Gypsies have been infamous across Europe for centuries in using curses as a weapon and threat to extract what they seek from strangers; and woe to those that fail to heed their words. For there are many stories of people experiencing great misfortune after crossing the path of Gypsies and Travellers.

Yet is this true? And how might this be explained in terms of a Guilt Contract with also an assignment of a ghost to ensure the Guilt Contract is fulfilled? In the case of the Roma and the Irish Travellers, it appears for people so seemingly powerful in uttering curses, that their own lives and influence in society is at best precarious. Some have suggested that this is proof of the negative consequences of uttering curses, or a kind of “kharma”. I will get to that notion in a moment. Another clue with cultural curses is that both groups are heavily devoted to extreme and excessive rituals of the Roman Death Cult. In fact, their reason for existence largely revolves around rituals and events ordained by necromancers as priests of the Roman Death Cult. Both groups also have an unhealthy obsession in their connection to their deceased relatives and the tending of their needs and graves.

So here we have some clues that in the context of what we now know about ghosts, is screaming out to be exposed as the source of any power of a Roma or Irish traveller curse, being not only the Guilt Contract but the fact that these unfortunate people doom themselves to perpetual generations as ghosts, who then serve the next generation, largely as agents of their misfortune. Almost like a ghost placement agent, whereby an older Gypsy woman may knowingly or unknowingly be attaching the ghosts of her dead relatives to those unfortunate people that accept the Guilt Contract, with the result being the attachment of the ghost Gypsy then dedicated to ruining these peoples’ lives. It is immoral, it defies the proper order of consciousness and it needs to stop.

So what about kharma as the concept that anyone who utters a curse risks befalling to the consequences of such action? And what about the concept of some kind of universal cycle of justice? Well, the notion that Guilt Contracts are issued with an expiry date, turns out to be complete rubbish. The notion that Guilt Contracts in consciousness somehow mature and return to the maker 10 fold to inflict upon them the misery they imposed is deliberately misleading and Roman agent confusion. Guilt Contracts are designed to never mature; and by their nature, the maker of such a contract absolves themselves of the consequences. In fact, believing that a Curse or a Guilt Contract returns to the maker is such a false concept that it aids in the perpetuation of the curse, rather than its ending.

As a consequence, I have found myself, and in reflection a number of sections of Ucadia, where this kind of notion of Universal Kharma has been wrongly applied in relation to curses and guilt contracts. For all the curses and blessings and guilt contracts issued by the Roman Death Cult and their agents every day of every week for the past 800 years of their effective existence, none of it should return upon them, but be dissolved now, this instant. Because as I have said before, the most perverted of their ranks actually welcome cursing, as curses and guilt contracts is the source of the continued manifestation of Mundi. If you end the contracts, you end Mundi.

Thus, Kharma and Dharma in many ways, is merely the eastern equivalent to curses and blessings of the Roman Death Cult in the west. All of these concepts are Guilt Contracts by another name; and all of them are false and need to be dissolved. The Unique Collective Awareness is amoral – not immoral, but without the flawed judgment of human beings and false priests. We need to grow up in our appreciation of consciousness and end all forms of Guilt contracts, especially curses, blessings, kharma and dharma in order to move forward.

The misdirection of prayer and meditation in useless methods

So how do we manifest positive change in the ending of Guilt Contracts? One obvious answer as we did last week, is to invoke our will and to express such conscious states in meditation, otherwise known as prayer.

The healing power of prayer is well known. However, what is less well known is how much of that directed consciousness is deliberately wasted and useless because it is misdirected. In the first instance, despite the abundance of images and the seemingly endless promotion of prayer, the Roman Death Cult doesn’t actually want anyone know how to effectively project their own conscious thought to effecting future events and the lives of others. “God forbid” that people actually became free of the haze and zombie like state of being imprisoned by the Mundi Mind Virus; and became aware of the enormous power they have in projecting positive mental thought into change – if they only knew what to do.

The first reality check concerning meditation or prayer as a medium for directing our conscious will is the futility of surrendering the mind to external deities, spirits, angels or demons in respect of some desired future events. The very nature of existence as defined in the canons of Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum of Ucadia as well as the Journey of UCA makes clear that the future is not set in stone. There is no such thing as inevitable destiny or even certainty. Instead, there are only possibilities with a degree of probability. The free will of existence dictates that the future cannot be certain. Existence itself prevents such a notion. Instead, each moment must be experienced and celebrated as an expression of will to exist, or simply “To Be”. The only aspects of time-space that can be consciously experienced with any certainty, is the past. 

I will speak about the past, present and future in a moment. Yet the point I want to make about this form of prayer of outward surrender is that a complex prayer to certain symbols of saints and deities is no more effective than simply saying the phrase “what will be, will be” – they have the same effect, because in both instances we are projecting to outward forces and surrendering any conscious connection.

The same applies to misdirected prayer and meditations for the well being of others.  These kind of future aspirations, no matter how noble, are completely wasted and lost when trying to envisage future events that have not happened and may not happen; instead of reimagining past contact events where we not only have the bricks of consciousness, but are able to open up such doorways as doorways of healing. Like I said, it is almost as if the entire planet has been tricked into wasting all those prayers and invocations away from the real source of changing the future; that is, addressing the portals and emotions, and frequently, the guilt contracts residing within our own selves.

If you want to help your dying friend or relative, then remember past events and forgive yourself; and learn the lessons from those past encounters; and break the guilt contracts; and forgive the other parties involved in the contact; and then use such portals of experience to re-imagine a healing column of unconditional love as the source of inspiration. There is simply, no more powerful form of meditation or prayer for healing.

Similarly, if you want to break the cycle of poverty or misery or misfortune in your life, then break those habits that cloud consciousness such as addiction to drugs and stimulants and forgive yourself; and then break the guilt contracts. If need be, you need to consider leaving for the time being, those relationships where others are incapable of also finding healing; as people who are unwilling or incapable of taking some responsibility over their own guilt contracts will continue to play a negative influence on you, no matter how much work you do on your self. 

So work through your past memories; and at each step, take stock of what you learn as you approach each day as new, without the baggage of the old; and commit to approaching each encounter honestly, fearlessly and wisely; being careful not to make promises or feeling forced to make agreements under duress.

Having said this, there may be some, who immediately object and say "it all sounds great in theory, but where is the practical application?" In reality, it is never easy making such change; and no matter how positive all this sounds, there are deep seated issues within most of us at different times regarding the future; and the sense of helplessness by not having control.I want to prove you wrong on this, by revealing yet another incredible gift – the fact that your mind has within it a time machine that can travel to the future and affect the future every moment of every day in the form of the present conscious mind.

The truth of the future, present and past

Remember earlier, we spoke about the fact that the future is not written yet and cannot be written without violating the rules of existence? Nor can we think in the present, but in reality only “be” or “feeling” in the present. The only element we can control in any conscious effect is the past. Well, this summary is true to an extent, except our minds devised a way to circumvent this problem of not being able to think in the present, by creating our present conscious mind into a time machine. Let me explain.

When you are free of the effects of marijuana, or methamphetamines, or alcohol or other stimulants that deeply compromise your present conscious state of mind, then what you have access to is conscious apparatus developed over the millenia, whereby what you perceive as the immediate present is actually the immediate future. Your clear present conscious mind is actually a fraction of a second ahead of the present event, yet to happen. The gap is important, because what your clear present conscious mind is processing all past available information around it, to guess the future; and then present the best future to you as if it is the present moment. Thus the past is being used to project into the future – affecting the present moment. Your clear conscious perception of reality is always an illusion and an approximation. Like I said, you can never think the present moment – you can only feel the present moment.

I hope this makes sense why cleaning up your emotional and mental view of past events is so important and why breaking down the mind control that keeps your life in such a perpetual cycle is vital; and why so much of the Mundi system desperately wants you to believe the past is written in stone and there is nothing you can do about the future.

A better model of consciousness in healing the past

If we are going to address the past, then we need to classify the past into some meaningful arrangement of perspective. To that end, I have listed the following model for you to consider in envisaging the past:

1. Immediate Past – projected as future template or “conscious present”

2. Present Past - now to past 7 days

3. Recent Past - 7 days ago to past 28 days

4. Relevant Past - 2 months to 7 years

5. Distant Past - Over 7 years

The way to view this model of the past is to consider the interconnection between each period and the emphasis on consciousness.

1. Immediate Past – projected as the present is our final safety mechanism for staying alive and hopefully dodging a bullet or arrow or claw of a hungry predator, or pothole or any other danger. 

2. Present Past – is where we process information on survival – where the next meal will come from, or safe shelter or keeping safe. For some, this is a day to day survival.  Yet for most people entrapped as wage slaves, this existence is more likely to be week to week. Unless, we allow a certain amount of time each period of the present past to reflect on how to move forward, then the cycle continues.

3. Recent Past – is where the deeper issues of safety and comfort and emotional stability kick in. The recent past is where we develop habits and reinforce the effects of new Guilt Contracts we may have consciously accepted.

4. Relevant Past – is the key to our prosperity and abundance as it is the relevant past where we are most likely to find the architecture for our present problems.

5. Distant Past – is where the deepest guilt contracts are most likely to be hidden, by repeats on a similar theme and a place that is largely futile to address until we tackle the first levels of reviewing the past.

Another clue about cleaning up Guilt Contracts

There is one more clue to consider when searching out and dissolving guilt contracts in the manner we have been discussing and that is that guilt contracts always cluster together under the same false information.  Whether it be by design of some higher intelligence, it appears that guilt contracts principally cluster around concepts that coincide with the false overlay on our physical meridians and energy system otherwise known as our Chakra points.

So instead of focusing on the concept of respect, located around the cluster of nerves at our pelvic region, guilt contracts pervert and corrupt this notion with the behaviour of illicit desire; and

Instead of honesty around the nerves of our lower intestine, we see guilt contracts ferment the madness of delusion – or lying to ourselves; and

Instead of commitment and fortitude as the building blocks of courage from our upper intestine and stomach, we see guilt contracts promote irresponsibility and cowardice; and

Instead of enthusiasm and higher love of the heart, we see guilt contracts harden the heart into fanatical behaviour and intolerance; and

Instead of compassion and empathy of the throat and thyroid, we see guilt contracts cluster and create lust and sociopathic tendencies; and

Instead of cheerfulness and joy of face, guilt contracts promote addiction and superficiality; and

Finally, instead of wisdom of the crown chakra, guilt contracts promote willing ignorance and false judgment.

This clustering is key to comprehend. Because it means, once we strike a vein of guilt contracts and begin clearing them out of our lives, we can jump periods of time, finding that the same negative and corrupt emotions are interconnected, like removing layers of plaque or dirt until we usually come to the oldest and deepest of the guilt contracts usually enforced or imposed upon us at a vulnerable age.

The Next Steps

I know all of this is not easy.  It takes a lot of work and a real dedication to the present moment alignment of feeling as exhibited by the seven living virtues – documented in Article 9 of every Ucadian Covenant and Charter for several years now.  Yet if you do the work, not only will you see incredible positive change in the world, you will also be able to help people in a far more profound and influential way, through the pre-existing connections you have.

So Thank you again for taking the time to read and listen. If you found this information useful tonight and if such information genuinely helps you, then I hope you are also willing and able to click on the link and help and support the continue research that enables this kind of information from Ucadia to continue.

And until we speak in two weeks time on the beginning of the series on The Law Explained, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.




Practical Supernatural Tips: On Spiritual Energy, Guilt Contracts and the Redemption of Souls

Published: [ Thu 7th May, 2015 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (60 min 20 Mb)

Hello this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for taking some time out of your day to read and listen to the Ucadia blog this week entitled “Practical Supernatural Tips: On Spiritual Energy, Guilt Contracts and the Redemption of Souls”. 

I realize it is a bit of a strange sounding topic for the blog and audio this week. In the first instance, I start with the promise of providing you with practical tips that I assure you I will fulfil – only that the practical tips will be on the supernatural. Yet, for some people, such a phrase as “practical supernatural tips” is an oxymoron - a word coming from the Ancient Greek oksúmōros (ὀξύμωρος) meaning literally “a paradox; or a contradiction in terms”. Because we are told that paradoxes are bad, and because Western-Roman Science seeks to eliminate the presence of paradox within its axioms, there may be even some who read the title of the Ucadia blog tonight and dismiss it as nonsense, because that is how so many of the brightest minds have been taught to deal with paradox. 

That would be unfortunate. Yet it would not be the first time that a person has come to glance at Ucadia and without any further reading, make up his or her own mind of not delving in further. For example, the concept of Unique Collective Awareness or Ucadia is a glaring paradox of ultimate perspective. Indeed, the various phrases throughout Ucadia such as “Life is a Dream according to Rules”, or “The meaning of ALL is Awareness Loves Life”, or even “Nothing IS Absolute and Everything else is a Matter of Degree” are also blatant examples of paradox. So again, it is no wonder that some people dismiss the notions of Ucadia out of hand as thoroughly unscientific.

That would be a real tragedy. Because you see that at the heart of science, and at its very core, is the dirtiest of dirty little secrets: It is that Western-Roman Science itself rests upon the ultimate paradox. I am of course referring to the enigmatic Incompleteness Theorem of one Kurt Gödel, who in 1931 stated that “If a system is consistent, it cannot be complete as the consistency of the axioms cannot be proven within the system”. As Western-Roman Science is a system, what Kurt Gödel basically claimed is that Western-Roman Science cannot ever be regarded as an absolute truth.

Another way of describing the theorem is to take a simple example such as the logical mathematical axiom 1 + 1 = 2 being a central axiom essential to all commerce, science and logic. As with any axiom, it is merely a premise and it cannot be said to be a proof until the variables that form it are defined. Again, putting it another way, 1+1 = 2 may be “self evident”, but without defining what 1 means, it is incomplete. So if we state “let 1 = 1” we have defined the variable 1 to some degree, but not absolutely. So as there is no confusion, let me make it crystal clear then, Kurt Gödel proved without doubt that there can be no absolute scientific truths or proofs or certainties. Science is merely in one sense, an aggregate of our best presumptions and approximations that may very well be overtaken by better models in the future. There can be no absolute dogma in science but relative uncertainty.

As you can imagine, this idea shocked the world of science as much as business. The darling philosopher of the Roman Death Cult, Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead had spent nearly two decades publishing and asserting their work Principa Mathematica to be the foundation of all mathematical logic and exorcising any and every evidence of paradox. Now the discovery of Kurt Gödel showed it all to be in one sense a complete sham. So instead of accepting the brilliance of paradox and embracing paradox, Western-Roman Science became, from 1932 onward, a kind of Frankenstein that sought to learn more of the truth of uncertainty and quantum and the universe, yet continued to shackle itself with outmoded and outdated concepts that no longer make any sense, such as the antiquated notion of “energy” and the Four Laws of Thermodynamics that Science steadfastly refuses to surrender, despite the overwhelming knowledge that is now known that such laws have little practical application at levels of matter smaller than molecules, and at the level of matter smaller than atoms the supposed “laws of thermodynamics” are dangerously wrong.

The existence of paradox is everywhere: at the core of the Incompleteness Theorem; and in the nature of the number Pi; and in the definition of Nothing; and in the origin of the Universe; and through the existence of Mind, that also proves the existence of the Supernatural, and that Life is a Dream according to Rules. 

So while I deliberately chose to write a paradoxical theme for the Ucadia blog tonight in speaking about “Practical Supernatural Tips: On Spiritual Energy, Guilt Contracts and the Redemption of Souls”, I hope you will persist and continue to read and listen and not be put off by any counter arguments you know that seek to discredit or attack anything that raises the notion of paradox.

Before we begin, I ask you once again, to please go and read and listen to the previous three part series on the Supernatural Explained (See; Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) , as I will not be repeating concepts already discussed and defined. So please go and have a read and listen to the three part series (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3before going any further on this particular blog.

Based on what has been discussed in the previous three part series on the Supernatural Explained and as I have already promised, I want to provide you with a number of practical tips regarding the Supernatural, namely: 

+Making sense of the anomaly of the concept of whether there is such a thing as “spiritual energy” and if so, how does it work and how do we find balance?; and

+Why do some people “drain us” or “make us feel sick”? And the nature of spiritual contracts or more specifically “guilt contracts” that can occur every day of our lives and how knowledge of this process can significantly improve our health and well being; and

+How to reconcile the notion of “soul” given the revelations of its true meaning as a spiritual prison under the control of the necromancers and spell mongers and tricksters of the Roman Death Cult and their agents and how the concept of soul might be redeemed.

Above all, I hope that this blog in combination with the previous 3 blogs is able to make you more aware of the kinds of transactions and events that are taking place in and around you each and every day, whether you were aware or not in the past, and to take back accountability and control of your energy. It is the concept and the nature of Energy and of Spiritual Energy that we will begin tonight to try to better comprehend.

Before I do, let me quickly extend my deepest appreciation and thanks to each and every one of you who found a way to help and support Ucadia and make some kind of contribution. Because Ucadia has no patrons; and because Ucadia receives no government funding, or funding from any third party organization, or any kind of funding from advertising or seminars or sales campaigns, I rely on the courage and willingness of people like you that are prepared to support in some way. So thank you again for your help and support in keeping Ucadia going!

The nature of Energy and concept of Spiritual Energy

You have no doubt heard the saying that “everything is pure energy”. A hundred years ago, such a concept would have been a radical unsubstantiated claim. But thanks to pioneering physics, we now think that this theory is true. Certainly, fantastic discoveries such as E=Mc 2 seem to back up these claims. In more recent decades, the word energy is increasingly being used by new age healers, psychics and promoters in their description of what various techniques, beliefs, cures, etc unleash or align. I have even found myself using the term, without necessarily explaining myself more clearly what I mean. So what is Energy itself supposed to be made of? And what is Spiritual Energy supposed to be made of?

The word "energy" is derived from the Greek word energeia (ἐνέργεια) meaning “action, act, work”). The word was actually created by Aristotle in the context of his model of science derived from his “Three Unities” or notita (νότητα) of events from the Greek words en (ἐν) meaning “in” and ergon (ἔργον) meaning “work”. The Latin equivalent to energeia was the word eventus from the Latin words e and ventio meaning “action, movement, wind, coming”. Hence, in ancient times, the Greek word energy and the Latin word event meant effectively the same thing.

As for the notion of the Three Unities or notita in Greek, as the source of the meaning of Note, Aristotle had observed that just as a drama, or re-enactment of certain events for entertainment, nature could be defined by similar fundamentals or “unities” in Latin or “notes” in Greek being:

1. Unity of Action being an Event or Energy as a Subject derived from one primary Action as its cause;

2. Unity of Time being that the Action of Energy, or Drama or Event between at least two Actors occurs in a limited period of time – less than a Day;

3. Unity of Place being that the Energy, or Drama or Event occurs in a single space and place.

By the way, just to show you how this model continues to the present day, we see it mirrored in the three forms of Jurisdiction as another way of perfecting the three Unities, being:

1. Subject Matter Jurisdiction as the perfection of Unity of Action; and

2. Personal Jurisdiction as the perfection of Unity of Time; and

3. Territorial Jurisdiction as the perfection of Unity of Place 

In any event, by the time we reach the 19th Century, the term “energy” began to be used in a “scientific sense” as a force of nature and free from any supernatural or Divine Law, first by Thomas Young (1773-1829) in 1807, replacing the previous notion of vis viva or life force by Gottfried Leibiniz (1646-1716). Within the next decades, the term became more and more widely used by various philosophers such as Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis (1792-1843) who invented in 1829 the notion of “kinetic energy”; and William Rankine (1820-1872) who in 1853 invented the notion of “potential energy”; and then the egomaniacal William Thomson (1824-1907), also known as Lord Kelvin, who constructed the now infamous laws of thermodynamics around the middle of the 19th Century as well as trying to name as many theories of energy for himself as possible.

As for the esoteric use of the notion of “energy”, the leaders of esoteric knowledge were slower to adopt the word as an alternate to the ancient notion of ether, or life force or vis viva, now abandoned by Western-Roman Science from the 19th Century. Instead, with the re-discovery of electricity, new age leaders and mystic writers and psychics were busily looking to coin their own words to capture a new market and demand for their services because of such phenomena. At first the notion of aether as the “fifth element” was promoted as the force behind the propagation of electro-magnetic radiation. However, when this failed to be proved by the mid to late 19th Century, a second name was invented by Count Agenor de Gasparin (1810-1871) called “ectoplasm”. However, this notion again was exposed as without merit by the early decades of the 20th Century. It wasn’t until the emergence of the book entitled The Tao of Physics in 1975, that the ancient concept of aether and ectoplasm and vis viva took hold again, now under the notion of a kind of “spiritual energy”. This was further reinforced around the same period by James Lovelock in his book “The Gaia Hypothesis”. Today, the concept of “spiritual energy” is generally accepted across all branches of the New Age Movement. 

In contemporary Western-Roman Science, the word energy is almost always used in terms of describing “work done”. Work is done whenever a force causes movement of an object from one place to another, or from one structure state to another. Energy is defined as the capacity for doing work. Science then makes a distinction between a stationary object and an object in motion. A stationary object is said to have potential energy or stored energy, by virtue of what it is made of, where it is and what is around it. Once the object is in motion, it is said to have kinetic energy.

Contemporary science has been successful in classifying a range of forms of energy- all with different behavioral traits. These include mechanical energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, heat energy, radiant energy, kinetic energy and chemical energy.

Another fundamental belief of the contemporary scientific model of energy is that energy is interchangeable. In other words, given the right equipment, any one form of energy can be changed into any other form of energy. Science states with absolute confidence that this can happen in many cases relatively easily, while admitting at the same time that conversions of energy can sometimes be much harder.

You may be surprised to learn that there is no coherent explanation that unifies what each Energy is made of, even though science defines energy as a feature of each and every object and "something" that is transferred. Obviously, something has to be a "thing". 

Clearly, the current definition of energy within Western-Roman Science is inadequate as it fails to account for these discrete and unique forms of “exchanges” between particles as well as the relation between energy and motion. So within Ucadia, we have to come up with a clearer definition if we are to move forward.

For the purpose of presenting a unified theory of the Universe as a whole, more than twenty years ago, the Ucadia Model came up with a definition that better described the feature of motion attributed to the Western-Roman Scientific notion of “energy”. Under Ucadia, accumulative motion is now re-defined as energis – Energis is the measure of aggregated motion of all particles in motion to create mass (accumulative kinesis) and the motion of the particle itself.

Similarly, the idea of different units of exchange as attributed to the notion of “energy” such as light, or heat, or radiation, or magnetism is redefined under the Ucadia Model as “Ergons” – actual particles that both combine with larger particles in form as well as behave in particle fields. An Ergon is therefore a certain class of particles that under one set of conditions forms part of larger structures (e.g. Magnetic particles in certain atomic structures), under other conditions breaks form and behaves in particle fields.

We can now make a clear definition between:

(a) particles responsible for affecting form (e.g. Gravitons and Magnetons) and    
(b) motion that creates form and moves form (e.g. Structural and Kinetic).

If you want to see more information on the nature of Energis and Ergon particles in the context of a comprehensive and complete model, then please go and have a look at the Ucadian Patents on  Meanwhile, now we have cleared up the confusion over the notion of energy for Western-Roman Science, what about “spiritual energy”?

Well, it turns out the equivalent in terms of Ergons to the Homo Sapien interaction with its environment are Hormones and Peptides, or in action “Emotions”, while the effect in terms of Kinesis or change is mind, or the classical construct of an “Event” being time, place and action as a Memory. Thus Spiritual Energy can be best described as the effect of emotions and memory on our behavior. 

This now brings us to the importance of spiritual contracts or guilt contracts and how certain interactions each and every day have a profound effect on our state of happiness, our health and our spiritual well being.

Guilt Contracts

Last week, in the third part of the three part series on the Supernatural Explained, we defined the meaning of Guilt via Canon 6592 of Sovereign Law as being: “a fundamental ecclesiastical, legal, financial, commercial and cognitive term of the Venetian-Pisan Roman Death Cult whereby an absolute unbreakable binding and covenant is claimed, placing the spirit, mind and body of an unfortunate person under the full jurisdiction and control of the Roman Death Cult and its agents in this life and the next”.

We then looked at the components of Guilt, based around the absolute falsity and fantasy that memory in terms of Lower Mind is as if etched in stone, namely:

(i) As an ecclesiastical term, Guilt defines the claimed perpetual condemnation of a spirit to be bound as a Ghost as a Soul to serve the will of the Roman Death Cult in its perpetuation of power using false scripture, false dogma and the deliberately false, misleading and deceptive claims of the Roman Death Cult; and
(ii) As a legal term, Guilt defines the physical recording of a "penal sum" or "debt price" and the condemnation of a mind and body as culpable for one or more violations of Western-Roman criminal law; and
(iii) As a financial term, Guilt defines “Gold” literally as the Roman Death Cult commercialization of such sins into money, or the “monetization of sin” is only possible when a record of Guilt is established; and
(iv) As a commercial term, Guilt defines a binding and permanent and perpetual contract whereby a person admits fault and accepts punishment and accedes to performance of the terms of such contract of perpetual punishment as property of the Roman Death Cult or its agents as security; and
(v) As a cognitive term, Guilt defines the interpretation of human behaviors and actions to claim a comprehension and visual evidence of admission of fault and acceptance of any consequential punishment.

In contrast, our discussion last week exposed the very model of Guilt as being essential to the entrapment of minds by the Roman Death Cult and completely false, deceptive, misleading, morally repugnant and profane against true Christianity, the teachings of Jesus and the Carolingian founders of Catholicism in the 8th Century.

Now we return to this critically important concept for the continued enslavement of humanity by the Roman Death Cult and the Illuminati and Global Elite through the notion of a Guilt Contract – or how exactly they trick us into binding and condemning ourselves.

A Guilt Contract is an exchange with another, or within our selves with ghost influence whereby we are presented with three components:

(i) A strong emotional state, often predicated on negative emotions; and
(ii) A recounting of some claimed memory of action, time and place of the past, often unreliable and skewed from an accurate or objective perspective; and
(iii) An obligation, punishment, condemnation, responsibility, curse or performance due in the future associated with the claimed memory of action.

When these three components of strong negative emotion, unreliable memory and negative obligation are presented to us, it is usually on the premise that we accept the components and thereby seal a new contract that has the following effect:

(i) We assume the memory with the emotion, thus accepting a new memory that becomes our memory; and
(ii) We accept explicitly or implicitly the negative consequences and obligations of performance that were previously held by the other party; and
(iii) The party no longer obligated or bound to that memory by the performance is then free to re-write history in their own mind, while we re-write history in our own mind to assume responsibility and liability for events that we had no original part in.

It sounds bizarre when you think about it. Who in their right mind would accept the spiritual equivalent to a bag full of rotting prawn heads and dog shit from someone else, to then carry it around with them, when they may not even eat prawns or own a dog?  Yet that is precisely what we do each and every day to some extent when dealing with people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and are looking to us as a   target to dump their emotional and spiritual garbage via guilt contracts.

It also exposes the complete lie of the necromancers and Roman Death Cult and its academic agents that claim history and the past is an accurate record and set in stone when the experience of accepting a Guilt Contract sees both parties re-writing history in their own minds.

An irresponsible and unreasonable person, using any manner of excuses not to take account for his or her own mistakes and errors, upon a successful dumping of a Guilt Contract on some unfortunate victim, is then capable of re-writing in his or her own mind a lie whereby the person who accepts performance to “help” or “assist him/her” actually becomes literally responsible for the problems in the first place. If anything goes wrong, it is the fault of the person who assumed the Guilt Contract and not the one who is not taking responsibility for his or her own life.

I cannot tell you over the years and decades how many Guilt Contracts have been thrown at me by people, sometimes in a bullying fashion, demanding justice but in reality, looking for someone else to be blamed for their unwillingness to be objective for their own problems. It is the height of madness and why I say to people now, that no I will not assist you in direct help on your matters and why I cannot assist you directly in your own matters, because you need to take responsibility for your own matters and problems and use the knowledge that is available to work through such problems.

It took a long time to comprehend what was going on with Guilt Contracts and why some people left me drained or feeling physically sick. It was not simply psycho-somatic but the real effect of a Guilt Contract, leaving the conveyor of such a contract free to get on with not taking responsibility while I became the one to blame. As a result, I have suffered as maybe many of you have suffered the utter insanity of people blaming me for their problems, when I had absolutely nothing to do with their original mistakes; and why some people have assumed kindness as weakness.

No one has the right to dump on you, or to force Guilt Contracts onto you. Their lives are their lives. Their emotions are their emotions. If they are unwilling to extract themselves from such negative states of mind, then they have no right to try and off-load that onto you as some desperate attempt for freedom. Instead, they need to read and listen to Ucadia, such as the last three blogs before this one and comprehend what was taught about Guilt and why they feel the way they do in the first place.

Yet the worst perpetrator of Guilt Contracts is not our family or friends or acquaintances, but the Roman System itself. Why do you think you feel sick when you receive a Summons? Because a Summons from a Western-Roman Court is the personification of a Guilt Contract. A Summons is proof that the entire Western-Roman System of Law is a fraud. Let me explain.

From the beginning of civilization, in law the only way to prove the past is through testimony under proper oath and vow. Thus, any system that devalued the notion of the Golden Rule of Law, or the value of truthful testimony, or the validity of oaths and vows by inventing words such as “sworn” to mean the opposite to what people think, exposed itself as a system that does not honor an accurate past, but a history manipulated and moulded to its own ends.

In other words, if no value is placed upon the truth, then no value has been placed upon the past. If no value is placed upon the past, then no value has been placed upon the truth. Courts of Summary Jurisdiction, such as the lower Roman Courts, permit accusations to be accepted as fact without proper inquisition of the facts before proceeding. Such accusations are presumed as true, even through in many cases it is clearly impossible to make such assumptions. Thus, the Summary Justice system, as first promulgated via Westminster to the rest of the world from the 19th Century, effectively implies “The past is whatever we say it is”.

No wonder people feel sick when being forced to attend the Courts of the necromancers and the Roman Death Cult, because they are bombarded by Guilt Contracts without knowing how to properly defend themselves. Yet now you know. The Courts of Admiralty that now masquerade as the lower courts of the United States and all Commonwealth Countries are a fraud and their behavior is an open admission of a repudiation of any accuracy of the past, or statutes, or rulings, or citations, or justice or rule of law. It is impossible and absurd to conclude anything to the contrary.

Your rejection of Guilt Contracts is coming to realize that the reconstruction of past events made by prosecutors is not the truth; and that the negative emotions of guilt, fear, worthlessness and shame are not your emotions, but forced upon you; and that the negative emotions attached to unreasonable and unfair demands for punishment and performance based on threat, fear and intimidation invalidates the whole process entirely.

I know saying this does not help people necessarily when they are looking for actual answers within a court room or within a prison cell or in response to written threats and demands and theft of your life’s work. But we are speaking of the first step. Until tonight, you might never have considered the nature of Guilt Contracts in your life and why you should never help people unwilling to help themselves first. You might never have known the real reason you feel so sick around the Necromancer Courts of the Roman Death Cult. Now you know and now you can do something about it mentally and physically, even if the next steps in paperwork or actions in the temporal realm may still be a little fuzzy.

So I make a commitment to you: If you work on improving your self knowledge and your awareness by reading and learning Ucadia, I will be doing a follow up and new series on dealing with problems in law in the coming weeks where we will specifically tackle the issues of arrest, imprisonment, demands, threats, sentences, claims, foreclosures and the full range of intimidations and torture inflicted by the present system against people.

However, I remind you that a condition for me doing this series is that you make a solemn promise to Yourself and to the Divine Creator of all Existence that You will work everyday to improve Your own knowledge and competence and be prepared to help Yourself. You need to promise that You will be taking responsibility for the issues and errors and mistakes that got You into trouble or made things worse. 

I reject any and all Guilt Contracts dumped on me in the past, the present or the future as such contracts are founded on fraud. I reject any and all demands that any spirit may seek to enforce or impose against me based upon such false, deceptive and misleading assumptions. I certainly will not be accepting any Guilt Contracts from anyone.

Maybe, you also need to consider an affirmation that helps you reject any and all Guilt Contracts yourself. If you are prepared to stand up and take accountability for your own mistakes and errors, yet are also willing to release those false memories and false emotions and false obligations imposed on you by others, then consider the following affirmation as a possible means of pronouncing this fact to the Universe and making it so:

In the name of the Unique Collective Awareness of all Existence and the Divine Creator as the Universal Dreamer and all Spirits and Ancestors as my witness:
I reject any and all Guilt Contracts dumped on me in the past, the present or in the future as any and all such contracts are founded on fraud and so are unenforceable, except if I continue to give them validity; and
I reject any and all memories and negative emotions attached to such Guilt Contracts and attempted to be imposed on me as neither these memories are mine to accept, nor are these negative emotions mine to keep; and
I reject any and all demands that any spirit may seek to enforce or impose against me based upon the false, deceptive and misleading assumptions of Guilt Contracts. 
As I have made such truth clear and expressed my will and good intentions, let it be so.

Redemption of Souls

This leaves one final topic I promised to cover tonight on the issue of souls and the fact that the revelations about Soul have deeply troubled a great number of people, as the word is so prevalent and so heavily used.

What I want to say is this. If you have read the sacred covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum, then you would have seen that its entirety is about the enactment of the Divine Forgiveness of the Divine Creator of all existence and the end to Mundi and the concept of Hell and imprisonment of mind.

Also, if you have listened and read the Canons of Law, then you know a great number of concepts that the Roman Death Cult have claimed for themselves are repudiated, such as the notion of “person” being purely and exclusively Roman – an absurd notion.

The same applies to Soul. Even though the design of Soul is about cursing and imprisonment, the ubiquity of the term throughout all literature and consciousness means that if the Roman Death Cult is left to their own devices to continue to promote the word, then it is ceding a critically important and scripturally significant act- as The Book of Revelation and the scriptures of the Roman Death Cult point to the Redemption of Souls as a proof of the End Times and the surrender, abdication and loss of the power of the Vatican upon the return of the true Christ Consciousness. Ucadia is the personification of the true Christ Consciousness.

With this in mind, I remind you of the function of a Divine Trust and Divine Person. A Divine Trust is proof of the sacredness of each and every spirit and higher order being, in direct contrast to the negative notion and curse of soul. Thus a Divine Trust is equivalent to a Soul Redeemed – A fulfilment of scripture to the letter.

Do not be concerned then or afraid that the word Soul is forever condemned within the Ucadia knowledge. What needs to be clear and clarified in any corrections throughout the Ucadia Model is that the advent of the sacred covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum means that each and every Soul is redeemed as a Divine Trust, and no soul or person or spirit is cast out or condemned.

Next Steps

So thank you again for taking the time to read and listen. I also want to reach out again to each and every one of you who helped in your support and donations to Ucadia. If you found this information useful tonight and if such information genuinely helps you, then I hope you are also willing and able to click on the link and help and support the continue research that enables this kind of information from Ucadia to continue.

And until we speak next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.



Supernatural Explained Pt 3: Do ghosts, angels & demons exist? Can we prove it? How do we overcome Mundi?

Published: [ Thu 30th Apr, 2015 ]

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here   (79 min 27 Mb)

Hello this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog this week entitled “Supernatural Explained Pt 3: and Do ghosts, angels & demons exist? Can we prove it? And How do we overcome the insanity of Mundi?”

The blog and audio tonight is the third and final installment of the three part series we have been discussing on the Supernatural Explained – in seeking to provide practical clarity to the many concepts, ideas, fears and unknowns that people may have when trying to make sense of such key questions.

As I mentioned at the start of Part 2 of this series last week entitled “What is afterlife & mind really like?” Do spirits really exist? Can we prove it?”, if you have not already had the chance to read and listen to the first two parts (see: Part 1, Part 2)  of this three part series, then I strongly encourage you to listen first – 0therwise much of what is written and spoken tonight will be without such context. 

Part 1 on this series of Supernatural Explained entitled “Does the Supernatural exist? Is there life after death? Can we prove it?” seeks to provide you a solid foundation for any discussion on this topic by addressing those fundamental words most often associated with the “supernatural? Including, but not limited to the term supernatural itself, the concept of paranormal, the idea of the skeptic and the dangerous hidden meanings behind such words as Belief and Faith and why such words have absolutely no place with any true Christian teaching or Catholic teaching or Nazarene teaching of Jesus.

In Part 1, we also proved without a doubt the existence of the supernatural by proving that Mind, your mind and the mind of every higher order life form is real-time evidence of the existence of the supernatural, given you can prove your mind exists, yet it has no location and is capable of crossing the boundaries of physical laws of the universe. We also returned to the deep revelations that were known to our ancestors, as well as the founders of the Roman Death Cult, in the realization that “Life is a Dream according to certain Rules”. Finally, we systematically and logically and reasonably proved the existence not only of the Supernatural, but the Divine through the 7 Proofs of Divine Existence, the 7 Proofs of Divine Nature, the 7 Illuminations of Divine Mind and the Primary Proof under Article 11 within the sacred covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum

Then last week in Part 2 of this series entitled “What is afterlife & mind really like? Do spirits really exist? Can we prove it?” we provided further evidence to the complex structure of Mind in three essential levels being Lower Mind, Higher Mind and Divine Mind operating as five systems being: Conscious, Interconscious, Subconscious, Superconscious and Ultraconscious. We also addressed the complete obsession of the necromancers of the Roman Death Cult and its associated death cults in the controlling of the minds of people and the use of trick words – none more awful, more profane and more disgusting than the concept of Soul – in representing a uniquely constructed spiritual prison for one (1) – and how Soul has absolutely nothing to do with Spirit or Life or Mind, but everything to do with damnation, cursing, death and control.

Tonight, in this final part of the series, we will not be pulling any punches when we seek to answer the deeper questions around ghosts and how they come to be? And how the Mundi matrix is constructed and maintained? As well as the existence of angels and demons and how we might be able to overcome the insanity and awfulness of the terrible lies of Mundi and the necromancers. 

So to all of you that have taken the time to read and listen and even re-read and re-listen to these blogs, I want to say thank you – because the ghosts and handlers and necromancers do not want you to read or listen. They will try everything possible to distract you.  Like the fact that the survival of Ucadia continues to be threatened by the lack of financial support and the reality that only a handful of incredible people, not otherwise entrapped by the mind virus of Mundi, are able to help donate and support Ucadia – while a great many are frightened off and distracted by this ghost energy hoping and desperately hoping that Ucadia will simply go away.

If you find this information is useful, then I hope you can donate in some way to keep Ucadia going while so much time has been dedicated to researching and providing this information to you without charge or condition. I am not ashamed in mentioning this to you and to everyone as it would in fact be irresponsible for me not to tell you that because Mundi and the ghosts continue to try and hide Ucadia knowledge and distract so many from this knowledge, the cost of keeping Ucadia running is getting harder and harder. If you are unable to help, I want you to know that I appreciate the fact you have the courage and self-determination to at least listen to and read these blogs and to overcome the desperate ghost energy that has caused so many people to walk away from Ucadia.

The fact that the planet is under the spell of a ghost world called “Mundi” that infects so many and causes the kind of “bat shit crazy” decisions we are witnessing everyday is undeniable. It is the only logical conclusion to explain why people are so seemingly insane and stupid in sacrificing their own children, their own communities and their own lives, by poisoning the air, poisoning the water, destroying and poisoning the ground through “fracking”, and to cause the complete extinction of vast numbers of human beings. The desperate and last ditch control of the ghosts of Mundi to stop people who have resources from supporting an end to such madness and the development of real and sustainable alternatives, like Ucadia, is the only explanation why on the one hand, there are thousands of people who have read Ucadia in the past that have then gone on and donated sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to con artists, liars, thieves and complete lunatics who have no clue about the law, only to see the result of such people putting themselves into a worse situation of agony, pain and suffering.

I cannot be clearer than I am in these blogs or these words. Tonight, the information we will be sharing is as powerful and provocative and incredible as any other knowledge I have shared with you – not through some seminar, or course or books, but given to you freely. All I can do is meditate and reflect that some of you, even a few of you show some respect to the origin of this knowledge, the power of this knowledge and the manner that it is given.

As we discussed in the first part of this series, I realize that for many, it is the claimed or actual credentials of the “expert” and the “messenger” that matters first and most, before reviewing their message – because that is how we have been programmed and that is how we feel we can best distinguish the quality and value of information before we consider its merits. So hypothetically, if I were to prove I am the singularity of human consciousness personified within lower mind and bypassing Mundi, or of a sacred bloodline, or the Christ or any other number of titles, then some may think differently – even though such behaviour would be the perpetuation of a false and diabolical system that places certain people above others in some permanent “pecking order”. The fact that I continue to proclaim I am nothing more than a man and equal to all of you is probably why some people place no value on these words, or feel no conscience in stealing parts of Ucadia, or ignoring any assistance. Even though the scriptures are fulfilled to the letter, people do not comprehend what they read, or see what is in front of their eyes, or hear the sounds that fill the air.

With that in mind, let me cover a few outstanding questions raised since the last blog before we get into the key information to be discussed tonight: The issues being a clearer explanation of the levels of consciousness and the nature of memory and absolute truth.

Getting a better handle on the three core levels of Mind

Whenever one seeks to codify or clarify the arrangement of knowledge, sometimes such classification makes it difficult for people to get their head around it, particularly if it is rather dry and technical. From the feedback that some of you provided, I felt this is the case in part with the discussion about your three core levels of Mind. So I would like to use an example to help you get your mind around the concepts of Lower Mind, Higher Mind and Divine Mind.

In the case of Lower Mind, think of Lower Mind as the essence of you- how you think as a Homo Sapien and how you identify yourself by certain artifacts such as first names, skin color, gender, age, family or clann name, education, community, interests, assets, schooling, etc. So in my case, Lower Mind could be described as Frank O’Collins.

Now, in the case of Higher Mind, think of how you view your extended family or your neighbourhood or your sporting club – that is, many people coming together all connected by some strong bond of common interest. That is an excellent analogy for Higher Mind.  So in my case, Higher Mind could be best described as the Cuilliaéan or the O’Collins and Collins Clann scattered all across the globe. I am part of this Higher Collective Mind, yet I am also my own unique individual collection of experiences, events, emotions and life lessons as Frank O’Collins – the lower mind.

Now in the case of Divine Mind, think of the image of Noah’s Ark where it is claimed all kinds of pairs of animals came together representing the essence of their species, but in this case imagine only one representation of the species. So, while there are billions of Homo Sapiens alive on the planet today, my body and my mind and my spirit also represent the type and singularity of the species. Another way of explaining it is to think of a spiritual body representing one man/woman archetype whereby every cell of that body represents every Homo Sapien that has ever lived or will ever live. By the way, even with such a large number, it is still less than the conscious living cells within your body right this second.

Getting a better perspective on memory and reality

Another issue that a number of you had some difficulty in accepting was the initial discussions on memory and reality, particularly the notion that thought and awareness is reality and life is the dream.

For the vast majority of us, the notion that held together our view of the world is the existence of some underlying and absolute truth – that things are what they seem, and that no matter how much we may lose sense or perspective, that we need only to return to “tuning in” to this reality to find our way. That at least is the “official view” of the world as promoted by the necromancers and the Roman Death Cult and its acolytes and agents.

Actually, a few weeks ago, I got an expletive filled email from an academic fellow enraged by the notion of Life as a Dream and my daring to question the official historic record of the world that claims the first pope to be St Peter; and that the Roman Death Cult has always been the primary seat of Christianity; and that all the claimed madness behind the scenes that is absent in any official history is all terrible coincidences or delusions or misrepresentations. From this email I got the distinct impression that if one dedicated to protecting the lie, that is “official reality”, even begins to entertain the notion that their life’s work has been for naught and is all a fraud, that then such simple ideas as “Life is a Dream” and “The meaning of ALL is Awareness Loves Life” can utterly destroy them.

That is not my intention with this series of blogs. I do not wish to cause anyone any form of mental trauma or hardship. Yet, we must also address those notions that imprison people and do actually cause untold misery and agony- such as the notion of the permanency of memory and the existence of absolute truth at all levels of reality.

For example, the term Memory comes from the Ancient Greek words memē, (μεμη) meaning “a thought; a historic fact” and mémeros (μέμερος) meaning “a mindful remembrance; a trustworthy memory; a historic account; a time of remembrance”.

From the inception of the Ancient Greek concept of Memory from the 5th Century BCE forward, the assumption underpinning mémeros (μέμερος) was the concept of an underlying absolute truth extending across existence and within the limits of comprehension of human consciousness; and secondly that it could be observed, remembered and recalled by a human consciousness of sufficient intelligence and good character.

The Cuilliaéan Holly Druid Priest Kings had a different model of Memory, based on the heart as the portal to truth, before mind in the ancient Irish word for memory cuimane/cuiman (corrupted as cuimhne) meaning “sacred is my past recollection”. The same notion then carried over into the Hyksos concept of Ib and the heart as the seat to true Divine Memory.

The Romans initially adopted the Ancient Greek model of Memory and Absolute Intellectual Truth into Latin, with the Latin word memo equivalent to memē, (μεμη) and memoria/memoriae equivalent to mémeros (μέμερος). However, when Constantine first formed Christianity in 314 CE, he commissioned a new word for sacred remembrance of a Christian Mind and called it amnesia (ἀμνησία) and amnesis (άμνησις) literally meaning “I know (the truth); or I recall (the truth)”.

So how did a critically important word associated with the accurate memory of any true Christian called “Amnesia” suddenly become reversed to mean the complete opposite and a “loss of memory; or forgetfulness”?  Very simple – via The Roman Death Cult and its completely false history and false scriptures and fake sacraments and fake authority and corruption of language. Actually, the word “Amnesia” today is kind of a giant language joke of the Jesuits to anyone who speaks English, telling them that if they believe anything of the Roman Death Cult or the necromancers or any fake Christian leader or their laws or fake claims of authority, then they are a complete idiot. It is there hidden in plain sight in every dictionary on the planet, giving plausible deniability before the Divine Creator and all Heaven that the vast majority of people under such mind control on this planet have been completely and willfully stupid and ignorant.

You see, Memory at the level of Lower Mind is completely malleable. There is nothing certain about it at all.  The past can be changed and the changed past becomes the record. This is what the Roman Death Cult has been doing for more than 500 years and the fact that most people on the planet today believe it to be true is irrefutable proof of what I just said. The Jesuit joke about the corruption of the word Amnesia is merely icing on the cake.

Just in case you still have any last strands of doubt about the malleability of memory or the giant Jesuit Joke against the planet through the word called Amnesia, the Carolingians in the 8th Century adopted a word created from Latin called Souvenir meaning “sacred remembrance; or sacred memory” from the Latin words sui meaning “I, me, myself, he, his himself, she, her herself” and venio meaning “indulgence, favor, kindness, permission, forgiveness”. However, by the 15th Century, the Roman Death Cult had completely corrupted even this word Souvenir to mean merely “an object of sentimental value; or a token; or prize”. So you be the judge of the evidence we have just discussed.

As for the notion of absolute truth and its “new age” variations such as the “Akashic Record”, this is merely the rantings and ramblings of people funded and groomed by the Jesuits and others to help perpetuate the mad model of Mundi and the lie that the memory of Lower Mind is set in stone. Madame Helena Petrovna Blavastky (1831-1891) did terrible harm in designing such fanciful notions as the Akashic Record at lower realms of consciousness, then supported by the likes of Rudolf Steiner who then went on to imagine his own delusions of Atlantis and Lemuria – all locking people into the Jesuit lie of Amnesia.

Divine Mind does have perfect memory, but without judgment or ego or notions of such aspects as kharma or dharma. Not even Higher Mind possesses the trappings of ego or condemnation or judgment – and Higher Mind is still only approximate Memory.

The absolute truth for all of us existing as unique conscious beings at the level of Lower Mind as Homo Sapiens is that memory is completely and totally malleable. Truth therefore is relative on this plane of existence. Why is this insight so critically important? Because it disarms a key concept that is a control concept for perpetuating Mundi and the world of ghosts- namely the concept of Guilt.

The power of Guilt in maintaining the Mundi world of misery

Now I am not going to read all the Canons out about Guilt as Article 150 under Sovereign Law (even though they are all listed). However, I will focus on some of the key Canons, so please bear with me as I cover some of them.

Article 150 - Guilt (Gild)

Canon 6592

Guilt, also known as Gilt, is a fundamental ecclesiastical, legal, financial, commercial and cognitive term of the Venetian-Pisan Roman Death Cult whereby an absolute unbreakable binding and covenant is claimed, placing the spirit, mind and body of a unfortunate person under the full jurisdiction and control of the Roman Death Cult and its agents in this life and the next.
 (i) As an ecclesiastical term, Guilt defines the claimed perpetual condemnation of a spirit to be bound as a Ghost as a Soul to serve the will of the Roman Death Cult in its perpetuation of power using false scripture, false dogma and the deliberately false, misleading and deceptive claims of the Roman Death Cult; and
 (ii) As a legal term, Guilt defines the physical recording of a "penal sum" or "debt price" and the condemnation of a mind and body as culpable for one or more violations of Western-Roman criminal law; and
 (iii) As a financial term, Guilt defines “Gold” literally as the Roman Death Cult commercialization of such sins into money, or the “monetization of sin” only possible when a record of Guilt is established; and
 (iv) As a commercial term, Guilt defines a binding and permanent and perpetual contract whereby a person admits fault and accepts punishment and accedes to performance of the terms of such contract of perpetual punishment as property of the Roman Death Cult or its agents as security ; and
 (v) As a cognitive term, Guilt defines the interpretation of human behaviors and actions to claim a comprehension and visual evidence of admission of fault and acceptance of any consequential punishment.

Canon 6593

The system of Guilt originates as a 13th Century corruption of the Honor system (honor price) of Sacré Loi, to become a “dishonor” whereby a debt price was placed on every man, woman and child and form of property in the event of a sin being allegedly committed. From the 13th Century, in accordance with the false doctrines of the Roman Death Cult, the word “guilt” or “guilty” is equivalent in terms to “sin” and the “commercialization of sin”.

Canon 6594

The word Guilt and Gild originates from 13th Century Venetian / Italian word gilda meaning “guild, payment (in gold), debt or fine owed to the guild”. The word gilda itself derived from 8th Century Khazarian / Magyar languages kulta meaning “gold”. In the Finnish language today, kulta still means “gold” and Kilta means “guild”.

Canon 6595

Under Salic Law and the deliberate corruption of Sacré Loi, the payment of Guilt (Gild) became entirely controlled by monopolistic trading franchises known as “Guilds”, in particular the Judges and Notaries Guilds. At the same time, Salic Law reintroduced “blood revenge” as an acceptable alternative to resolving sin for those who could not afford to pay Guilt.

Canon 6596

Under Salic Law not only was the concept of Honor Price corrupted to Guilt (Gild), but the private “Guild” bodies of Judges and Notaries began to modify and hide the prices, so that the price of an injury was no longer available for public view. This continues today with the Bar associations maintaining secretive tables on “Guilt price” without revealing them to the public or accused.

Canon 6597

The corrupt concept of “guilt” was further used to usurp one of the founding principles of civilized society – that the debts of one cannot be inherited by another.  Instead, by using “guilt” as debt, the Roman Death Cult and its guilds claimed from the 13th Century that the “guilt” (as debt) of one (1) party could be inherited by another, with no responsibility for the original debt or injury. In the 16th Century, this was the bedrock upon which the philosophy of Peccatum Originale (‘original sin’) was then created.

So what these Canons reveal as to the concept of Guilt is that the false concept of permanency of memory and of past events is essential to the control mechanism of the Roman Death Cult and the world of ghosts of Mundi. In other words, what they want you to believe can be summarized in the phrase “you may not like us, you may even hate what we have done, but there is nothing you can do about it, because the past is the past”. What we are about to reveal when discussing the nature of Ghosts is that this is complete and total rubbish.

But before we start in more detail with the subject of Ghosts, let us address as promised briefly the subjects of Angels and Demons.

The world of angels and demons

The word Angel comes from the Ancient Greek word angelos (ἄγγελος) meaning , “Divine Messenger; A Spirit that portends an omen”). The Romans used the Latin word angelus to mean the same thing, as the source of the word Angel. So what about the wings of angels? Well, before the madness of the necromancers sent everyone stupid on the subject through their false scriptures and false stories, the two most famous Divine Messengers of all ancient history were two types of birds – or winged animals: The first was the Raven as the Prophetic Messenger of the Land; and the second the Gull as the Prophetic Messenger of the Sea.

The significance of these two types of Angels - the Raven and the Gull - to the oldest cultures of human history, before the total blindness and insanity of the Roman Death Cult, is well documented in every major civilization across planet Earth. Angels were not the spirits of little children sacrificed by the child molesting necromancers at their secret altars or sarcophagus hidden in plain sight in the middle of their main churches. Angels were not young boys or girls with wings or sword wielding super-heroes. Instead, Angels were clear and unmistakable signs from heaven before our eyes, that indicated the intentions and messages of heaven to the priests on earth.

With this in mind, the most famous appearance of Angels in the past four hundred years occurred on January 26th 2014 or Australia Day in St. Peters Square, when Pope Francis and two children released two white doves – the symbols of Magna Mater and the Roman Death Cult and never a symbol of an Angel. Popes have released doves many hundreds of times in public. Only this time, an unprecedented public event took place. The most ancient Angel of the Land being a huge black Raven attacked and killed one of the doves, while simultaneously a Gull as the ancient Angel of the Sea attacked and killed the other.

One of the most blatant examples of Divine Intervention in the history of Angels occurring right in front of live cameras and tens of thousands of people and the response of the power drunk and absolutely stupid and ignorant Vatican is nothing. As if they can pick and choose what events to promote as heavenly intervention and those that are not.

As for the word Demon, the term originates again from Ancient Greek daimon (δαίμων) meaning “protective or guardian spirit; inspiring or guiding spirit; or lesser deity”. The concept of Demons being supremely negative spirits only comes from the 13th and 14th Century and those pathological liars called the Roman Death Cult again in seeking to sever people from any connection to  heaven.

Now, for the past six hundred or more years, the Western populations have feared Demons and the very forces that used to protect them against the insanity and madness of necromancers such as the Roman Death Cult, while the cardinals and popes that lead such madness don’t follow these ancient spirits anymore themselves. Because virtually every claimed Demonic intervention today is merely ghosts in fancy dress. In other words, ghosts claiming to be something they are not and using the false, stereotypical and predictable lies and contradictions of the Roman Death Cult to prove it.

If you hear of alleged cases of Demonic possession and a fear of the crucifix, or mouthing in Latin or Hebrew, then these are signs of ghosts in fancy dress and proof you are not dealing with a Demon. If you hear of cases of Demonic possession and a fear of Roman Death Cult priests then you absolutely know you are dealing with ghosts in fancy dress, because a Demon by definition possesses “super-human” abilities – in direct contradiction to the Hollywood version of evil, promoting the false fears and infantile stupidity of Rome.

There are and continue to be genuine examples of Demonic intervention – in the classical and accurate knowledge of the meaning of the word – across the planet.  The only problem is that so many are so infected by Mundi, they cannot see what the world of ghosts does not want them to see or hear what the ghosts do not want them to hear.

The world of ghosts

It is time then to reveal what we mean by Ghosts and I am aware of the length of this blog and audio.  Yet I hope you will take the time to listen to the next section.  I am going to read the canons of Article 40 of Ecclesiastical Law slowly, because these canons are of immense importance.

Article 40 - Ghost

Canon 3704

A Ghost is an isolated and bound spirit and the manifestation of such binding through haunting or possession of places, objects, animals and people:

(i) In the first sense, a Ghost is a consciousness that is bound to the temporal world by its own emotions and perspective on one or more past events with one or more physical relations that then renders such a conscious mind in spirit unable to connect to its higher self; and
(ii) In the second sense, a Ghost is the manifestation of such consciousness bound to the temporal world, through the evidence of haunting or possession of places, objects, animals and people.

Canon 3705

The word Ghost originates directly from the Latin word gesto meaning “I bear or carry (a burden); or I crew, sail or drive/row (a ship); or I have, hold or wield (a weapon); or I wage war”. By the 8th Century CE introduction of Anglaise by the Carolinians, the term gast was created meaning “one condemned to carry, perform a burden as punishment”. By the 10th Century, the Pisans and Venetians modified the term gast to mean “a condemned man as a galley (ship) slave, or crew member on a ship”. By the 14th Century, the Roman Death Cult added the meaning “a frightful (condemned) spirit” and by the 16th Century, the word was modified in several languages such as geist in German to mean “(condemned) mind, spirit” and gost/ghost in English to mean “the disembodied (condemned) soul of a deceased person; an apparition; a specter”.

Canon 3706

All States of being a Ghost are defined by three fundamental elements that all must be present to cause such a state, namely Belief, Faith, Guilt:
(i) Belief, or false trust, is the mistaken acceptance by a Lower Mind of deliberate and intentional falsities, deceptions, lies, diversions, obstructions, fabrications, trickeries and misdirections that cause it to surrender, abdicate or cede control to some false philosophy, such as the necromancers and Roman Death Cult; and
(ii) Faith, or self condemnation and self cursing is the willful and deliberate choice of a Mind to invite possession or haunting by false consciousness to further reinforce the entrapment of Beliefs; and
(iii) Guilt are the essential contracts surrounding events and people accepted as permanent and immovable, whereby through emotions and memories of regret, pain, suffering, hatred or fear, the Mind then binds itself fully to the unreasonable, immoral and unlawful influence of others such as necromancers and Roman Death Cult.

Canon 3707

In terms of the Ghost State as created by such deliberate and willfully false concepts such as Belief, Faith and Guilt:

(i) The consciousness entrapped as Ghost is only Lower Mind, or the Mind that identifies itself as the Self, the I and the individual male or female Homo Sapien being or higher order life form; and
(ii) Ghost State is a state of mind entrapment and does not require the physical death of the physical body entrusted to the Lower Mind. Rather, most mind entrapment as Ghosts occurs whilst the Lower Mind is still supposed to be entrusted with the good management of a physical body and not upon or after death. Another term for a Lower Mind that has abdicated control of its own physical body is a “Zombie”; and
(iii) Ghost State is pre-requisite to forming a Soul being a perfected imprisonment of Mind as Spirit upon the physical death of the Body; and
(iv) By definition, entering a Ghost State through the acceptance and deliberate and intentional adherence to Belief, Faith and Guilt is an open admission of willful stupidity or the epitome of “evil” (willful ignorance). Therefore, it is virtually impossible to save someone from a Zombie State or a Soul State through rational and reasonable argument or providing knowledge or proof; and
(v) As entrapment of Lower Mind as a Zombie or Ghost or Soul is predicated on deliberate and willful stupidity and ignorance on the part of the Lower Mind in question, the manipulation of such a willfully stupid and ignorant mind is relatively easy in the presentation of stereotypes and images used during the grooming of such willfully stupid minds. Thus, a large number of Lower Minds imprisoned as Souls may be controlled by one intelligent “handler” Mind relatively easily; and
(vi) The very nature of Ghost State being a state of stupidity, predicated on the trusting of false stereotypes and false history means that it has historically been relatively easy for a body dedicated to promoting false history and rituals and stereotypes, such as the Roman Death Cult to manipulate Ghost energy to perpetuate its own agenda; and
(vii) A consequence of Ghost State, when Lower Minds choose to be so willfully stupid and deliberately evil (willfully ignorant), is the gradual loss of identity. Thus, over time, Ghosts may gradually lose memory of their own lives, relations, experiences and even their identity and gender. However, such memory may be restored upon the reunification of Higher Self to Lower Mind in the freeing of such Lower Minds from Ghost State.

Canon 3708

In terms of the ability of Ghosts to acquire knowledge, or read other Lower Minds and manipulate information:
(i) By definition, a Ghost is a Mind bound in ignorance. Therefore, a Ghost is more likely to be unaware of higher quality knowledge or the truth of deliberately deceptive, misleading and false mythologies of the Roman Death Cult and other necromantic religions and social models; and
(ii) By definition, a Ghost is cut off from its higher self. Therefore, a Ghost is deprived of knowledge available from higher levels of consciousness and traversing such knowledge in the form of intuition or inspiration; and
(iii) Because a Ghost is bound in ignorance and more vulnerable to the stereotypical models perpetuated by mass media and false mass religions, such images and messages are more likely to influence the behavior of a Ghost than the truth. This is in part why the Exorcism rituals of the Roman Death Cult may still have some impact because of the Beliefs, Faith and Guilt of the Ghost in question; and
(iv) The ability for a Ghost to “read the minds” of other Minds entrusted with physical bodies is by definition impossible. A Ghost may seek to guess from the behavior of a living being their thoughts, but may only gain access to the actual thoughts either by direct possession or haunting (infiltrating a broken Lower Mind), or exchange of information offered by other Ghosts possessing or haunting the other body.

While the canons do not say it, this is the source of all claimed psychic powers of mediums.

Canon 3709

In terms of the ability of Ghosts to move between locations, or people, or possessions of Minds:

(i) By definition, a Ghost is a Mind bound in ignorance and Guilt to particular places, things, objects and people. Therefore, the very State of being a Ghost means such a bound Lower Mind is most likely to be connected to the strongest sources of regret, guilt and objects or people that symbolize such events than places or other locations of no relevance to such binding; and
(ii) The movement of a Ghost is more likely to be associated with the movement of the person or persons who are haunted or possessed; and
(iii) Ghosts that have developed a state of self-awareness, yet choose to be ghosts, such as “handlers” that remain bound to serve the necromancers and Roman Death Cult are more than capable of moving between locations, or people.

Canon 3710

In terms of Ghost Haunting and Ghost Possession:

(i) A Haunting may be described as the presence or manifestation of a Ghost inhabiting a certain space or place or connected to some object; and
(ii) A Possession may be described as the inhabitation of a ghost within the body or mind of a higher order life form such as a Homo Sapien, or the control of some object exhibiting definitive paranormal behaviour (such as levitation, disappearance, appearance or other manipulation); and
(iii) The most common form of Haunting is Residual Haunting that involves the repeated playback of auditory, visual and other sensory phenomena of previous events without apparent intelligent awareness of the living world and interacting with or responding to it; and
(iv) The least common form of Haunting is an Intelligent Haunting that involves one or more Ghosts residing in a building or location, aware of the living world and capable of interacting with or responding to it; and
(v) The most common form of Possession is physical possession of one or more organs of the body of a higher order life form, whereby a Ghost may use the energy of the living body to maintain a presence and influence over the Lower Mind of the higher order life form, usually at the cost of accelerated illness and cancers; and
(vi) The least common form of Possession is possession of the Mind of a higher order life form, whereby the Ghost inhabits the consciousness of the living being or deceased being, usually resulting in a range of traumatic mental illnesses including (but not limited to): psychosis, hysteria, mania, schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder; and
(vii) The rarest form of Possession is possession of an inanimate object, causing it to move with intelligence or other forms of matter manipulation, as such Possession requires a degree of intelligence and self-awareness on the part of the Ghost.

Canon 3711

In terms of the frequency and traits of Ghostly Haunting and Possession:

(i) The number of Ghosts has risen exponentially with the increase of deliberate self ignorance, mass media culture and rise of the power of the necromancers over the past 400 years; and
(ii) Not everyone who lived and died over the past 400 years is condemned as a Ghost in a perpetual state of deliberate self-stupidity of Lower Mind. However, most people in modern industrial societies are or have been targeted by at least one or more Ghosts; and
(iii) Virtually every manifest possession claimed as demonic or angelic is either a deliberate misrepresentation or an ignorant claim of one or more Ghosts misrepresenting themselves as demonic or angelic; and
(iv) Regarding haunting - one ghost can haunt multiple living. However in respect of possession there is only ever one primary possession/primary haunting (the strongest and the cornerstone); and
(v) In virtually all cases of primary possession/primary haunting, the haunting/possession is via a previous living relative/friend where a strong bond of love existed, connected with strong emotions of regret or anger or fear or hate. Therefore these primary bonds are the contracts of Guilt; and
(vi) In extremely rare cases, the primary possession is via fear/deception where a negative entity tricks the host into developing a "love connection" when in fact the ghost is nothing of the sort - usually acquired by haunted locations and opportunism; and
(vii) In the specific case of a primary possession by a previous relative or friend or acquaintance, the primary ghost is almost certainly suffering severe amnesia through its own haunting - thus the ghost does not remember much of its own existence and in effect becomes the extended personality of the infected host, directed by its own haunting; and
(viii) This analysis indicates a "handler ghost" - "haunting-ghost" relation where the handlers are directing the infection and ensuring a degree of permanence; and
(ix) The strength of breaking the chains is that for most people - the awakening to the primary bond is a way of first freeing the primary ghost haunting, thus breaking the possession - by naming and helping them move on; and
(x) It appears to be extremely difficult to address handler ghosts and ghosts willingly and knowingly manipulating others within the Mundi world, before first addressing the primary haunting in each person; and
(xi) The lower the active conscious state and respect of one's own self, the easier a haunting or possession. This is why certain psychotropic drug addiction is the easiest method to enable haunting and possession.

Canon 3712

In terms of physical Ghost Manifestation:

(i) When a mind can harness and focus its consciousness as a ghost to a point, then its ability to manipulate objects through changes in density of air and electro-magnetic fields is enhanced; and
(ii) As all ghost manifestation is a product of conscious self, all ghost apparitions fatigue the mind, causing all manifestations to be temporary events; and
(iii) When seeking to consciously manifest as a ghost, all higher order species instinctively assume a volume and size of space approximating the dimensions of their own body in life. Therefore, the most common manifestation of a ghost is a cold column of air; and
(iv) When seeking to consciously manifest as a ghost, all higher order species instinctively assume their strength and power based upon the limits of their physical bodies in life. This is a limit of consciousness, not the physical laws of the Universe; and
(v) Given the need of available electro-magnetic energy to assist in a manifestation, the most significant events are the high presence of electrical equipment with high electro-magnetic fields, or naturally occurring events such as full-moon, high tides, storms and lightning; and
(vi) The presence of certain types of rock, particularly quartz, can act as a battery and capacitor in storing electro-magnetic energy. In some occassions, the charging and expending of electrical charge within such rock acts like sessions of a movie theatre in the play-back of "Residual Hauntings".

Canon 3713

The greatest strength in terms of holding Lower Minds as Ghosts is the deliberately false, deceptive and misleading claims that Memory within the Singularity of Collective Lower Mind is fixed and absolute, similar to Divine Mind, when it is the complete opposite:
(i) The Collective Memory of Lower Mind where a unique Homo Sapien identifies itself by his/her name, or family and memories and ideas, is completely malleable and editable, even after events have passed. Thus, there is not a single event connected to Guilt, that cannot be revisited and corrected, nor any emotion of fear, regret or loss that cannot be healed within Lower Consciousness; and
(ii) The Collective Memory of Higher Self where the higher selves of Homo Sapiens, identified frequently as the Clann, or Family or Community or Neighbourhood, is malleable within the collective memory of such a group, similar to Lower Mind, but with a greater awareness and balance without ego; and
(iii) The Collective Memory of Divine Self, or the personification of Homo Sapien as the singularity is the only level of perfect memory. However, it is perfect memory without judgment and thus serves no benefit for those Lower Minds seeking to alter the past for their own benefit to try and control, enslave and condemn other minds.

Canon 3714

The greatest weakness to any system seeking to condemn Lower Minds into being Ghosts is the fact that Collective Memory of Lower Mind is completely malleable and editable, even after events have passed. Thus, if such minds are capable of grasping this truth, all the chains and bindings of Guilt, Faith and Belief may be dissolved.

Canon 3715 

The Unique Collective Awareness has given each and every Homo Sapien mind the unique power to free and heal any and all Lower Minds trapped as Ghosts:
(i) Providing the Healing Lower Mind is capable of connecting to its associated Higher Mind through the Heart; and
(ii) Providing then the Healing Lower Mind connected to its associated Higher Mind is then able to connect to the Divine Mind through absolute logic, reason, discernment and clarity without Ego through the mind; and
(iii) An aligned mind in such a state is the personification of all men and women that have ever lived or will ever live; and
(iv) An aligned mind in such a state can recall any and all previous events and relations that form the basis of a Guilt that is binding a Ghost and can then release any such events by reliving the past in forgiveness and unconditional love and greater awareness; and
(v) An aligned mind in such a state is the only force capable of releasing Ghosts against their Lower Will and the Will of those minds that seek to keep them entrapped, as the Higher Will when combined with Greater Love and Clear Discernment without Judgment or Ego holds greater authority than such lesser consciousness.

Canon 3716

In accordance with Natural Law, no physical law of the Universal dream may be broken without causing the dream to collapse. Therefore, all manifestations by ghosts are within Natural Law. In Nature, nothing can cross the boundary from unreal, to real except Unique Collective Awareness of Mind. Therefore, all manifestations of Ghosts are manifestations of Mind within the Universal Dream of Reality.

Next Steps

So there you have it. A huge amount of information in conclusion to the three part series.  To those then that head the call to help and donate and support Ucadia, I want to say thank you for not succumbing to the distractions of Mundi and actually helping make a difference.

And until we speak next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.