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Restoring the Divine Feminine (Part 1)

Published: [ Thu 20th Nov, 2014 ]

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Hello this is Frank O’Collins for Thursday the 20th of November 2014, and thank you very much for listening to what is going to be a fairly brief blog and audio for tonight. 

The topic tonight is restoring the true feminine. This is almost certainly going to be part of an ongoing series similar to what we have been doing with other topics such as the True History of America and Ucadia Communities. 

But tonight I feel that we can cover some of the most important insights and revelations of what we continue to make clear through Ucadia and we can then spend more time on certain aspects of this and follow-up with this in coming weeks. I am still working on a Part 4 of the True History of America, that I hope to have ready for next week. And of course I continue to work on Ucadia Communities and the material that I’ve promised in terms of the registration of communities, the types of rolls of communities and of course the promise of seeing more information on Ucadia currencies and how we start to reclaim [our] energy. 

But midst all the work that continues also on the Canons of Fiduciary Law and indeed, on the continued development and recording of Lebor Clann Glas, the sacred text, the Book of the Green Race. There has been such a phenomenal realization on this subject of what is the true feminine, that I felt it was crucially important that we share, that I share some of these things with you tonight. 

As Ucadia is being developed – and it is a frustrating process because it takes time – one of the biggest challenges has been to set aside, to put aside those preconceived ideas, those programmed ideas, those models that are infused within us that we find everywhere throughout society, throughout where we live in order to see through that as to the deeper truth. 

The truth of the world today – and this I feel is where we start the discussion tonight – the truth of the world today is that virtually every single female of our species is born into a philosophical model, whether they are conscious of it or not, where they are personified in the character of Eve and by being personified in the character of Eve they are cursed with the concept that they are the originators of sin and the downfall of our species and the temptresses and the seductresses and then in the form of Mary, the personification of all that is sacred, the queen of heaven, the ultimate goddess, but never to be legitimately regarded as a priestess, to be marginalized in roles of politics and decision making, to be trivialized in society, and ultimately the ultimate curse then to be objectified, to be sexualized, to be dumbed down to the driver of consumer purchase, never to know who and what we are, to have no cornerstone, no certainty, no balance. 

Some men and some women might feel that what I have just said is a bit harsh or a bit old world or even blatantly wrong; and that women have more choices today as to charting their career, and examples of women in the highest points of politics is ample demonstration that women have not had more rights and more choices to do what they wish to do than ever before. And if women choose to dress in a sexualized manner and act in certain ways then that is the consequence of free choice. 

What I say to that is that may well be so from where women were placed under the yoke of the Roman Cult more than 700 years ago and that may well be true from where women found themselves having been marginalized over the last 450 years. But that is not true, that is not true – that is a deliberate falsity when you start to reflect on the true position of women in the highest, in the greatest civilized cultures of the ancient world. They have erased the image of women of ancient cultures; that we don’t know the dominant matriarchal structures of ancient cultures and they have corrupted the role of the feminine and have produced the false feminine. 

I don’t know if men consciously realize what the archetype of Eve, the archetype of the serpent, the seductress, the lack of structure or the imbalance means, I don’t even know if women even fully appreciate what it means. 

So I want to correct the record. I want to make certain that the record is clear and then we can build from that as we discuss this topic and as we discuss other topics that address the issue of the feminine. I am going to use one example that cannot be corrupted as it is ever present and then I am going to use that example to describe exactly what I mean about ancient matriarchal cultures and the fact that the highest civilized cultures for thousands of years were matriarchal. I am going to refer to the mythology around the lion and the pride, the [African] lion and the lionesses.

When you look at the symbol of power and authority as it stands in England and elsewhere, the lion is a symbol of sovereignty; the lion is a symbol of power and majesty. In truth, it is the lionesses that direct the lion, it is the lionesses that dictate the role and the function and the service of the lion, not the other way around. And so when we look at the role of the lion and the lionesses we see how a spin has taken place. The patriarchal model where men have chosen to step into roles of priesthood, in politics and money and power as well as war and military and defense have put a spin on this relationship between the lion and the lionesses, between the pride and the lion and stated that the lion tells the lionesses what to do, it is the lion who dominates, and that it is the lion that determines the success of the pride, when nature tells us that this is complete rubbish, that this is an illusion, worse yet it is a delusion. 

And so what we have in an insane male society today and it is insane, we have the arranger of the fact that the fabulous role of the Spartans and the Lakedorian and the Makedorian cultures of what we call ancient Greece, or Eliada were matriarchal not patriarchal, yes there was a king, but the politicians were women, the judges were women, the priests were women (priestesses), the society was dominated by women, the law was commanded by women, not men. This synergy where women ensured the safety of society, where women ensured the law of the society, where women ensured the integrity of society, allowed men to focus on the things they do well, like war, like protecting and so glorified the physicality of men and health and fitness, but the real power was in the feminine. 

We have evidence of the same glory of the physicality from what is left of Celtic culture to tell us that Celts were matriarchal in there structure and not patriarchal. The high Celt cultures of Ireland and elsewhere, of Wales and Britain were matriarchal and not patriarchal where women were the dominant force of holding the law, of holding the culture, ensuring that things ran smoothly. In fact it could well be argued that this imbalance where the masculine took control of the traditional positions of power of the feminine is the beginning of many of the problems that we face today, the Mundi mind virus, the detachment from ourselves, the detachment from that base reality, that base sense of being, that base chakra if you like, in the creation of the false feminine. It could be argued that far from men gaining control in cursing the women and then trying to divide the mind of the feminine in the artificial creation of Eve and in the terrible wicked lies about the feminine. It has weakened the masculine as well. 

So that is all I want to really share tonight and all that is unfolding in the story of Lebor Clann Glas and the power of matriarchal societies and the truth of our origin and the true history of the world and the true origins of who and what we are; that the power, the only real power these systems have against us is the lie; that once you reveal the truth, once you restore the true history that power dissipates and we can start to heal. 

So I hope that you read and if you have a chance, if you haven’t already, that you will read Lebor Clann Glas and see the continual updates. But make no mistake, don’t let anyone mislead, misquote, or mis-claim otherwise that the most functional, the highest, the most perfected societies in history were matriarchal, not patriarchal – were feminine.

So next week I hope to be able to share with you part 4 of the True history of America and until then please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.


The Supernatural Revolution Part 3: The Most Powerful Weapon is True Love of a Courageous Heart

Published: [ Wed 12th Nov, 2014 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for reading and listening to the Ucadia blog this week for Wednesday 12th November 2014 entitled “The Supernatural Revolution Part 3: The Most Powerful Weapon is True Love of a Courageous Heart”.

This is not going to be a long blog or audio because it does not need to be. Yet the message is as powerful as any I have discussed (see Part 1 and Part 2) : as it is a specific and direct response to the pain, or the anger or the frustration of many of you as much as myself as to the continuing insanity we witness each and every day with many of the Illuminati and network of Elite Corporations refusing to wake up and refusing to follow their own rules and refusing to acknowledge the end of the old world of piracy and insanity.

If you feel like throwing your television out the window some days, you are not alone. Maybe you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs the phrase made famous by Peter Finch in the film Network “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore” – then good on you because you are not alone. 

As I have mentioned in many of these blogs and audios, after more than twenty-one years - virtually full time and some years part time before that - I thought at least some of this information would break through the veil and we would see a more humane and a more sensible world. Yet in recent times as I watch the television or read the news, it appears the opposite is happening. They are killing us and our children with their mobile phone and smart meter microwave radiation; and they are killing us with their bromine and bromide and chlorine and fluoride and heavy metal levels; and they are poisoning us with their additives and promotion of oxidized table salts and sugars; and then they are just simply killing many of us – literally – through police raids, renditions, bigger prison systems and imprisonment and torture without any resemblance of trials or justice.

Let’s take one example – just one. Maybe you have heard of Dean Clifford in Canada, or maybe you have not. In any event, the Manitoba Bar Association and the Supreme Court of Manitoba in Canada over the past twelve months have kept Dean Clifford incarcerated without proper trial and without proper hearing. They have sanctioned his torture and physical beating in an attempt to break him. They have broken over a dozen articles of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights that Canada is a signatory; and they have repeatedly violated the rights enshrined within the Canadian Constitution – making a mockery of the notion of rule of law, or justice in Manitoba. Now, I am fully aware of the judicial framework as introduced in Manitoba in 1871 as it is the mirror of dozens of other Acts introduced through British provinces and colonies throughout the Empire culminating in the Supreme Court Constitution Act of 1873 (36&37Vict.c.66) and then the judicial rules and procedures of (38&39Vict.c.77) of 1875 by which all these new courts were supposed to follow including Manitoba. Obviously, there have been amendments and changes since then, but the point I am making is that upon such evidence in the conduct in the matter of Dean Clifford, the Manitoba Bar Association and the Courts have broken their own rules and gone beyond the bounds where whatever their original claims, the injury to the man of Dean Clifford far outweighs any reasonable legal argument for continuing his imprisonment. The fact that these people continue to ignore these facts proves then there is no law in Canada and that we are dealing with impostors and heretics and apostates of the very worst kind. So let me say one thing, so it is absolutely clear – If the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba, being an ecclesiastical and admiralty office so chooses to ignore the fundamental principles of Christian Ideals as I made abundantly clear in the blog last week on the Supernatural Revolution Part 2 and treats these words with contempt and refuse to release Dean Clifford, then the present occupant of the Office of Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench shall be openly acknowledging before all of you as witnesses that they are an apostate by their actions and ineligible to hold such high office, nor ever hold office again, nor ever bring any legal matter ever again. 

Now, I don’t typically make a habit on speaking on individual cases or matters before the courts in various countries – mainly because unless I have all the facts I certainly do not want to make presumptions. At the beginning, this was the same with Dean Clifford. Initially I thought – “OK, there must be something more here for the authorities of Manitoba to use such a public display of force by using highly armed militia to arrest him in such a public place”. Then I found out there had been a previous court case and certain conditions. Then I thought – surely the Manitoba authorities would not be so stupid as not only to keep Dean Clifford in prison for month upon month upon month, but also to physically torture him and beat him and cause permanent physical damage. Surely the courts and legal eagles of Manitoba realize such madness against this man is going to backfire badly against them. Yet, like the very worst and most stupid and most stubborn of South African leaders during the height of apartheid against Nelson Mandela, these Canadian judges and lawyers and attorneys truly believe they can use Dean Clifford as an example and a warning for others not to try and free themselves from being slaves to banks and slaves to corporations.

Now there is a reason why I raise the plight of Dean Clifford and the emerging parallels to the torture and injustice wrought against Nelson Mandela and the consequences of such stupidity by the authorities of Canada and Apartheid South Africa respectively, is that both men share initially a common trait when confronting the injustice and madness and corruption and piracy of this world being rage – absolute resolute rage. In the case of Nelson Mandela, he was a brilliant and inspired leader of rebellion when they put him in prison rather than deciding to kill him. Yet he was also full of anger and bitterness and rage at the time. Yet, when he was finally released from prison twenty-three years later, Nelson Mandela became the exemplar of the heart- a man of seemingly endless compassion toward his former foe and it was this quality – the transformation that made him so formidable. If the Manitoba authorities do not murder Dean Clifford, then Dean may well become a similar formidable force in Canada.

I am not speaking of turning the other cheek- that is a falsity and a deliberate false insertion into a corrupted text. Nor am I speaking of passive resistance whereby we stand back and let this corporate machine continue to crush us and imprison us and threaten us. Instead, I am speaking of the transformation of the warrior into the poet – the transcendence from the base emotions to the higher power of true love – whilst remaining resolute and why this power of true love is the greatest weapon against this present insanity dominating the world. That is what I wish to speak about tonight with all of you briefly.

If you believe absolutely that only what you see is all there is and that there is no after life – then there is nothing I can say to help you break free from such a prison of broken thinking and I am certainly not going to waste my time trying to convince you if you refuse to read Ucadia and the Journey of UCA as well as the Canons and these blogs.

But if you have doubts as to the insane models of nihilists that there is nothing more, then I urge you to read – to read Lebor Clann Glas and other sacred texts such as Yapa and to regain your spirit.

If you believe absolutely that every word in the Bible or the Q’uran or some other text is the word of God, with no imperfections, then there is nothing I can say or do that will change such a closed mind. I wish you well, but there is nothing here for you.

Yet if you sense from what we have discussed in previous blogs that there is some wisdom in the words of previous prophets and in many of the phrases attributed to Jesus or the Hadith and teachings of Muhammad, then please read Al Sufian and Lebor Clann Glas and free your heart to feel.

Because, what we see upon this plane of existence is a reflection of events and forces at other levels of dimensions and vice versa. Therefore, what we do here can have a positive or negative effect at other levels of our being and the consciousness of this amazing and incredible dream we call the Universe. This is where the theme for the blog tonight comes into play.

Anger does not resolve hate – it only feeds it and makes it stronger. Cursing and condemnation does not end injustice, it sows the seeds for generations of further conflict and hatred. Lebor Clann Glas proves this when you read the true history of the world and its cycles. The veil of Mundi Mind Virus that infects so many on the planet cannot be pierced by logic or reason – but by one thing and one thing only – the overwhelming power and force of the true love emanating from a courageous heart.

Now, this is not some convoluted esoteric idea but the very notion of knowing who and what you are and the power when you apply suck knowledge in harmony with the forces and rules of the dream:

We are all part of the same great tribe

In the first instance you are you – as a Homo Sapien and Lower Mind of Ego – constrained not only by the physicality of your body, but the basic design template of your brain, the version that is unlocked through your blood type and genes and the conditions and circumstances of your existence. For example, those born with the Hominid version of blood type B have the natural and intuitive powers of the ancient Homo Robustus – the first of the Hominids created by the Greys as physically stronger and faster and more athletic than any of the other earlier Hominid species yet also possessing the gift of the light beings to spontaneous and unconscious creativity, painting, music and art.

Those born with the A blood type such as A negative share the common heritage of the Homo Habilis and hard workers created by the Greys and the A positive blood group as the pure Homo Sapien Hominid model, with the abilities to quickly adapt and survive and learn and copy. Unfortunately, the Rhesus Monkey genetic additions first introduced with the Homo Sapien version of A+ by the Greys, is a feature that can cause so many of us to be so self destructive against our own society and so violent against ourselves in blinding fits of rage.

Then there are those born with the O blood type who share the template of the Homo Prometheus, the only Hominid created by the Reptoids who emancipated themselves from slavery to the Grey species of aliens and shared not only their DNA with the O blood group but their knowledge. Yet for all their potential, the O’s have become notoriously lazy and self addicted, as well as horribly arrogant and stubborn in their own sense of self importance, for it is the O’s that refuse to end their addictions that hold this current model of insanity together.

So it is we are all mixed together – a miracle and a fact. No one blood type or race of mankind is greater or lesser than the other. Yet we each have strengths and weaknesses that are exploited by the existing system to stay in power – hence why materialism is targeted to the A blood groups because of their deep obsession and sense of identity and self worth with the notion of home and material wealth, and as a form of self-addiction to the O’s, and escapism to the B’s. Somehow, this elaborate web of illusion that is the present commercial world of slavery traps each of us.

We are all immortal and the personification of the Unique Collective Awareness

Yet at the opposite end of the spectrum, all of us are immortal in mind and the personification of the Unique Collective Awareness as the ultimate dreamer of the Universe and existence. This is where the feeling of an open and courageous heart becomes so powerful.

Because if we are the personification of the Unique Collective Awareness, then we are also a representation of every other human being, every other mind, every other life form and spirit. And if we are the literal personification of every other human being and mind and life form then there must be – at some level – a connection between us and everyone else, even the worst tyrant or jailer or judge. So how does this help and how is this the most powerful weapon?

Feel your heart, take responsibility and forgive all of yourself

If you are you and you are all, then it also makes sense that in some way at some level not only do you carry the consciousness of everyone else, but the consequences and responsibility to take account for the actions of the species. Of course, this does not mean you are fully liable in a legal sense for the crimes against humanity by the religious leaders of fake religions and the bankers that work with them, but it does mean that at some level you share the base culpability to the extent you are the same collective personification of existence.

Now this is a good thing, not a bad thing and again it is not about suddenly accepting the guilt and blame of others and becoming an energetic dumping ground for other people who refuse to take responsibility for their lives – but it does mean you can make a massive and historic difference to the future of this world – just by opening your heart and courageously forgiving yourself and forgiving others in full conscious realization of the depth of what they have done, by understanding all the emotions and all the events and all the madness that leads such people to behave so irrationally.

There is no such thing as forgiveness in ignorance. Saying “sorry” without comprehension or genuine empathy is meaningless. Again, this is not about remorse, or assuming the weight of the world is on your shoulders- it is about the power of true love of an open and courageous heart. There is no wall it cannot penetrate, no mist of lies it cannot pierce. It can end thousands of years of war and transform a whole society when exemplified in one man or woman.

That is what is missing in the world today. And hopefully you can make a difference by considering these points. 

Step #1 – We do need to acknowledge our anger, or disgust or frustration at the perceived transgression or injustice.  Ignoring it does not make the world better. The emotion we feel when violated is real and it is valid.  This is the sense of the world from the perspective of the first person- the me, the I – That is “I have been wronged; or I have been hurt; or he/she has hurt me”.

Sometimes you will read or hear people say “you need to get over those emotions” as if we somehow need to overlook, or bottle up such feelings. I completely disagree and feel nothing could be worse advice. In fact you need to be honest and recognize the emotions and not be passive about it. If you feel less, you feel less. If someone has hurt you, then they have hurt you. The question is what do you then do?

Step #2 – Is to put ourselves in the true mind and emotional state of the one or the group we feel hurt us, or wronged us – what process led them to do what they did?  What were the events and interactions leading up to such injury? What possibly could have been their motives or thoughts or feelings leading up to the injury or wrong to us?

Putting yourself in the shoes of another – or the perspective of the “second person” is not easy. Because, it is an emotionally charged challenge. On the one hand, if we are true to our first emotions, it may feel you are selling yourself out, or that you are now ignoring the hurt and injury. That’s not the case and in fact much of that chatter can be ego, convincing you to approach this as an intellectual exercise rather than as a genuine process of immense power and healing.  Ego doesn't want you to feel. It certainly never ever wants you to feel the emotions of those you feel have hurt and injured you in some way.  So this is a major obstacle each of us face to overcome ourselves and feel – not just think in the shoes of those that hurt us.

If you overcome the obstacles of your own ego trying to keep your heart shut down, then hopefully you will feel what those who hurt you felt and see the events from their perspective, no matter how twisted their emotions, or how wrong or right their thinking might have been.  When you accomplish this – seeing and feeling both sides, you are ready to experience the most powerful realization in the universe – your ability to change events in time and space, even if lower minds and lower energy still cling on to bearing witness to the injury.

Step 3 – Is the conscious realization and emotion that we are one and we are all – so we are both ourselves in the first person and those that injured us in the second person and that if we can feel the emotions from both perspectives and acknowledge our culpability as the first person and the second persons then we have the capacity to forgive ourselves and see the events how they might have evolved if all levels of consciousness acted with true love and a courageous heart as the 3rd person.

Maybe events were unavoidable? Maybe the motives and mind of those who injured you were so broken and twisted it seems impossible to reconcile. Be that as it may, when you acknowledge you are part of the dream and the dreamer then you are saying it is wholly within your power to forgive both as the victim and as the perpetrator – even if the one culpable on this ground plane refuses to change – you heal their higher consciousness connection.

Now if you think this all sounds lovely and marvelous and in reality has very little impact think again – These 3 steps changes the very fabric of existence, it changes the course of lives, of illness, of countless generations, of communities and civilizations. The 3 steps of true love and a courageous heart frees ghosts and frees any and all chains that bind us to the Mundi Mind Virus. It ends wars and is why the War in Heaven ended. And it is why, whether those in positions of authority choose to do the right thing or not, the world will get better, not worse.

You can play a part – a key part. You can change the course of the world for the better if you embrace true love and a courageous heart. Whether you choose to do this through helping and supporting Ucadia or not is up to you.  But whatever you do, be a positive influence of change.

Until next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and goodnight.

The Supernatural Revolution vs. the False Priests: Why conservative Christian leaders are really Radical Apostates

Published: [ Wed 5th Nov, 2014 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia Blog for Wednesday 5th November 2014 entitled “The Supernatural Revolution vs. the False Priests: Why conservative Christian leaders are really radical apostates”.

By the phrase “Supernatural Revolution”, I am referring to the undeniable and irrefutable evidence of a spiritual awakening across the full physical and conscious spectrum of our Solar System, our planet and our species – despite the deliberate poisoning of our water with elements designed to keep us numb and docile; and despite the deliberate poisoning of our food with bromides and chemicals designed to weaken our body, not strengthen it; and despite the deliberate and calculated “dumbing down” of culture, of education and society in general. Yet when I speak of the Supernatural Revolution, I am also referring to the unfolding events within the spiritual dimensions of what we sometimes call Heaven, or the Afterlife or the Purgatory of souls held between two worlds.

By the term “False Priests”, I am referring to those priests and clergy such as certain Cardinals, Bishops, Clergy and other Christian leaders who profess to be protectors of traditions; and who proclaim themselves to be the guardians of the moral compass of Christianity, yet are in truth nothing of the sort. In reality, these cabals and networks of self-confessed arch conservatives are in many cases simply the public relations fronts for traditional pedophile and child molestation rings, organized criminal networks, nihilists and bizarre sects and sub groups that mimic certain dark occult rituals without a clue about demons and the supernatural; and with absolutely no respect for Satan or for Lucifer. Therefore, they are False Priests both to Heaven and to the Divine Creator and to the entirety of the world of Demons and ancient leaders.

And by the term “Apostasy” I mean the deliberate and willful act of abandoning the fundamental position of Christian Faith as expressed by the words of Jesus; or in the abdication of responsibility to perform ecclesiastical obligations of high office; or even in the treachery of breaking solemn vows to a religious life. These are the true and ancient conditions of Apostasy and are not simply antiquated offences, but still considered high criminal offences in many countries. For example, in countries founded on Western-Roman Law, a first offence is punishable by inability to hold any office such as a Cardinal, or Bishop, or Minister or Judge or Magistrate; and punishment for a second offence is the incapacity to bring any action or to be a guardian, executor, legatee, or grantee and in some cases imprisonment for three or more years. So I am neither being flippant or careless with my words tonight as I realize that in law and in particular canon law, such claims carry very serious consequences.

The article and blog tonight is a follow on, or “part 2” to an audio and blog I did earlier in October entitled “The Supernatural Revolution vs. the Dying World of the Illuminati and the Elite”. In that blog and article we discussed what do we really mean by the concept of “supernatural”? As well as the complexities of consciousness and the origins of our species, as well as the tell-tale signs of madness we see in many of our political leaders and the complete absence of the supernatural. So if you have not yet had the opportunity to read and listen, I urge you to read and listen to this particular blog and audio first as I will be building on the points discussed in this previous blog within this blog.

I will be continuing the series on Ucadia Campuses in coming weeks (See: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4), but recent events over the past couple of weeks really crystallized my thinking as to the importance of having this article and blog on the record. The first incident occurred some nine days after the first blog on this series regarding “The Supernatural Revolution” when Pope Francis expressed some extraordinary illuminated comments, unprecedented from any Pope for over a thousand years, when he said “God is not a magician with a magic wand” and that “theories of evolution and the Big Bang are real”.  

I must admit, I do not follow all the announcements that come out of the Vatican, but this one was so profound it received global media coverage and was impossible to miss. In any event, the comments by Pope Francis have sparked huge debate across the world and many self proclaimed arch-conservative Christian leaders and even some Cardinals and Bishops have responded with vile personal attacks against the Pope. Some have likened the Pope to a drunk driver, while others have claimed Pope Francis is “putting man’s words above God’s words”.

What these often self appointed “guardians of faith” have accused Pope Francis and in some respects the Jesuit Order of saying and doing is “blasphemy” and “heresy”. Of course, to use such words would be legally even more controversial than what these leaders of millions have already done. To accuse a Pope of heresy is a very serious accusation, which according to the Canon Laws of the Church carries severe consequences.

Like I just said, I do not follow all the announcements that come out of the Vatican. Nor do I have any form of communication with the Vatican or any regular contact with the Catholic Church. I did for a brief period have some contact with my uncle who is a very senior Jesuit Scholar, yet he is now in his late 80’s in years and for whatever reason has chosen not to follow up with any contact for some time now. So no, I do not receive help or assistance or support from anyone in Rome or London or the Jesuits or anywhere else. In fact, I receive so little support now, I honestly do not have enough to cover the cost of these sites, much less pay for rent next month. The very fact I am still here and these sites are still running is a miracle – because most people who listen to these blogs or read Ucadia or who claim they want the truth to be heard do not contribute in anyway.

In any event, it is the comments by those who call themselves conservative Christian leaders that has made my blood boil in not only the way they contradict their own beliefs; and not only in the deception and treachery of their actions but in the fact that it is virtually impossible to find commentary that exposes their deliberate falsities and attacks as at best hypocritical and at worst criminal.

So this is why I am writing and speaking about the topic “The Supernatural Revolution vs. the False Priests: Why conservative Christian leaders are really radical apostates” tonight. I don’t expect these Christian leaders to read or listen to this blog, or even for their followers to read and listen to this blog. In fact, I expect very few people carnate in flesh to read and listen to this blog.  But I know that those spirits and those who are central to the Supernatural Revolution will hear this blog – and that is why I am writing and recording it tonight.

A Greater Explanation on Heresy

Now, before we get into responding to the vitriol and criticism aimed at Pope Francis by the self-proclaimed protectors of Christian tradition, we need to be clear as to some cornerstone concepts about just what is heresy? And what is apostasy? And what are the punishments such as excommunication and worse for such offences? Notwithstanding the topic for this article and blog tonight, which some may claim imputes a preconceived bias, let me dispel any notion of bias or prejudice or bad faith by this and the next few sections of the blog. Frankly, if we are not clear about these concepts such as doctrine, dogma, theology, heresy and apostasy, then how can we be certain whether the accusations leveled at Pope Francis and the Jesuits are true, or whether those making the accusations are the ones who are culpable?

So to begin, let us have a look at the definition of what is meant by “heresy” according to the current canons of law of the Catholic Church:

Can. 751 Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt after the reception of baptism of some truth which is to be believed by divine and Catholic faith.

For many listening to this blog tonight, the notion of heresy and heretics may well evoke the images of priests and inquisitors burning people at the stake or torturing poor victims to death. Unfortunately, this is the brutality of the past and was written into the fabric of the Laws of England such as in 1400 (2Hen4. c.15under Henry 4th and 1414 (2Hen5. c.7under Henry 5th and also in 1533 (25Hen8. c.14under Henry 8th. Yet while we are told by Westminster that the punishment of burning and death to heretics was abolished in 1547 (1Ed6. c.12under King Edward 6th, we have the evidence of heretics being burnt under both Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth according to the laws of Westminster. The fact that people were “lawfully” burned at the stake after 1547 is irrefutable. Even Rev. John Wesley attests to this fact in a text from 1835 – so either the good reverend is lying or we continue to be victims of revisionist legislators and their false scribes who serve us up wholly fraudulent and invented statutes having no validity and legitimacy to the real laws of the day. In any event, the punishment for heresy is still death by burning according to the laws of the Catholic Church, by virtue of omission and selectively forbidding certain forms of death and execution. In other words, no definitive statement yet exists under Catholic Law explicitly abolishing the punishment of death by fire for heresy. 

I don’t want to get too sidetracked on the punishment of heresy but return to the accusation itself as to its relevance to this blog and the concept of “obstinate denial or obstinate doubt…of some truth which is to be believed by divine and Catholic faith”. Because, this is really what a number of these arch-conservatives are claiming against the Pope and the Jesuits – that they are denying or doubting fundamental beliefs of the Christianity – or more formally the concept of Doctrines and Dogmata.

The words “Dogma” and “Dogmata” originally come from Latin and means a “philosophical tenet, belief or principle; or a decree or edict”. “Dogmata” means plural. The term originates from Ancient Greek δόγμα (dogma) meaning “opinion, belief, tenet or principle”.

The words “Doctrine” originally comes from Latin meaning a “teaching or instruction; an erudition or learning”. The term originates from Ancient Greek δοκέω (dokeō) meaning “thinking or teaching; or perception or consideration”.

Now contrary to the false claims of arch-conservatives, discussions concerning equal recognition of unions between couples, or allowing divorced couples to participate in receiving sacraments, or the notion of dying with dignity, or the right of matrimony of priests, or contraception, or abortion, or discussions of evolution, or ideas as to the mind and nature of God are not taboo – because many of the most significant and “traditional” Doctrines and Dogmata of the major Christian Churches are not traditional or customary at all and are in fact less than 500 years old. To put it another way – many of the teachings that arch-conservatives are up in arms about should be properly described as radical and controversial ideas introduced 1,500 years after Jesus was supposed to have lived and more than 1,200 years after the first official Bible was prescribed by Emperor Constantine in the recognition of Christianity.

For example, let’s take the Dogma of Original Sin which was not presented for endorsement as an act of faith until the Augsburg Confession of Faith in June 1530 by Martin Luther. The notion of Original Sin, that is so fundamental to the corporate and commercial model of Protestantism – to steal the rights of men and women and to commercialize salvation was so radical, so blasphemous and so heretical a notion to Christianity at the time, that it took a full seventeen years until 1547 for the idea to become an official belief of the Catholic Church. After – yes after it was imposed as Dogma of Protestant religion. At no point did Jesus ever speak of Original Sin. At no point did any of the true Apostles of Jesus speak of Original Sin. It is only through the claimed writings of the nefarious character called Paul in Romans 5:12 and 1 Corinthians that it is claimed Original Sin as a Dogma is valid in Holy Scripture. And as for those versus, it has been proven without a doubt that the words in Ancient Greek simply did not exist to describe such a modern commercial and wicked pirate concept at the time of the Apostles. Instead such concepts did not arise until the times of the master pirates of Venice in the 16th Century – the same time these radical and new concepts were imposed on the traditions and ancient customs of Christianity.

How about the sacrament of Holy Eucharist which has a number of Cardinals and Bishops up in arms about the comments of the Pope and the Jesuits in saying that people who are divorced or who have left and reconciled with the Church should be able to receive Holy Communion? – do you think this is an old and fundamental belief of Christianity? The word Eucharist comes from the practices of Mithra, that in turn are stolen from the rites of Osiris and Isis and the corrupt Egyptian religious practices of the Ramesess pharaohs who hastily concocted a pseudo-religion to fill the void after the fall of Akhenaten, also known as Moses and the Hyksos pharaohs. 

The Eucharist never had anything to do with Christianity, nor do its cannibalistic overtones have any legitimate supernatural power or provenance. It is a mind control trick, introduced on the insistence of Venetian occult bankers to their prodigy Martin Luther in 1526 and made the Dogma of the Protestants in 1530 a full 21 years – yes twenty one years before it became the official Dogma of the Catholic Church!  If you still don’t trust what I am saying is true, then have a look at an act by King Edward 6th in 1547 (1Ed6. c.1 that was issued four years before the Eucharist became official Dogma of the Catholic Church. Here, the Protestant King and Bishops and Politicians and Clergy are forced to defend the Dogma of the Holy Eucharist as a Protestant Belief against Christian and Catholic backlash– yes let me say it again – defending the Eucharist as a wholly Protestant belief against Christian and Catholic backlash. Now while the act does not make clear the penalty for heresy – you can guess what would have happened if you were found guilty of speaking against the notion of Holy Communion? So do you still think then that Pope Francis and the Jesuits speaking about making the ritual symbolizing austerity and community and self-sacrifice more inclusive is some radical plot, or maybe these arch-conservatives are the hidden radicals?

How about one more example in the form of Marriage? There is and continues to be uproar among self proclaimed arch-conservatives to the notion of equality of recognition of unions between adults- otherwise called same sex marriage or “gay marriage” as if this is the beginning of the downfall of civilized society.  So let me speak as to the facts of why the people promoting such fear, such negativity are really trying to hold onto their treacherous and perfidious ways and has nothing to do with the sanctity of men and women. Let me now prove this to you with undeniable and irrefutable proof.

The ancient tenet of Christian faith as taught by Jesus was the sacredness of matrimony between a man and a woman. That not only was this a sacred bond recognized in heaven, but that such a bond was a one-time union within this lifetime. This is also how Ucadia recognizes the sacred sacrament of matrimony.  Yet, this has got nothing to do with the notion of the pseudo ecclesiastical and civil union known as marriage.  Under the deliberate commercial and pirate corruptions of Christianity by the Venetian and Pisan nobility, the concept of matrimony was converted into a mortal sin, redeemable only by receipt of an indulgence in a Catholic country and a dispensation in a Protestant country – in other words a marriage license. Now in case you have no idea what license means – the legal notion of a license is a permit to perform an act that would otherwise be unlawful and illegal. So marriage became the false condemnation and commercialization of matrimony, as demonstrated by the Augsburg Confession of faith in 1530 and the Marriage Licenses Act of Henry VIII in 1533 (25Hen8. c.22). So controversial was this money grabbing, mind controlling, wicked heresy against Christianity that it took the Catholic Church a full thirty three years, to accept the wicked commercial heresy of Marriage as a sacrament (in 1563).

So the fact that Pope Francis and a few people in the Catholic Hierarchy who actually still know how to read, write and think, then want to restore Christianity to its fundamental roots and restore the notion of Matrimony as exclusively for men and women, yet civil union being acknowledged for all consenting adults – this should be welcomed as acts of ultra-conservatism and those who attack him exposed as ignorant and heretical impostors or the nihilists they truly are.

A Greater Explanation on Apostasy

Now, before I explain the very simple and undeniable proof that the same people who are attacking Pope Francis and accusing him of views contrary to Christianity, are impostors and frauds; I need to explain a little bit more about Apostasy and its central place as a protection in the fabric of Western-Roman Law.

Firstly, the word Apostasy itself is a conjunction of two Latin words apo meaning “I fasten; or I attach or connect; or I join or bind” and statio meaning “outpost, station, watch, position or standing”. Under ancient Roman Law, the very worst crime against society and heaven was to abandon or corrupt your post or position. In logical terms, you can see why the notion of “abandoning or failing one’s duty at post” was the very worst of offences because the discipline of the legions and the functioning of the courts and the operation of the entire empire depended upon people doing their duty.

The Catholic Church did not add to the severity concerning Apostasy, as the Romans considered it such a transgression against the gods and society that it demanded not just death, but punishment, torture and death. 

However, in devising the global system of law that dominates the world today and that every President, every Judge, every Attorney, every Magistrate, every Clerk and Officer is bound to honor and follow, the Catholic Church refined the notion of Apostasy into the three primary types we mentioned in the introduction of this article.

#1 Perfidiae or “Perfidy” is the formal term in law given to the offence of a deliberate and willful act of abandoning the fundamental positions of Christian Faith as first expressed by the words of Jesus. The difference with heresy is that a heretic is one who deliberately and willfully contradicts one or more fundamental doctrines or dogmata of Christianity, whereas one culpable of Perfidy deliberately and willfully abandons the very notion and fabric of Christianity itself.

#2 Ab Ordine meaning literally “in respect of one’s order, class, station, rank or command” is the formal term in law given to the offence of the abdication of responsibility to perform ecclesiastical obligations of high office such as clerics.  Now when I mean clerics, I don’t just mean Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, I also mean all who hold any form of ecclesiastical office, regardless of their oath and vows or whether they are valid. For example, anyone wearing a black robe, or purple robe or red robe in a court is openly telling you they hold an ecclesiastical office, regardless of how many people then spew lies about such a fact.  Indeed, the 1875 Supreme Court Procedures Act (36&37Vict. c.77states blatantly that you are dealing with Registrars of Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Causes in most of the Western-Roman Courts.  

So if it can be proven and witnessed and noted that a cleric has deliberately and willfully abdicated their responsibilities to perform ecclesiastical obligations of some high office, then they may well be culpable of the apostasy of Ab Ordine.

#3 Monachatus or more formally “Monachatus non est pietas” meaning literally “One’s state of Monasticism is not pius” is the formal term in law given to the treachery of breaking solemn vows or oaths to a religious life or ecclesiastical office. Now in several previous articles and blogs we have discussed the severity of when a judge or magistrate or clerk breaks their oath or vow of office – particularly if they are wearing ecclesiastical robes. Now you know, there is no hiding the fact that they are apostates.

So how are apostates punished? Let’s have a look again at the Canon laws of the Catholic Church as one example:

Can. 1364 §1. Without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 194, §1, n. 2, an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication; in addition, a cleric can be punished with the penalties mentioned in ⇒ can. 1336, §1, nn. 1, 2, and 3. §2. If contumacy of long duration or the gravity of scandal demands it, other penalties can be added, including dismissal from the clerical state.

Can. 1336 §1. In addition to other penalties which the law may have established, the following are expiatory penalties which can affect an offender either perpetually, for a prescribed time, or for an indeterminate time:
1/ a prohibition or an order concerning residence in a certain place or territory;
2/ privation of a power, office, function, right, privilege, faculty, favor, title, or insignia, even merely honorary;
3/ a prohibition against exercising those things listed under n. 2, or a prohibition against exercising them in a certain place or outside a certain place; these prohibitions are never under pain of nullity;
4/ a penal transfer to another office;
5/ dismissal from the clerical state.

In any country or state that claims to be under Common Law, the punishments mirror the laws of the Catholic Church. For example, under William 3rd in 1698 (9&10W3. c.32) a first offence is punishable by inability to hold any office such as a Bishop, or Minister or Judge or Magistrate or Clerk; and punishment for a second offence is the incapacity to bring any action or to be a guardian, executor, legatee, or grantee and imprisonment for minimum of three years.

By the laws of the Catholic Church and by the laws of Westminster, all that has to be proven is that the Apostate has professed their guilt in some public manner witnessed by two or more persons; and that they have failed to remedy their actions; and that such willful apostasy has been noted on the record or published in some formal manner such as a Gazette. This process then formalizes that such a man or woman is excommunicated and is an apostate, whether or not their superiors act to have them removed, or charged or not.

Now be careful, because accusations of heresy and apostasy are not to be treated lightly – particularly in this time of Supernatural Revolution. The pseudo conservatives may not give a damn – but any accusation that cannot be proven has deep consequences. Most importantly, the one who makes such an accusation must themselves demonstrate the highest of moral character and integrity and competence – precisely as we described last week.

To put it bluntly, if you are not ready to form a Ucadia Campus because of not being ready in your own mind and character and actions – then you are definitely not ready to bring forth an accusation of apostasy against someone else. If you do and you ignore this warning, then you will invoke the full force of the supernatural and the law against yourself and must accept the consequences that come from such willful and deliberate stupidity. So you have been warned.

But for those few of you, facing seeming insurmountable odds and calling out for some kind of supernatural and divine assistance, then know that you possess the rights, the authority and the power to restore the law and hold those who are heretics and apostates to account – even if their superior bishops and even cardinals refuse to perform their ecclesiastical obligations.

Proof that Conservative Christian Leaders are not really Christians

So we have covered a lot in this blog already about exposing the double standards and willful ignorance and falsities of those who proclaim themselves to be the protectors of Christian tradition. Now it is time to prove without question that these same conservative Christian Leaders are not really Christians at all, but radical apostates.

It begins with a simple test of whether you are a Christian or not: Take a lined piece of paper and a pen and then write down the numbers one through to ten consecutively on the page, with each number corresponding to one row. Now either from memory, or by grabbing a Bible, please write down in order the most important books of the Bible for you, beginning with the most important and influential book for you as No.1 and then down the list until you have put in a record for No.10.

By way of some general statistics using the King James Bible for example, there are 66 books and a total of 1,189 chapters and 31,102 verses. Now, in your own list of the ten most important books out of the sixty-six books of the King James Bible for example, where did you place the Gospel of Matthew? And then the Gospel of John? And then Mark? And finally Luke? Were all four gospels of the New Testament in your top 10? Or were only some of the Gospels in your top 10?  Were any of the Gospels in your top 4 positions?

This is not merely an academic exercise as I will now explain. For if you proclaim yourself to be a true Christian, then this means you place the words and teachings of Jesus Christ above all others. That’s it! No excuses, no small print qualification or disclaimer. Either the words as we are told were spoken by Jesus Christ are No 1, No 2, No 3 and No 4 on your list or they are not. Only you know the truth. If you only had one Gospel in the top 4, then you are a Christian, but almost certainly confused by the contradictory messages of your priest, or pastor or teachers – because the first four spots should be the four Gospels and nothing else. But if not one Gospel is in the top four of your list, then that does not make you a bad person, it just means you are not a Christian, but something else.

That is not the same if the person doing the test is a priest, or a bishop or cardinal or leader of some church or claimed Christian movement – because in accepting such a position, they are also accepting the ecclesiastical responsibilities that come with such office. So when such a priest or bishop or cardinal or pastor promotes the words of someone other than Jesus as more important, then they are an apostate and guilty of Perfidiae (Perfidy).

Maybe you felt that test was unfair and that if given a second chance you would probably have put all the Gospels in some order in the top four positions. OK, how about we do one more test then? This test can also be applied to the priests, the bishops and cardinals who proclaim to be conservatives against the messages of Pope Francis and the Jesuits.

So take another sheet of paper and repeat the process in putting down on the page 10 numbers in order, with one per row. This time we are only going to deal with verses found in the four gospels of Matthew (1,071 verses), Mark (678 verses), Luke (1,151 verses) and John (879 verses). Now what I would like you to do is consider all the rights, rules and maxims of law you can remember Jesus speaking throughout the four Gospels and beginning with the most important, please write down your list in order, with the reference in scripture and then the brief summary or heading of the rule in your own words, so it fits on one line. 

There are a total of 3,779 verses between the four gospels and yet less than 16% of these are attributed to sayings of Jesus (which is less than 2% of the total verses of the King James Bible). So how did you do?

Did you put John 8:7 in your list being “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone…” Or maybe John 13:34 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, just as I have loved you”. Or maybe you didn’t listen to my instruction and put in quotes such as John 3:16 saying “For God so loved the world etc etc”, that is not a rule or a maxim or an expression of rights and so is invalid. In any event, did you put the most important maxim and rule ever taught by Jesus Christ in your list of the top ten being Matthew 7:12? Or is it not even on your list of top ten?

Now, just to remember what Matthew 7:12 used to say in the earlier versions of the King James Bible, before it was emasculated, here it is : “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the law of the prophets”. If you look at your own Bible you see the deliberate redactions designed to confuse and minimize the significance of the point here.  Because this is Jesus saying that the most important law of all history of all prophets and all humanity is the Golden Rule of Law –that all are equal and none are above the law.

So why did some get this wrong and not put this as the number one saying of Jesus Christ, when clearly it is the most fundamental rule of law of all religion, all courts and secular institutions and all society?  Because guess what?  The same conservatives attacking Pope Francis never ever want you to learn about the Golden Rule of Law – much less that this is the most important verse of all Christianity. Why?  Because once you know what the Golden Rule of Law is, then you can see their perfidy and falsity and fakery for what it is – nothing more than commercial piracy and organized criminals dressing up as cardinals and bishops and Christian leaders to suck the spirit and life and energy from those too confused, too gullible and too ignorant to know better.

Now, I don’t need to ask these arch-conservatives to do this test, because thankfully many of those who are attacking Pope Francis and the Jesuit suggestions of reform have put up their own lists of key sayings of Jesus and guess what? None of them, absolutely none of them talk about or teach the Golden Rule of Law.

Proof that Evolution and the Big Bang is entirely consistent with Christian Teaching

So what about the comments of the Pope about evolution and the Big Bang being real? OK, so open up your Bible again and start reading Genesis Chapter 1. It is an order of creation right?  And we find similar creation stories in indigenous cultures from the Original Australian Nations, to the Original Nations of North America or Great Turtle Island, as well in Sumeria and many other cultures.  So the opening of Genesis is not unique compared to the rest of sacred scripture and history.  It is merely one in literally a hundred variations on the creation of our species.

But in all those different creation stories – not one group except those who follow arch-conservative Christian leaders, who steal from their congregations and who lie to those who follow them; not one group in history were so trained to be so willfully stupid and believe the creation story was literal.  Every other culture, including the Hopi Indian and the Bushmen of Africa knew it was allegory – a way of making sense and order and never, never to be taken literally.

While science and certain scientists might like to poke fun at such scripture as Genesis and point out obvious errors in time and logical sequence, there is nothing associated with the formation or operation of the Universe that is incompatible with the notion of the existence of the Divine Creator.

Actually, for the interest of time and brevity, go and have a look at Article 11 on Theology on the sacred covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum. I mean, we have arch conservatives who know nothing about theology and nothing about God and nothing about the rituals they perform, making willfully false and stupid comments about things they are completely incompetent to discuss.  So please have a read of Theology and in particular Trinitate Theologiae and the 22 arguments and proofs for the existence of Divine Creator, that depends upon science and the Big Bang and not fairy tales of literal creationists and other denials of common sense.

To disavow such knowledge and to disavow such reasoning makes each and every arch conservative not only an apostate to Christianity but an apostate to all Heaven and to Earth and all Angels and Demons.

The Supernatural Revolution and the end of this utter madness

So the arch conservative cardinals and bishops and Christian leaders cry out in public for the fulfilment of prophecy and the arrival of supernatural and divine wisdom and it comes – so they ignore it.

Then these same arch conservatives and their enforcers continue to promote the End of Days or Armageddon or Judgment Day or the Apocalypse and the End of the World as we know and the start anew- and a miracle plan and time and proof comes to show that this has already happened with the proof that they were repeatedly notified, yet they refused to read or listen or acknowledge.

Then these same arch conservatives in secret proclaim their loyalty to Satan or Lucifer or Moloch and the fulfilment of their vow of absolute obedience – and then they are given the clearest and most unambiguous instructions and they ignore them.

So some of them in public call for signs and miracles – two doves in St Peters square – one killed by the supernatural messenger of the land being a crow and one killed by the supernatural messenger of the sea being a gull in front of billions on television and they refuse to see.

Then they call for a sign that all of this is really a message from Lucifer and the time to obey his commands and in response the most hidden and secret knowledge in the history of humanity for more than 2,000 years is revealed with the 300 mile wide Pentagram and the occult plans behind the death camps of World War II and they still won’t wake up.

So just two weeks ago when I launched part one of this series on the Supernatural Revolution, the Sun burst forth a flame and sun spot - the largest since post World War II taking out several secret military satellites and still they refuse to listen.

Yet here is the thing. Neither the Divine Creator nor Lucifer are magicians that wave magic wands. Neither the arch angels or arch demons are here to entertain such stupid and hollow examples of humanity who have been given more opportunities to be honorable than any other generation and still they have refused.  So I say then to the Jesuits and to others: Do your job and all the Angels and Demons and Supernatural Forces shall be by your side. Do your job and follow the instructions that the unmistakable signs have validated. Do what you vowed to do and clean up this mess. Because there have been more than enough signs of the Supernatural Revolution.

Finally, if you do not trust what I am saying or you are confused, then view Article 121 of the sacred covenant. And to all who have awakened and are assisting Ucadia and helping or donating to its survival - thank you. To the rest of you who refuse to make a difference and refuse to help and merely wish to be passive bystanders to history – Bless you and may the Supernatural Forces have mercy upon you.

Till next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.