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My Last Blog

Published: [ Wed 4th May, 2016 ]

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Hello, this is Frank O'Collins speaking with you upon this significant day, being Thursday the 5th of May of the year 2016, (Ucadia Time and Space GAIA E1:Y4:A28:S2:M29:D1).

As you can see by the subject heading, this will be my last blog. After today, I do not intend to make public interviews or make public comment again. As a result, some of you might be in shock or even angered; yet I assure you I am not abandoning you after all that I have set out to do and teach.

All that I have done is from the deepest love for you and for every spirit and every living being. I did not come to the truth movement because there was no one to speak to or write to in established parts of society. Prior to starting doing the blog and talkshoes and radio interviews, I had already communicated with all kinds of people from around the world. Instead, I came to speak and write into the truth movement, not to ferment division or stereotypes, but because so many claim to be victims of a cruel system and cry out for justice and for the unmistakable truth and the passionate claim that they seek real and positive change, not simply a way back into the present matrix of greed, selfishness and nihilism.

Within the truth movement, there are some who want to see the complete destruction of the church and state – as if somehow destroying the very essence of western civilization will  bring about a positive change and renewal, when every other sudden collapse of civilization or states has resulted in the complete opposite effect.

Again, within the truth movement, there are many who at certain times pinned their hope in Ucadia being a catalyst for resolving their legal and financial woes and maybe even finding a way to make money. Certainly those movements that sprung up from copying large chunks of Ucadia to claim it as their own, sought to promote the inevitable disingenuous claim of wealth and unrealistic remedies to many.  I still get emails from people wanting to know how I can help them make money – as if it is somehow their right to demand something for nothing from me; and that I am here to be a slave to serve the greed of others.

These are not the reasons for this being my last blog. Instead, I would like to go through with you the deeper reasons and why the future of Ucadia depends upon me ascending and allowing then the finishing of the outstanding content of Ucadia, while the Ucadia Foundations that have started continue to grow and blossom.

I have not withheld information from you, nor taken your kindness and support for granted. Over these years, when revelation has come, I have been completely honest and shared it with you, sometimes even at the expense of appearing unfocused and unfinished. When I revealed through the Journey of UCA and the Journey of Self on the Ucadia site; and the fact the paradox of existence can only be properly resolved by accepting the wisdom of the ancients that Life is truly a Dream; and that the meaning of All is Awareness Loves Life, many of you chose to continue to read and listen, even at the risk of ridicule from those who do not fully know what they do or say; and

When I then revealed the seven patents of Ucadia, and an extraordinary comprehensive model of existence, science, physics, chemistry that for the first time explains literally “why mass is mass”, you found comfort in this truth, despite those that treated such information with utter contempt and without taking time to detail a valid proof of objection after actually reading the material; and

And when I revealed the new model of Ucadia Time and Space and the frameworks of the new Ucadia Languages of Logos and Psygos, you embraced the concept that every piece of space time is sacred circumscribed space and so your birth is sacred and no one can claim you or your ancestors to be legally dead entities, devoid of rights and reason, often in the face of vehement perfidy and vexation by those who feel threatened by such information; and

So when I revealed the most sacred Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum that brings an end to the concept of original sin and the end of days of madness and the beginning of renewal and restoration, you understood these proofs and even sought to bring them to life in your own will and testament that you are no slave, or dead entity, despite those who celebrate their wilful ignorance arrogance and condemn the idea that all are loved by God and the Divine Creator as blasphemy to their own narrow prejudices; and

Thus, when I revealed the seven constitutional charters of the seven sovereign political unions and the three covenants of the three great faiths of One Christ, One Islam and One Spirit, you stood as heroic witnesses to the fact that the only great insanity is to continue to destroy ourselves and our planet and our future by refusing to acknowledge the bounty of miracles that have been performed before our very eyes; and

While I given you the sacred texts of Yapa and Al Sufian and Tara and Lebor Clann Glas still to be finished, you have never abandoned me even when have I called out for help as a Mendicant to enable the continued completion of Ucadia, while the sons and daughter of the modern versions of Sodom and Gomorrah continue to mock you and laugh at you while they themselves continue to blindly worship their false idols and celebrate their vacuous ways.

I have not come here to destroy but to restore the Rule of Law. It has never been my intention to pull down the edifice of western civilization or the higher ideals of philosophy. Nor have I come to condemn those that choose to perpetuate the only real form of evil – to wilfully choose ignorance and to do nothing, when they know the right thing to do.

Truly, no one then can deny that over these years, I have shown you many proofs of many things that were previously hidden. And even now, there is much more yet to come, through the finishing of Lebor Clann Glas, the finishing of the Canons of Law, the Codes of Law, the financial system and forms and of course the Ucadia communities.

As a result of all that I have shown you, there are some that have sought to take this and use this against you, by sowing the seeds of doubt, saying no one man can possibly have done these things; or that he must be a Jesuit or some sorcerer to have access to such knowledge; and some have even called me worse things.

It is true that my relatives have served Christianity for many many generations and some have and are Jesuits. The name O'Collins in Irish is Cuilliaéan, also spelt culhane and cuilean meaning “Holly” or “Holy”. But does any of this makes me a Jesuit?

It is true that my great great great great great great grandfather on my mothers side was the Jewish English leader Isaac Samuel Solomon who lived in the 18th Century. But does that make me Jewish?

It is also true that my ancestor Thomas Pryde was one of the seven Lords of the Commonwealth of Great Britain that gave birth to Presbyterian Christianity and the very concept of common law, all now hidden away in clouded history. But does that make me a Protestant or Presbyterian?

All I have said and done was to try and show you the extraordinary truth to the ultimate meaning of life and existence that Awareness Loves Love or ALL – that the true nature of God and the Divine Creator of all Existence and all Heaven and Earth is Divine Love, Divine Mercy and Forgiveness and not some misconstrued notion of hate, or vengeance or pettiness. For I say to you with the greatest seriousness, through the Covenant of One Heaven, it is both our right and our duty to transform this beautiful planet into its rightful state as the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth.

This in itself has given rise to certain ridicule by those that refuse to consider such ideas and has sparked particularly rude comments as to what they think of me in even raising such ideas. I forgive them. Even thought I have said repeatedly over and over again that I do not see myself as some kind of prophet, or guru or messiah, there are a few who have taken liberties in claiming I think myself as some kind of Christ. I assure you, I do not view myself in this way. In any event, if any Revelation is to be believed, any man who has ever claimed himself to be Christ Risen, cannot be, for it is clearly stated that this is the most obvious sign of an impostor.

From the very moments after my birth in Mercy Maternity Hospital, I know I have been truly and fully blessed as any one can possibly be; having been born into a comfortable middle class upbringing in Melbourne not far from St Patricks Cathedral. Yet for all the opportunities of such an upbringing, I have ultimately been allowed to express my own free will and choice and this has led to some wise and many poor decisions. The ultimate catalyst even for writing Ucadia in the form as it emerged came from my own near death experience of losing everything, including my possessions and reputation against false accusations – a death blow in a present commercial world fixated on the superficial. Yet I recovered and ultimately have dedicated my life to seeing Ucadia reaches its full potential.

Strangely, there are also others who claim the source of the knowledge of Ucadia is somehow because I am in communion with the Dark Arts or even that I might be Lucifer personified.  I will let you decide for yourself. Is it plausible that the supposed father of the world, that all leaders are supposed to follow, could be such a failure and in such poverty? It seems the ultimate paradox that the very being supposedly born from Holy Pride would be forced to face the humiliation of these years.

In any event, a long time ago, I made a solemn and sacred promise, that I would do everything in my power to help restore the true Rule of Law honoring the Golden Rule – to give mercy and assistance to others, as we seek mercy and forgiveness ourselves; and that I would reveal all that I know concerning the true nature of God and the Divine Creator of all Existence and all Heaven and Earth; and to give each and every person the necessary tools to become the sons and daughters of Light to overcome those who chose to keep the world in darkness.

As I expressed, I know there is so much more that many call to see finished. The completion of Lebor Clann Glas, the completion of Summa Elementis Theologica, the completion of the Canons of Law, the completion of the Codes of Law (and the completion of Law Explained and tools).

Yet as I also said, you are not abandoned nor alone.  For if you look within the text of the blog tonight, you will see three emails for three Ucadia Foundations that have begun as communities seeking to bring Ucadia to life.

info  [at ]

[at ]

[at ]

In time, I hope to see other communities spring up around the world. Time will tell. Meanwhile, with the kindest support of those that have found a way to donate, I will continue to finish those things I have promised and support the growth of Ucadia throughout the world.

Finally, if you are unsure or in doubt as to where to find certainty in this sometimes uncertain world, look to the hearts of men and women that are making extraordinary positive change around the world. You can find them everywhere. Do not be a stranger to your community. Do not lose faith or hope in your community. Be gentle and patient and above all be true to the values of dignity and respect of life and others.

May God and the Divine Creator – whatever name you choose to use, bless you and keep you safe and may the light of Divine Love and Divine Mercy shine forth through your life and through your good works into the hearts and homes of others.

Thank you. Thank you for listening. Be well.


Year 3 [2015] in Review: The revelations, events and failures

Published: [ Wed 23rd Dec, 2015 ]

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for the Ucadia Blog for the Ucadia Sacred-Space-Day-Time known as the 1st Day of the 1st Arc of the 1st Cycle of the 1st Season of the 4th year of the new Great Era.  In Western-Roman time, this would be known as Tuesday 22nd of December 2015. Tonight, I want to speak briefly as to the year [Year 3 in Ucadia time, or 2015 in Western Roman Time]; as well as certain revelations, events as well as those things that have not come to be finished this year.

Above all, I want this opportunity of reflection to share by deepest and heartfelt gratitude to each and every person that made contact with me during the year – even if was sometimes to complain; or sometimes to express their grief or frustration; or occasionally to ask for help; or in those times where someone was willing to recognize their sense of value of Ucadia to contribute to its support and make a donation.

It is you and all of you that make Ucadia possible and have sustained this journey; and helped the Ucadia Model evolve to this period.  It is because of the sharing by so many of you of your own experiences; and joys and sadness and life that has kept me grounded and grateful for being a part of trying to make a positive difference.

Even those who have sought to attack me, or make false accusations against me, or deride and deliberately misrepresent Ucadia through Irrational arguments, falsely claimed as written as Rational Facts, or news or even wiki sites. Even such falsities and deliberate fraud written and delivered in the same manner and style as the kind of propaganda that has sought to enslave the world has reminded me every day that there are people willing to say any kind of lie; create any form of fraud and falsity to suit their ends; and that if there are unfinished ideas, or incomplete thoughts within the Ucadia Model, then these may well be exposed by such people.

Most importantly, it has reminded me of the perennial strategy to seek to attack an idea, by trying to destroy the character of the architect of the idea – or play the man (or woman), not the ball.

So yes, even such libel and slander has served a purpose this year in reminding me how important it is that the promise of the Ucadia Model being truly open source model for numbers of people to contribute and support it, still needs to be brought to fruition through properly constituted Ucadia Communities.

Despite all the things that were not able to be delivered yet this year, there have been some major milestone and I would like to touch on some of these briefly:

Key Ucadia Blogs for 2015

There were a number of outstanding Blog Series that were delivered this year, that many of you have written and expressed were critically important.

The Blog “Greater Self Knowledge is the only Lasting Remedy” in January 2015 was an important reminder of the important of true knowledge on this journey. This was followed up in February with “Is there a Purpose of Life?

Also in February 2015, we addressed the series “Ucadia vs Illuminati and Global Elite” as a three part series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), really trying to dispel so much of the disinfo around on the concept of the Illuminati as well as the layers of the Global Elite.

In March 2015, Part 5 of the “True History of America” Series was added focusing on the rise of the Fourth Reich in front of our eyes, with people doing virtually nothing to stop it or even really question it (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5).

Then in April 2015, we began a key three Part Series on the “Supernatural Explained” as a means of also dispelling so much of the confusion and fear surrounding such a subject (See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

Then in May we began the 13 Part Series ( to date) on the “Law Explained”
Prologue: 144 Articles of Truth of Law

Session 1: Fundamentals of Law

Session 2: Trusts and Rights

Session 3: Estates, Registers and Rolls

Session 4: Corporations, Funds and Property

Session 5: Documents and Securities

Session 6: Money, Capital and Markets

Session 7: Logic, Argument and Rhetoric

Session 8: Review and Reality Check of What we have discussed so far

Session 9: Modern Pseudo Courts

Session 10:Testimony & Evidence

Session 11: Jurisdiction & Inquisition

Session 12 – Fraud and Debt

Session 13 – Volition, Remedy and Law

This series has been a huge amount of work and took me right up to the present time in deep research and how to best share with all of you the critical concepts of law in order to eliminate the kind of deliberate confusion, false claims, and blind alleys that so many people have pitched over the years to keep people ignorant of the truth concerning the law.

Thanks to your feedback it appears this series seems to have helped. Yet there is till much still to be done.

For the past few months, I have been researching contracts, rights, property and various stated opportunities for remedy of their law - none that appear to be reliable or stable enough to be called genuine remedy. In fact, the more that the research has been conducted to try and conclude the "Law Explained" Series, the more apparent it has become that there simply is no reliable remedy in the pseudo courts or "private business houses" of private bar guilds. This has been a big reason for the delay for finishing the series.

Another key unfinished piece of business concerning this series is access to practical templates. Throughout the earlier part of the series I promised that practical templates must be provided. Yet, as more and more research has been done over the past few months on how people abuse such templates and fail to follow clear instruction; as well as the deliberate misrepresentations throughout the pseudo procedures of private courts operated by the private bar guilds, it has become clearer by the day that without the Ucadia Communities being in operation there is no real remedy that can be truly offered.

Unfinished Work on Canons of Law

At the start of the year, I said that by the end of the year I expected to have Fiduciary Law Canons completed as well as Administrative Law completed. This did not end up happening. Fiduciary Law certainly has a great deal of structure already in place, yet it remains far from finished. As for Administrative law, these canons are still to be uploaded.

The delay on the canons of law really has come about both from the workload of finishing other elements, but also the unfolding evidence of massive fraud and corruption as to the very foundations of law in order to create a "private system" whereby only a few people had any competence in law and the rest have been tricked to believe lies.

The sobering challenge has been how to discern the truth from the fiction. This has turned out to be a year long journey on Fiduciary Law alone.

Unfinished Work on Sacred Texts

While Lebor Clann Glas was relaunched earlier this year, the completion of this monumental sacred work has taken much longer than expected. There are massive gaps in even the most suspect of histories,with more than 400 years virtually missing from the memory and text books of most societies from the 2nd Century to the 7th Century CE.

In the meantime, truly astounding revelations and research has uncovered events that have been completed ignored in contemporary society and history in general that completely changed the future of Western Civilization in the 4th Century. I am hopeful therefore in seeing the completion of Lebor Clann Glas in this coming year (2016).

Unfinished Language

There is also the Ucadia Language that was scheduled to be launched this year, but was delayed due to the slippage in all other priorities and the fact that more and more has continued to be revealed about the premeditated, deliberate and occult nature of Western languages over the past 250 years and why any Divine Language brought to Earth must avoid carrying across such imperfections.

No Change of Crust Position (Poles and Equator)

Finally, we come to the end of 2015 and have seen none of the predicted Earth changes consistent with the change and displacement of the crust into a new people, causing a change in the position of the poles and the equator.

Actually, I am very happy about this fact - even though I made the point back in the related article in 2013 that it could stretch out into 2016.  In truth, I hope the changes do not happen anytime soon, because of the massive climactic upheaval it will cause - not the end of the world, but definitely the end of certain civilization and the growth of new ones.

2016 and Ucadia Communities

For all the unfinished projects, one project I am proud to say is on track is the development of Ucadia Communities and the definite roll out of temporary Ucadia Member structures in many countries being viewable and accessible in the first quarter of 2016.

The work behind the scenes has been massive and is one of the reasons for the delay in follow-up blogs.  Yet the positive pay off of having this ready is about to happen, with more and more people going to be able to interface with Ucadia information and collaborate together to finish the key sections of the model and its use.

Merry Christmas and Thank you!

So while deadlines were missed and key sections were incomplete, 2016 is going to be extra special when you can see actual presence of Ucadia among your community. This is due to happen for Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and others in January.  For the rest, you need to read more and see if you would be willing to participate in this positive change.

So until we speak again after the Christmas and New Year break, I would like to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to each and every one of you that has helped or contributed in some way to Ucadia this year.

May your holidays be filled with joy and may you have a safe and happy and prosperous new year.




Update on Ucadia Blog and Law Explained Series

Published: [ Fri 6th Nov, 2015 ]

Hello everyone and thank you to those of you that have written to me over the past few weeks wondering when the next installment on the Ucadia Blog and the “Law Explained” Series will be posted.

As many of you know, it has been several weeks since I posted Session 13 on the “Law Explained” Series entitled “Volition, Remedy and Law”.  If you have not had the opportunity to read or review the previous slides, then I hope you will. In any event, I do apologize for the delay in posting part 14 of the series.

Over the past months as I have been duly researching and posting the Ucadia Blog transcripts, audios and slide packs, I have also been working with numerous groups around the world in the practical manifestation of Ucadia Communities.  I am pleased to say that the work is progressing well. The only downside of such work has been the drain on my time in preparing for these blogs.

Throughout the series on the “Law Explained” Series, I have tried to ensure that the information is as clear as possible and that with the audio and slide packs (with transcript), those willing to take the time to read and listen were given access to the same visual experience as if going to a detailed “workshop” seminar series on these subjects.

From the feedback I have received, a number of you feel this way and I am grateful and pleased that so many have found the information provided to date has been so useful and accurate.

My heartfelt thanks also to each and everyone who has donated in support of the continued efforts of Ucadia. You support remains one of my biggest motivations to seeing that the Ucadia Communities come to fruition.

In coming blogs, once we have finished the “Law Explained” series, I look forward to sharing more detail on the approach and information on the specific Ucadia communities underway and how you can get more involved.

So thank you again for your patience and I look forward to posting Session 14 on Rights, Property and Contracts very soon.

Cheers,  Frank